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If you love golf you will no doubt have seen electric golf carts whizzing past you on the golf course as you patiently cart your golf clubs around. These mechanised models make the sport a whole lot more pleasurable as they, quite literally, take the weight off your shoulders. The best golf carts reviewed here will give you a picture of what is available on the market, as well as the different types of electric golf carts available.

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Best Remote-Controlled Electric Golf Cart

#1 Spin It GC1R Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart Review

You may be in the market for a golf cart that will give you just a little helping hand on the golf course, rather than being a four-wheeled vehicle to carry you around. If this is you, then this remote-controlled golf cart from Spin It Golf Products will do just the job.
The design of this golf cart is based on the traditional push and pull golf caddies and benefits from the same portability as it can easily fold away once you have finished your round of golf. Unlike the traditional golf cart, however, this electric version gives you the freedom to stroll around the golf course freely as it is fitted with a high quality 12V lead-acid gel battery and remote control function so will follow you around with your clubs ready whenever you need them.
This golf cart is a good investment to make your favourite sport even more fun, as well as ensuring that you keep your back in good shape as carting around those heavy golf clubs will be a thing of the past. We’re sure you will also enjoy the novelty of having this best remote-controlled electric golf cart at your every beck and call – it can go forwards, backwards, left and right so wherever you need it you can be sure it can reach you. A great value and quality product that you will be proud to have at your side.

Q&A: How heavy is this remote-controlled golf cart?

The golf-cart weighs in at 30 lbs – a manageable weight that should be fine to lift in and out of your trunk and onto the golf course.

Q&A: What controls does the remote have?

A: The remote has 5 buttons including 4 directional arrows and another button which is a stop button.

#1 Best Manual Pump Battery Fillers: Flow-Rite RV2020

If your golf cart has a battery watering system, this hand-operated manual pump will be a nice product to have. You can easily fill the battery with distilled water in seconds. This hand pump has a supply hose with a length of 24 inches, a suction hose that is also 24 inches, inside diameter of 3/8-inch, and outside diameter of .5 inch. All materials, including the intake filter, valve, and tube are reflective of exceptional quality, providing an assurance that it will be long-lasting.

#1 Best Golf Cart Shift: Marine Mills, Inc. Caddy Shift

If you are on the lookout for the best accessories for a golf cart, this is one that should be on the top of your list. The shift lever is designed for the factory-installed forward and reverse shift lever in Club Car golf carts. It has a long and angled handle that makes it easy to hold and move. There is also a large knob on the top of the handle. It is compact and will not interfere with the seat and will not disturb the passenger. Best of all, you can complete the assembly within a few minutes. All that you will need is a Phillips screwdriver to install it.

Best Gas Golf Cart to Modify

#2 YAMAHA The Drive 2 – PTV Golf Cart Review

If you are someone who loves to modify your vehicles then Yamaha’s products are a great option, and they even have an option for you to build your own, so you can easily access the parts it is you wish to modify, and even build it as you buy. Nevertheless, if you want to pick a model that is great to begin with, before you’re modifying handiwork has given it some added pizazz, then the QuieTech EFI highly efficient cart with rear-suspension will surely be the best gas golf cart to modify for you.
This model is so quiet it could almost be electric, so you can whizz about on this without ruining the peace, quiet and serenity of whatever beautiful location you decide to drive it in. The rear-suspension will also ensure you do this in comfort, whilst the industry-leading 45 miles per gallon will also keep your dollars in your pocket for longer.
Another great feature of this model is that it outperforms its competitors in emissions at up to 76%, so although this I snot as eco-friendly as an electric unit, it is as close as it can be for a gas model. But you won’t lose out on power as this 1-litre, 357-cc engine packs a real punch. The high-tech steering system also means the minimum turning radius is just 9.5-feet, which will help you get out of any tight spots you find yourself in.
Unfortunately Yamaha does not do cheap electric golf carts, but the beauty of their products comes from their efficiency, reliability and modifiability, so in the long run, you will have something that saves you money and can be adapted to fit new technology as and when it becomes available.

Q&A: Does this have suspension?

A: This model has both front and rear suspension.

Q&A: How fast can it go?

A: The top speed for the Yamaha is 19 miles-per-hour.

#2 Best Forward/Reverse Shift Lever: Caddy Shift EZ-GO

This is an excellent replacement for factory-installed shift lever in an EZ-GO golf cart. The appearance is almost the same as the Marine Mills Caddy Shift that has been mentioned above. The only difference is its compatibility. Compared to most of the options that you can find on the market, the Caddy Shift is longer and more angled. There is also a large grip on the top, which will make it effortless to set it to forward or reverse direction. The knob is made of textured plastic and molded over metal, which is also not easily prone to being loose. The base, on the other hand, is made of high-impact plastic.

