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Finding the right replacement watch battery is easy if you have the old battery. However, what if you’ve misplaced it, bought the watch without one or can’t make out the engravings? Well, in each instance, the easiest thing to do is take the watch straight down to the nearest jewelers. But what should you look out for when replacing a battery?
In this post, we’ll give you the low down on what you should look out for when you take your watch to the repair shop. Check out our ‘watch repair shops near me’ tool below to find your nearest watch repair shop.

Top Tips for Watch Battery Replacement & Repair

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When our watch stops working, it is usually just a case of a drained battery that needs replacing. Nevertheless, it’s a helpful reminder to us to give our watch a quick once over – or at least, to have a professional do it. Here, we outline some common issues with watches and how to solve them.

#1 What to do with a stopped watch

Before you take your watch down to the shop, it’s worth checking if you can spot any other reason it might have stopped. Frequently people notice their watch has stopped and think it must be the battery but forget to check if the stem has accidentally been pulled out causing it to stop telling the time.
If everything looks fine and dandy, take it down to your local store for battery repair. Check out our ‘Watch Battery Replacement near Me’ tool above to find your nearest trusted seller.

#2 Small-hand skipping seconds on watch

A sure sign that your watch battery is on the blink and reaching the end of its life is if the small hand starts behaving erratically. Many watches have this feature built-in so that when battery voltage is beginning to get too low, the user knows they need to get a new one before it has completely run out. You can find out what battery you need by removing the back of your watch and looking at the engravings on the battery, however, be sure to use appropriate tools.
When you’ve spent a hefty wad on a watch you’re hoping to last you a lifetime or working on a cherished family heirloom, it’s vital you use the right tools. Watches can have screw-off backs, pressure fitted snap-off backs, hinged backs, or diving style bezel cases, all needing different tools. If you don’t have a specialist tool, make sure to take it to a professional to have your battery replaced. Check out our ‘Replace Watch Battery Near Me’ tool below to find a trusted seller:

#3 Small-hand sticks

If you notice the second-hand ticks backward and forward on the spot, this does not indicate a battery issue. In fact, if you see this, it may indicate there is a mechanical issue. This is definitely an issue for a professional as there are a wide range of reasons this might be happening. A full look-over by a watch repair shop will find the solution quick enough.

#4 Battery life not as long as expected

Whilst it is common for batteries to last as long as 4 years in modern watches, battery life depends on a range of factors. For example, an older watch may start to drain battery power more than in the past due to the mechanism becoming warn. Certain batteries, like lithium CR2032 and CR123A lithium batteries, last far longer than more basic silver-oxide cell batteries. If your watch has a variety of functions, you may find certain functions drain your battery quicker too, such as the ‘chronograph’ (stopwatch) function.
If your battery is draining quickly, you can always take it into a repair shop for a service to get some tips and see if any worn parts can be replaced. Or you can accept that battery life may not be optimal due to the way you use your watch and simply opt for more regular battery replacement. Check out our ‘watch batteries near me’ tool above to find your nearest store.

#5 My watch stops when I put it on

This is a very common problem with watches over time. When you take it off it seems to tick along perfectly, but the moment you put it on it starts playing up and stops ticking. Unfortunately, this indicates you may have an issue with your electronic circuit and will probably need it replaced. A common reason for this issue is that your body heat causes component parts to expand breaking a circuit and solving this watch mystery!

#6 Issues with the digital display

Watches have been around since the 15th Century and were powered by a winding mainspring to turn the gears and move the watch’s hands. Wristwatches, as we know them today, began to grow in popularity towards the end of the 19th Century but it wasn’t until the 1950s when battery-powered watches became available. This soon led on to the possibilities of the digital display. However, these also brought along new faults!
A common issue with digital displays is for the numbers to be only partially displayed. You may also find the whole screen goes black. IN both cases, it may be that you decide you need to get a new watch as the replacement can cost the same as, or even less than, it costs to fix it. If you own an expensive digital watch it’s a good idea to have it regularly serviced to avoid the need for major repairs.

