Tips for caring and maintaining Motorcycle Batteries

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Motorcycle Batteries

Acid Batteries are the important source of energy supply for the machinery and equipment. If you want to use the battery durable and longer, you need to care and maintain it in several tips:

  1. Check and clean the acid battery
  • Check external battery car has broken, cracked, deformed or not.
  • Check the valves on the side of the battery have closed tightly or not.
  • Check the amount of liquid in the battery is sufficient or not.
  • Check the battery terminals, connectors, wire, scrape off the rusted and oxidized spot.
  • Clean grease, dirt on the battery, especially the top – the surface of the battery containing the terminals.
  • Do not use the detergent that is not allowed to clean the battery. You should only use a damp cloth wipe and dry, in the special circumstances, petrol can be used to clean the dirt.
  • Put the battery in a dry, low-temperature place. Keep away from the sources of heat and power.
  • Should not hold any metal object when touching the battery.
  1. Charging the battery
  • Charging systems have a great influence on the life of the battery, so you must use the high quality and standard chargers.
  • Charge the battery in the right and technical way.
  • Electric current is used to charge should not exceed 10% of the current indicated on the battery.
  • Charge the battery immediately after using, to compensate for the amount of power was being consumed and used.
  • Charging time is just enough. If you charge too long, the battery is easy to overheat and be broken. The allowed time is from 1 to 1.5 hours after the battery is full. You should use the automatic chargers to ensure the safety.
  • During the charging process, you must put the battery at the cool place, the temperature must be always below 450C.
  1. Check and add distilled water to the battery
  • Check and refill distilled water for the battery when the battery is draining. This should be done periodically on the first day of the working week.
  • Should not add acid because the acidity of the battery is already the standards of the manufacturer.
  • Add distilled water after charging around 2 to 3 hours and before being used. the amount of distilled water is sufficient as standard.
  • Use only the distilled water, another water is not allowed using to add the battery, because the water containing impurities easily reduce the life and damage the battery.
  1. Use battery
  • The battery should be discharged approximately 75-80% of the rated capacity of the battery.
  • The battery shouldn’t be used at the place having the too high temperatures, such as, next to a heat source or power source.
  • Only use the battery when it is fully charged.
  • Use the wire from the battery to the load in accordance with standards.
  1. How to choose the battery.

Besides caring and maintaining Motorcycle Batteries, you should also concern about how to choose a powerful battery.

  • Choose the size and battery pole position: You should choose the battery size and pole position matching the size that the manufacturers have standardized.
  • Notes about Voltage and capacity: You’ll have to use 12V batteries for your motorcycle.


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