Best Electric Golf Cart for Hunting

#3 MotoEV Electro 6 Passenger Golf Cart Review

Best Electric Golf Cart for Hunting
Best Electric Golf Cart for Hunting

If golfing is not your cup of tea, and what you are after is a hunting vehicle, then you should not rule out a golf-cart for your purposes. This electric model from MotorEV has a super quiet electric engine that means you will able to quietly stalk your pray or just journey quietly to your favourite hunting look-out spot. The extended ground clearance to get over tough terrain also makes this the best electric golf cart for hunting.
The included 4-Kilowatt AC battery has great power and provides more torque to help you deal with steep hills or rough and ready landscapes. So, if your heading out shooting, then you won’t have to worry about digging yourself out of muddy spots. The back to back seating also means you won’t need to stop the cart to shoot if you have a driver with you and you like a challenge.
As this model is able to be used legally for street driving on roads marked under 35 miles per hour, you’ll be able to get this to where it needs to be if you don’t have alternative moving options and a good satellite navigation system. It also goes for 50 miles off a single charge and can be charged anytime thanks to its onboard charging unit complete with a microprocessor to ensure you don’t overcharge your battery, keeping it alive for longer.

Q&A: What if I want a more powerful motor?

A:  You are able to upgrade the included battery if you feel that will be necessary for your needs.

Q&A: How many people can this model transport?

A: You can transport 6 people to the location of their hearts’ content with this golf cart.

#3 Best Folding Windshield for Golf Cart: Tinted Windshield

This folding windshield is the perfect option for those who are looking for versatility. One of the best things about this product is the foldable design. You can cover the entire windshield or just half, depending on what you prefer. It is also tinted, which means that you do not have to worry about the glare of the sun. Even if you are driving on a hot day and when the sun is at its peak, there is no need to be distracted. The installation can be completed easily, and all hardware needed for the assembly will already be included as a part of the kit.

Best Electric Golf Cart for Hills

#4 Club Car Onward 2 Passenger Golf Cart Review

Best Electric Golf Cart for Hills
Best Electric Golf Cart for Hills

Club Car has a reputation for making high quality and durable golf carts, and the Onward 2 Passenger is no exception. The powerful 8-volt battery and 3.3 horse-power give this electric golf cart the power to make it up the steepest hills, whilst you can also reach a speed of up to 19 miles per hour, so you’ll soon be flying along.
The front and rear suspension will mean you will enjoy a smooth ride, whilst the self-compensating steering also provides great control. However, with just 4.5 inches of ground clearance, you will have to watch out for terrain that is particularly rough, so this is best kept on the golf course.
You can also ‘build this yourself’ by selecting everything from the colour of your model to the seats inside if you want to add your own personal touch. There are also sorts of accessories available if you like to modify your vehicles, such as a canopy top, a gasketed windshield and side mirrors.

Q&A: What features are standardly included with this model?

A: This will come with LED lights, suspension, alloy wheels, a useful dual USB port and an option of a gas or electric motor.

#4 Best Golf Cart Cover: Himal 4 Passenger 400D

Rain or shine, make sure that your golf cart is protected from the external elements that could speed up its wear. This cover will be more than perfect for the job. In terms of dimensions, this cover has a length of 112 inches, a height of 66 inches, and a width of 48 inches. It is compatible with most golf carts, even those with extended seats. The cover also has a waterproof technology, protecting the cart from being wet when it is raining. It has a double-layer coating to prevent water leaks.  Plus, it is made of a windproof ABS material, which is another thing that makes it durable.

Best Golf Cart for Steep Hills

#5 Club Car XRT 1550 Standard Version Golf Cart Review

Best Golf Cart for Steep Hills
Best Golf Cart for Steep Hills

If you know your course has some steep climbs and muddy hills then you should definitely take a look at this four-wheel drive unit from XRT, who make an excellent range, with this being the best golf cart for steep hills. Its lightweight but sturdy frame is made of aluminium that is fit for aircraft too, so you can take this where you please and it will stand up to the challenge.
This is also built to be comfortable, especially for the driver who will find they have a seat that can be adjusted in 13 ways to ensure a smooth ride. The automatic drive and IntelliTak technology means you can leave the intelligent system to its thing, just put it in drive and it will figure out the gears as appropriate. So this beast will be the best golf cart for climbing hills that most carts would struggle to reach the summit of.
The cart itself comes with a useful storage space under the hood which can securely hold up to 25 pounds worth of your gear. You also have a choice of industrial grade Diesel or gas engines for whichever suits your needs, and a hefty 6.5-gallon fuel capacity. The 12V 500 CCA reserve battery is also a great addition, whilst the 25 miles per hour top speed will soon have you teeing off.
The impressive hydraulic disc breaks are of an excellent standard, whilst the front and rear suspension and impressive 3.5-meter turning radius will all provide you confidence that this model can deal with almost anything you through at it safely, comfortably and with style.

