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Unfortunately, tablet batteries don’t last forever. Moreover, they actually deteriorate over time. This means you’ll gradually get less and less battery life after every discharge/recharge cycle. You may reach the stage where the battery is completely kaput or just be infuriated with the time it now stays charged. Either way, it doesn’t have to mean you have to throw your device away as we are so often inclined to do.
But how do long should a tablet battery last? What can you do to make tablet batteries last longer? Where can you repair tablets? And where sells tablet batteries? In this post, we will give you the answers to these questions and more and recommend some of the best performing batteries out there on the market.

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How long do tablet batteries last?

Batteries don’t go from good to bad overnight. Instead, they degrade slowly over time with every discharge and recharge. Therefore, one of the key ways to figure this out beyond battery type, will be how often you use your tablet and how many times you recharge it daily. Typically, after 450 charges batteries begin to degrade fast and will quickly reach as low as 80% of their original capacity.
A once-daily charge will see your battery performing strongly for a little over a year, but with moderate use requiring 2 charges a day, you’ll find your battery quickly reaches a stage where it perpetually deteriorates. It is easy to see why as, since the battery deteriorates, you need to recharge it more frequently and, with every recharge, the battery deteriorates further. Once you have reached this stage it is up to you whether you push it or simply buy a replacement.

How to make tablet batteries last longer

Making tablet batteries last longer incorporates two things. Namely, these are: extending the time you can use your tablet off a single charge and keeping your tablet battery healthy for the long term. Here, we outline the best ways to achieve these dual goals:

#1 Don’t let your tablet overheat

When your tablet gets hot, battery life is affected. Keep it out of direct sunlight whether you are using it or storing it.

#2 Charge it low and slow

You should steer clear of fast chargers or charging your tablet up in the car as these methods tend to heat up the battery as they charge, reducing battery life.

#3 Unplug it once charged

We often leave our devices charging overnight as this is the time we aren’t using them for the longest. However, this is both dangerous (a fire hazard) and reduces the long term health of your battery. Charge it when you can keep an eye on it and unplug it as soon as you see it is completely charged.

#4 Half charge, not full charge/discharge cycles

Contrary to popular belief, battery life is not improved by regular full discharges and complete recharges. This is especially true with lithium-ion batteries which should never be completely discharged or they can fail. Tablet batteries last longer when you reduce the amount of battery power it holds on average is reduced over its lifetime. This means aiming half charge or less, without dipping too low can improve battery life. This also means you can charge it as often as you need without affecting battery health – another common mistake.

#5 Change the settings

Changing how you use your tablet so that you usually use the least energy you can will both increase the time it stays charged and, subsequently, improve battery life as you will have to charge it less frequently. Turn down the brightness, turn off notifications, close Apps you’re not using, turn off unneeded connections (4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), delete Apps you never use, and you’ll help keep your tablet battery in good health.

What types of batteries do tablets use?

The majority of tablets use lithium-ion batteries, if not all of them. This is great, as this is pretty much the best battery technology we have available. With barely any memory effect (reduction in lifespan due to incomplete charges) and low self-discharge, these batteries help users to keep them in good health without even having to try. They are also small but powerful and relatively lightweight making them ideal for portable devices.
You will also notice a barcode-like code printed on batteries found in tablets. This looks like gobbledygook but actually has a whole load of useful information when it comes to needing to repair your tablet or replace its battery. The first two letters of the code represent the factory code, the next 2 digits indicate thickness in millimeters, the following 2 digits are the width (mm), and the next 2 the length (mm). There is usually a second line indicating the voltage and capacity of the battery.
Check out our ‘tablet repair near me’ tool below to find your nearest repair shop who will be able to use this information to sort you out with a brand spanking new battery to give your tablet a new lease of life:

What to do if your tablet screen breaks?

Even with the greatest of care, we can crack the screen of our tablet easily because of how we tend to use them. Whether we drop it, leave it on the floor and stand on it, or it gets knocked off the surface top, it has happened to someone before and will happen to someone else again so don’t beat yourself up about it. Fortunately, this is usually an easy repair and doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg. Here, we outline 5 top tips when your tablet screen cracks:

#1 Check the damage

Is the crack going to make it impossible to use your tablet or can you live with the damage? If you notice pixelation or issues with the color and contrast, you may have damaged more than the screen itself so you should definitely get it checked out. Check out our ‘tablet screen repair near me’ tool below to find a trusted tablet repair shop:

#2 Check the cost of repair

As expensive as some tablets are, they have come down in price dramatically in the last few years. If you have had your tablet for a good few years it may be worth simply buying a new one, especially if your battery is on the blink as well as the screen.