Top 5 Watch Batteries on Amazon 2022

#1 Best CR2032 Battery for Battery Life: Duracell 2032

When it comes to the battery game, Duracell have long been bettering their competitors. If you want a battery that will last you for years even if you have a watch using with functions with higher drain, then these nifty CR2032 lithium-Ion batteries are streaks ahead of others. They also perform reliably, making them suitable for use with watches that have cost you a pretty penny or two without having to worry about a dodgy battery causing them a fault.
Other benefits of Duracell CR2032 batteries are that: they can be kept in storage for a whopping 10 years and still give you the full battery life you’d expect; it can also be used to power security devices, calculators, medical devices, toys, and more as well as watches, and; they come in child-safe packaging. The downside of these coming in child-resistant packaging is that it makes them pretty hard to get into even if you are an adult!
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#2 Best Value Multi-Pack CR2032 Watch Batteries: Panasonic’s 3-Volt Lithium Coin Battery

These days, watches have turned into semi computers and smartphones on your wrist. Whilst this is great for giving you a neat way to do everything from tracking your health data to sending an email through your wristwatch, it does mean you’ll find yourself needing replacement batteries a lot more often. That’s where this handy multi-pack of excellent comes in. With a 10-year shelf life, you also don’t have to worry about racing through your batteries so they don’t go bad either.
Other pros about this multi-pack of CR2032 watch batteries are that: they offer consistent voltage thanks to their Lithium Manganese-Dioxide and coin cell battery technology; they can be used in specialty electronics and a range of devices, and; they can provide as much as twice the power of Silver Oxide or Alkaline button batteries. The downside of these batteries is that they are not as long-lasting as some other CR2032 batteries out on the market.
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#3 Best 1.5-Volt Watch Battery for Cheap Watches: Energizer’s Strip of 10 Energizer A76 (LR44) 1.5v Alkaline Batteries

If your watch is cheap and cheerful but you have come to love it and can bring yourself to throw it away just because the battery has died, then these batteries will be just what you need. Chances are, if you have a cheaper watch, these batteries might be suitable. They also come in a multi-pack so even if your battery has started to drain more quickly as your watch’s mechanism has aged, this cheap multi-pack will have you covered.
Other good things about this multi-pack of watch batteries are that: they can be used as replacements for a variety of different battery types suitable for a range of watches, and; they can be used in a range of basic electrical goods (although they are not suitable for use in specialty electronics). However, they do not have the longest shelf life which is not so good for a multi-pack and are not the most consistent performers so they are best used in cheap watches only.
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#4 Best Swiss Watch Battery: Renata’s SR626SW 1.55v Silver Oxide

Renata are owned by the world-renowned Swatch Group who make some of the classiest watches out there from Omega to Breguet. With watches coming in at anywhere from $5,000 up to tens of thousands, it’s important to treat these watches carefully with batteries designed to keep them happy. This 10 pack of 1.55v specialist batteries do just that with compatible watches thanks to their consistency for precision delivery suitable for use in most of the famous Swiss Watches.
Other things to like about these Swiss Watch batteries are that: they are an incredible value, especially since there are 10 included in the pack; they contain % Mercury making them safer and less environmentally damaging; they don’t drain on their own easily giving them an impressive shelf-life, and; they are leak proof. The downside of these batteries is, although they are cheap, they won’t save you money on the Swiss Watch they are perfect for!
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#5 Best Watch Battery Replacement and Repair Kit: HAOBAIMEI’s 168 PCS Watch Repair Kit

If you trust yourself and yourself alone to work on your prized watch, then this great kit has everything you need for most watches. Doing it yourself gives you total control over every stage of watch repair and battery replacement giving you peace of mind – so long as you are confident in your own skill of course! With 168 pieces, this kit has more parts than your watch is likely to itself giving you the best chance to root out a problem if it arises.
Other good things about this watch battery replacement kit are that: it comes with a detailed user manual to help guide you through using the 168 pieces; it comes in a handy case making it easy to store and/or transport; you can pretty much try it out for free as it comes with a 12-month warranty, and; it makes it easy for you to replace watch batteries quickly at home. The downside of this kit is getting to grips with all the pieces which can make it overwhelming.
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Watches need careful love and attention if we want to get the best out of them for years to come. This is true whether you’ve splashed out on a Swiss Watch, have been given a precious family heirloom, or just want to keep your trusty classic Casio running for one more year. A vital part of good watch care is choosing the right battery, noticing when it is getting low in power and also realizing the signs that you need some repair work done.
In this post, we’ve given you the low down on some of the common issues faced by watch lovers, how to know if they are battery related, and whether you can or can’t get them sorted. If you’re in need of a new battery or watch repair, check out our favorite batteries for different needs and our trusted watch repair shop near you tools above.

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