Q&A: What does a powertrain warranty tend to cover?

A: A powertrain warranty usually covers everything that provides the vehicle with the necessary power to make it move, typically including the engine, the transmission and the drivetrain. This model comes with a 2-year or 2000-hour powertrain warranty which is not to be sniffed at.

Q&A: What is the steering mechanism used by this model?

A: This model uses a rack and pinion mechanism with tilt steering.

#5 Best Golf Cart Headlight: Nasibo Light Halogen Replacement

Let there be light! This product will do exactly so when it is installed on your golf cart. These light bulbs are known for being ultra-bright while using minimal energy. It can significantly extend the battery life of your golf cart because it is LED, which is more efficient compared to their halogen counterparts. Each bulb comes with a 5-watt high-powered LED with a white color. More so, to provide you with peace of mind, it is also worth mentioning that it comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Golf Cart for Beach Use

#6 Club Car XRT 1550 SE Golf Cart Review

Best Golf Cart for Beach Use
Best Golf Cart for Beach Use

If you are looking for true off-road power then it is worth investing in another of XRT’s excellent range – the XRT1550 SE (not to be confused with the XRT1550). This model is truly built for the ultimate off-road adventurers, with the main addition to the XRT1550 being the 4 point roll-over protection system. The efficient gas -powered Kawasaki engine with 20.1 horsepower further serves to make this the best golf cart for off-road activities.
The 4 forward facing seats can hold up to 800LB and means more of you can enjoy the ride and the sturdy aluminium frame built to aircraft grade standard means you won’t have to worry about rust. This unit also has an excellent impact-resistant exterior which stands up well in all weathers, so you can enjoy getting out on the muddiest of paths, or the sandiest of beaches testing out the high-tech IntelliRak drive system that automatically puts the four-wheel drive into action for you when needed.
The adjustable driver seat with 13 possible positions means you will always be able to find a comfortable way to sit. The excellent front and rear suspension also work great to help keep those bumpy rides from doing you or your vehicle too much damage, whilst the powerful 4-wheel hydraulic breaks mean you can test out the top-speed safely.
With a ground clearance of 7.4 to 12.1 inches (under the platform) you have way more room for off-road adventures than traditional golf-carts. This model also comes with plenty of room for upgrades with halogen headlamps, a heavy-duty brush guard and 25-inch all-terrain tyres also additionally available for those keen for modifications.

Q&A: What is the overall length and width of this model?

A: This is just over 4 metres in length (400.3 cm) and a little over one and a half metres wide (152.4 cm).

Q&A: What type of suspension does this use on the front and the back?

A: The front suspension has independent double-A coil-over shock and the rear suspension has swing arm with coil-over shocks.

#6 Best Steering Wheel for Golf Cart: Aviator 5 Golf Cart Steering Wheel

Give your golf cart an upgraded and more rugged look with the use of this replacement steering wheel. It is one that is sure to turn heads because of its unmatched appeal. With a diameter of 13 inches, it is made of carbon fiber, an innovative material that is lightweight but long-lasting. There are also black spokes that make the steering wheel look better. There is a horn button in the middle but take note that it is for aesthetic purposes only. In terms of performance, it is stable in its position, unlike others that feel wobbly, especially when driving on rough terrains.

Best Golf Cart for Home Use

#7 MotoEV Electro 4 Passenger Golf Cart Review

Best Golf Cart for Home Use
Best Golf Cart for Home Use

More and more people are using golf-carts to aid with mobility, and this model from MotoEv is a great option for those with this in mind. Unlike a personal mobility scooter, however, you can bring the family along with you in this 4 passenger model that also comes with wheelchair access ramp.
Whatever your intentions, this is great for home use whether that be nipping to the local shops, or swinging it down to the local restaurant, as it is street legal on roads marked below 35 miles per hour. You can also do this safe in the knowledge that you’ll be doing the environment a favour by using clean electric energy used to power the 4-Kilowatt AC motor of this model.
You won’t have to be constantly worrying about charging this up either, as it runs for a cool 50 miles meaning you’ll be able to bring home the bacon for weeks off a single charge. The built-in charger and microprocessor also mean you can charge up whilst out at lunch if you do venture further afield and can do so safe in the knowledge that your battery is going to be getting the love and attention to extend its lifetime and remove the risk of overcharging.
So if you want to bring the family together and let everyone get mobile, then this is the golf-cart for you.