#3 Take it to a dedicated tablet repair shop

Whilst it can be tempting to take it to a local repair shop, it can be beneficial to take your tablet to people specializing with your specific tablet brand. Use our ‘tablet repair near me’ tool below if you’re looking for Samsung specific repairs:

#4 Fix it yourself

This one is not something most people would consider, but these days there are a variety of kits available online that can guide you through screen repair. Obviously, you need to be technologically savvy to do this. If you still have a warranty on your device this is also a no-no as you will void it by working on your device yourself.

Top 5 Tablet Batteries and Repair Kits on Amazon

If you’re pleased to have learned that you don’t need to shell out on an expensive new tablet just because your battery is a dud or fancy trying your hand at screen repair, read on for our top picks for tablet battery replacement and tablet screen repair kits.

#1 Best Replacement Samsung Tablet Batteries: DAMZON’s 3.8V 7900mAh EB-BT800FBU

Obviously, not every Samsung tablet has the same battery. However, this battery is suitable of a wide range of SAMSUNG tablets. You can also save on time and cost by taking in the right battery for your tablet to the repair shop if you don’t feel confident carrying out the replacement yourself (as most of us wouldn’t). Whether your Samsung battery is a complete dud or just on the blink, this will quickly have your tablet functioning like new when it comes to energy supply.
Other pros of this Samsung battery replacement are that: it guarantees performance equal to the first battery you used; it can be used in a range of Samsung tablets (check out how to read what the battery description code means above); it comes with a decent 30-day money-back guarantee if you have got the numbers wrong and you get a full two-year exchange warranty if it breaks, and; it includes the tools needed to fit it.
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#2 Best Samsung Battery Replacement Kit for 10.1” Galaxy Tab: ZTHY’s EB-BT530FBU Kit

If you’re in the market for a replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1”), then you’ll love this kit and replacement battery. With more than 500 cycles, you’ll probably get more out of this battery than you did the first without seeing any deterioration, especially if you follow the tips above on extending battery life and reducing energy consumption with your daily use of your tablet. Save money on a new tablet and get it repaired for a snip of the cost.
Other things to like about this kit are that: it meets CE and FCC safety certification standard; it comes with a 12-month warranty; it is capable for fast-charging without reducing the battery life, and it produces consistent power keeping your device working nicely. The downside of this kit is that it doesn’t come with any instructions in the pack and the tools included are not the greatest quality even though they do the trick.
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#3 Best iPad Air Battery Replacement Kit: HDCKU.US’s Battery

This battery replacement kit for iPad Air 5th generation models comes with an exceptional battery offering at least 500 full cycle discharge/recharges before you’ll notice any battery deterioration. The detailed instructions provided via YouTube make this kit useful for people who are confident in their own abilities when it comes to electronics repairs – but don’t do this yourself if your iPad is still in warranty as you will void it.
Other benefits of this iPad Repair Kit are that: the battery charges quickly without overheating easily; it is suitable for A1474, A1475, and A1476 iPad Air models; this battery comes with a 1-year warranty getting you longer service out of your iPad; it has everything you need to replace the battery with the 12 pieces included, and; it is exceptional value. The downside of the kit is that the instructions are not included in written form.
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#4 Best Screen Repair Kit for Samsung: White Touch Screen Panel

If you have checked out the cost of tablet screen repair and balked at the cost of getting someone else to do it, then you will be pleasantly surprised by this kit. This is a good option if you have decided the costs of replacing the screen are too much given the age of your device but you also don’t want to shell out the cash for a brand spanking new tablet. You’ll need to be relatively confident with technological repairs to take this kit on, however.
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#5 Best iPad 5 Screen Repair Kit: Zentop’s Screen Repair Kit

iPad’s don’t come cheap so it’s unlikely you are going to decide that fixing the screen means you need to go out and buy a replacement. However, if you are good with technology and your warranty has run out, then this kit is a great option for screen repair. Complete with everything you need to replace a cracked screen on an iPad 5 with a 9.7-inch screen you’ll be impressed by the quality of the repair job this kit can do.
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Over time it is inevitable that batteries will deteriorate. The more we use our devices, the more we need to recharge them and the quicker that deterioration occurs. However, it doesn’t have to mean throwing away your tablet. If you’re technologically savvy, you can find excellent repair kits online but we recommend going to a trusted dealer. Find your nearest store using our ‘tablet repair shop near me’ finder tools above.