Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove Review

The Solo backpacking stove has been trusted over the years as a wood burning stove that integrates a secondary combustion for cleaner and more efficient burn.  It cooks effectively without fuel.  With this stove, there is no need to carry heavy and polluting gas around while camping. It uses twigs as its own fuel, which can be gotten on your way to your camp site.  The stove is clean to use, fast to boil, and easy to use.

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Compact design:  the design of the solo stove leaves you with enough space in the backpack to carry other things along.

#1 Fast boil time and light weight

Solo stove only weights 9 oz, making it one of the lightest camping stoves ever. It also boils very fast compared to other types of camping stoves. With 34 fl oz water, you will be expected to get your fully boiled water in 8 minutes. That’s how fast it gets.

#2 No need for fuel

The idea behind the manufacture of this stove is to give people another alternative to burning gas and petroleum when cooking outdoors.  There is no need for expensive canister fuel and extra weight for carrying this canister. The solo stove makes use of wood you can easily get even while camping.


This Solo backpacking stove is ideal for emergency situations

Makes use of renewable resources: There has been a constant craze for people to make more use of renewable resources to preserve our environment. If you are environmentally conscious, you will always prefer the Solo stove over other types of stoves that make use of petroleum. This will achieve two basic objectives – keeping fuel canisters out of landfills and saving you money from refilling fuel.

It helps you travel light. Fuel canisters are usually heavy, unlike the solo stove that weights only 9 0z. You will also be able to keep most pots inside the stove, giving you more room and space for other things.

Gasifying your wood. Its secondary combustion and unique gasification process enable you achieve a complete and highly efficient burn.  This helps you achieve a full boil with a fewer twigs and also reduce the level of smoke while cooking.

1# Pros

  • The stove is efficient and lightweight
  • Little moving parts make it durable
  • It saves you both the financial and environmental cost of using petroleum or gas
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of smoke
  • Boils fast

#2 Cons

  • It takes time to learn how to simmer with this stove
  • A little more expensive than other wood burning stoves

#3 Usage tips

If you are traveling to a place that is always windy, you will be better off buying the solo stove separately. To start your fire effectively, you can make use of a cotton ball dipped in Vaseline.


For those who want to lessen their camping loads with clean burning, efficient, and durable stove, one of the best in the market today is the Solo wood burning stove. Although it is slightly more expensive than other types of wood burning stoves, it’s definitely worth more than the price you pay for it. It has served a lot of campers over the years and positive reviews for this stove have not ceased since it was launched. It is therefore highly recommended for your general outdoor camping needs.