Q&A: How much will it cost me to charge this on mains electricity?

A: If you charge it at night when charging costs are usually cheapest, then it will only cost you a couple of cents per mile!

Q&A: What is the top-speed of this golf cart?

A: This cart can go up to 25 miles-per-hour, so if you like feeling the wind in your hair, you’ll love this.

#7 Best Leaf Spring Kit: King Club Heavy-Duty Leaf Spring Kit

This kit is compatible with Club Car DS from 1981 to the present. Whether it runs on electric or gas, this kit will work perfectly. It also comes with replacement rubber bushings. The main benefit of the installation of this kit is that it will make the rides in the golf course more comfortable. It levels the seat, which will make the run smoother. Even under heavy loads, the springs will make sure of your highest level of comfort. From the bushings to the springs, they are made of high-quality materials that are also powder-coated, which will offer the best protection from corrosion and wear.

Best Golf Cart for The Money

#8 EV5 UTV Utility Vehicle Review

Best Golf Cart for The Money
Best Golf Cart for The Money

If you’re after a golf-cart to do what it says on the tin, whilst also being a great all-rounder at a price that won’t leave you paying it off for years to come, then this EV5 model ticks all the right boxes. It is fully automatic, has 4-stroke electric start-up, 5.5 horse-power and a maximum speed of up to 25 miles per hour. This golf cart will soon have you soaking up the sunshine and hitting birdies to impress your fellow club members.
The rear shaft drive and 9.5lb-ft of torque mean this deals well with most obstacles you’ll find on the golf course, whilst the front and rear disc breaks mean you’ll be able to avoid running over those hikers walking across the club grounds if so choose to. You can also drive in relevant comfort thanks to the front and rear suspension.
With a decent 10 inches of ground clearance, you can deal with some pretty bumpy terrain with this cart. You can also invest in an impact resistant windshield if you like to accessorize. So all in all, you will not be disappointed with all that this unit has to offer for the price it comes in at.

Q&A: What type of suspension does it have?

A: The front has Macpherson suspension, whilst the rear has dual A-Arm suspension.

Q&A: Does this come with a charger?

A: It comes with a 60-volt (1.2-Kilowatt) charger which has a useful temperature compensation function and a charging indication system.

#8 Best Automotive Style Light Switch: Golf Cart Push/Pull

Turning on the headlight of your golf cart does not need to be a difficult task. If your old switch has been acting up, it is now time to have it replaced. This is a universal model with a push and pull mechanism. Meaning, you just have to push the button switch if you want to turn on the headlight and pull when you want to turn it off. Even the installation of the switch does not require a lot of effort, especially with its universal compatibility in many golf carts.

What are the different types of motorized golf carts?

So you have decided that your hobby requires an investment and you want to purchase a golf cart that will both enhance your experience on the golf course and mean that you no longer have to rely on your own strength to cart those clubs around – leaving you more energy to focus on your par.
It may seem daunting when you see the number of motorized golf carts on the market so the best place to start is to think about the different designs that are available.

Remote-controlled Golf Push Carts

If you don’t require your golf cart to carry yourself, and your budget is at the lower end, it might be a good idea to opt for a remote-controlled golf push cart. This type of golf cart is modelled on the original push and pull golf carts which relied upon being manoeuvred manually, however, they have a modern twist.
Fitted with a motor this type of golf cart allows you to enjoy the health benefits of walking around the golf course, without putting unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders. You will no longer need to rely on your own capacities to ensure you have your heavy golf clubs with you and can preserve your energy for striking an excellent shot.
Remote-controlled push golf carts are generally lightweight and easy to transport as they can be folded to fit in the trunk of your car.

Electric and Gas Golf Carts (seated)

An investment in a seated motorized golf cart is a great way of maintaining your independence on the golf course, as well as having uses outside of the sport. Perhaps you have always wanted to try your hand at golf but, for mobility reasons, you have been unable to participate or, the tiring trek to reach each hole is becoming more of a struggle.
Step in the motorized golf cart – these seated vehicles mean that you can drive around the golf course at your leisure, making this an extremely accessible sport and one that can be enjoyed by all ages.
While a more expensive choice, these seated golf carts can also be used outside of the golf course for other transportation needs (and have the benefit of being more environmentally friendly than cars if they are electric).
In some states, these golf carts can be used on smaller roads (check out your local regulations), and are fast becoming a real lifeline for the older generation who are increasingly using them in retirement communities to get from place to place. Some recreational grounds such as parks and walking treks are also allowing these vehicles inside, making the outdoors more accessible for all.
Electric and gas powered golf carts come in different sizes, ranging from a single seater to an eightseater (should you decide to drive around all of your friends as well as yourself!).

