Repairing the Battery for your car Tips

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As you know, batteries are power storage devices. It provides energy for ignition systems, the boot device and other devices once the engine is not running. When buying a new battery or maintenance, you’d better pay attention to the important parameters such as capacity, size and starting line so as to choose the most suitable battery. These things are the importance of the battery. And, in this Repairing the Battery for your car Tips, I will talk more about it as well as how to Repairing the battery for your car. Hope you like it.

Battery cars and things you need to know about it

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The battery is one of the most important devices in the car. It ensures the role concept of power storage, power supply for the device power consumption as the machine boots, stimulated AC generators. Batteries will provide power to the load when the generator is not working or not reached rpm speed regulation. In addition, it also serves as the power supply in case of load line usage exceeds the rated current of the generator.

After you have been starting and RPM is big enough, the parts on the cars will use electricity generated from the generator. At the same time, the battery is charged to store energy for subsequent reboots.

The majority of batteries are used in automotive lead batteries. They are divided into categories such as open batteries (water battery) and sealed batteries (also called dry batteries)

. Type of battery maintenance can water as the refill. And dry batteries without maintenance and disposable until empty.

When buying a new Battery or maintenance, note:

Signs of battery failure

Battery’s durability and reliability are quite high. However, after a long operating time, it will be damaged and it also exposures the following symptoms:

The car cannot start due to battery’s weakness.

Signal lights dim and do not cut relay.

The battery is rust and dirt.

Headlights of the car are dim when being honked.

Image – Repairing the Battery for your car Tips


For experienced drivers, they may base on a number of signs to diagnosis and treatment for the battery is about to fail. If your battery is 2-3 years, it is time to replace it. Observed with the naked eye, we can notice blisters or rust stains and dirt out of the battery is problematically proved. When detected battery burning smell, the best solution is that we replace new batteries.

Besides, you can check the cause of the failure. It can be because the car battery is not using a different battery fitted to replace. If the vehicle is operating normally by the old batteries were damaged. In the case of fitting a new battery in the boot, you did not need to check the starter, the machine started, the wiring to see if malfunctioning or broken.

Notes on maintenance and repair of batteries

In this Repairing the Battery for your car Tips, you are also given 6 tips to Repairing your car’s battery. Here are they:

You had better turn off all electrical equipment when you start the car to avoid loss of battery power. When starting up, currents would need to provide higher than normal (5 to 7 times). Therefore, the battery will pressure drops sharply, so each boot should not exceed 5 seconds. At this time, the distance between each start, at least, has 10 seconds to keep stable battery.

When installing, the battery attached to the positive and negative after the deposit prior to ensure squeeze bottle avoid loose spark gap caused by exposure, will not affect the good and the durability of the poles.

Regularly check and ensure that there is enough water for the solution of wet batteries.

Regularly clean the battery terminals during use and maintenance of batteries periodically according to the user manual of the manufacturer.

Absolutely not to short circuit the battery because it will severely damage the battery and can cause danger to them.

When charging the battery charger to use the right quality and standards of the manufacturer, the charge does not exceed 10% of the standard current of the battery and not fight the wrong polarity when charging.

Repairing the Battery for your car Tips – Conclusion

The article of Repairing the Battery for your car Tips have provided you with the most effective information about Car, Car’s battery and also how to protect them from failure. Hope that the information is useful. And they can contribute to your safe on the ways.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out warning signs to look for for battery failure when buying a new battery, like dim signal lights or rust or dirt on the battery. I am sure that knowing what to look for would really help you to find a good battery when looking to buy a new one for your vehicle. I would imagine that when buying used batteries it would be important to ask to see the battery used in a vehicle before buying.