Why Is My Marine Battery Leaking?

Rusty old car battery on background
Rusty old car battery on background

Is your marine battery leaking after a tough day on the water? We will examine why to be able to understand the problem. These are 3 reasons why a marine battery leaks:

  1. Cracked Exterior
    If the case of the marine battery is cracked, the marine battery is officially out of service. This type of damage will cause the worst leak, and it could be caused by an improperly secured marine battery knocking around under the hood, contact with other broken mechanicals, or floating debris that managed to make its way around the motor. Regardless, a cracked exterior will allow the leaking marine battery to continue to leak, and depending on the size of the crack, there could be large amounts of battery fluids escaping. Avoid allowing the leaking marine battery to leak all the way out by changing it as soon as possible.
  2.  Loose Terminal
    This will be exposed space around the terminals where the fluids of the marine battery can escape through. A terminal could be knocked loose during wave pounding, especially if the marine battery jumped at all from having loose straps. You will be able to tell if a terminal is loose if it wiggles. This leaking should only be moderately serious because fluids are being pushed out of the top by external pressures, but it is still leaking, and it should be cared about. Sometimes, the terminals can be tightened, the spill can be neutralized, and the problem is solved, but sometimes it is time to get a new marine battery if the terminal is bent, or the thread holes are stripped.
  3.  Over-Heating
    When in the sun too long during days of extreme heat temperatures, a marine battery will begin heating up, causing the internal fluids to expand. As the temperature of the marine battery increases, the fluids expand more, until they have expanded enough to press their way out through any tiny crevice available to the outside. This type of leak will fix itself, and it should be the least serious type of leak, but occasionally check on the leaking marine battery to make sure the temperature has recessed, and the leaking has stopped. Not much can be done about an over-heated leaking marine battery besides removing it from the water vehicle, and take it inside.

Examine your leaking marine battery carefully to diagnose the problem. An improperly diagnosed marine battery could cause damage to the environment, your equipment, and human lives, so be more safe than sorry if you are not sure about the problem, and just replace the battery. Dispose of the old leaky marine battery properly to protect the people, and environment.