Should I buy a gas or electric golf cart?

As the heading above highlights, seated golf carts are powered by either gas or electric and there are important differences between the two types that you need to think about. Both power sources have their pros and cons, so here we take a look at these to make the decision easier for you:

Electric-powered Golf Carts


The more environmentally friendly option is an electric powered golf cart. These have zero emissions so you can enjoy driving it around the golf course guilt-free, knowing that you are not harming the great outdoors. They are also pretty quiet so you be won’t be disturbing any fellow golfers while they concentrate on their next shot.
Electric golf carts are powered by a large rechargeable battery that often come in different voltage sizes. In order to make sure your golf cart is kept running, you need to charge this battery regularly. So to charge it, you simply have to plug it into a power supply and then you’re off!
They usually cost less than the gas alternative and continue to be cheaper to run as you are charging them using mains power rather than having to purchase gas – which is increasingly expensive. It is also easier (and cheaper) to maintain an electric-powered golf cart, as gas models require maintenance like a car would – such as regular servicing to make sure the oil is topped up and the mechanics are working correctly. Whereas, with electric golf carts you just need to make sure the battery water levels are topped up – so an ideal choice if minimal maintenance is what you are after.


The golf cart will slow down as the battery starts to run low on juice, and the downside of using an electric golf cart is that you can’t always predict how long you might be using it for – meaning there is a chance you could run out of battery when you are away from a power source. An electric golf cart will be able to travel about 20km without needing to be recharged, whereas gas golf carts can go for about 100km.
Most electric golf carts will have adequate warning systems so this doesn’t happen but it is worth thinking about if you are likely to be using your golf cart for longer distances than a round of golf, as you don’t want to be running out of power when you have no means of charging it up. An electric golf cart would be perfectly sufficient for a day out on the golf course, and a good option if that will be its sole purpose.

Gas-powered Golf Carts


Being powered by gas, this type of golf cart is more similar in make-up to a normal car and so runs faster, can carry more and run for longer than the electric alternative. They are generally more powerful than electric golf carts so are better for tackling rougher terrain (such as steep hills, or off-road tracks). So if you need to run your golf cart for long distances, need to carry ample luggage, or are planning on taking it beyond the smooth undulations of the golf course a gas-powered golf cart would be a good choice.
They are also easy to refuel as gas is a readily available, and easy to transport power source. With an electric golf cart, if you run out of battery and are away from a power source it is likely that the golf cart will need to be towed – an incident that can be avoided when using a gas powered model.
Another benefit of a gas-powered golf cart is the potential for creativity and the ability to create a custom-made golf cart that suits your needs and personality. If you want to add a radio, lights, a fan etc. this is more suited to a gas-powered model as it will have the means to power these appliances. In gas-powered golf carts, the battery is being powered as you use your cart, whereas in electric models such appliances would mean the battery would drain a lot quicker.


For all its strengths, a gas-powered golf cart also comes with some drawbacks. To begin with, it is worse for the environment than the electric model due to releasing carbon-monoxide emissions. It is also noisier, so may affect your popularity on the golf course.
As discussed above, they are also pricier than the electric models. In addition to higher upfront costs, the cost to keep the golf cart running is also higher as gas is more expensive than mains electricity power.  The costs don’t stop there, gas golf carts require close maintenance (like a car would) which will eat into your time as well as your pockets.
The long and short of it is that you need to think about where you will be using your golf-cart, what you will be carrying, how long you need to use it for, and if you want to add any additional extras to your model – once you have sorted this out you will know whether an electric or gas powered golf cart is the best option for you.


When choosing the best golf cart for you it is essential to think about whether your requirements would best fit either an electric or gas powered model. Those of you who want to run your golf cart for longer trips and use your golf-cart on more extreme terrain than the golf course would be best placed with a gas-powered golf cart. However, if your main requirement is to enjoy a day out on the links and a vehicle to carry you and your clubs from hole to hole then an electric golf cart will do the job well. If you are looking for a little extra help on the golf course but still want to walk between shots then a remote-controlled push golf cart is a good option.

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