Why Would A Golf Cart Battery Explode?


Why would a golf cart battery explode? You might have questions like these about the safety and the dangers of battery-powered golf carts. This is because there have already been a number of cases of golf cart explosions.

It’s important to find the right answers for your questions as this matter is something that shouldn’t be neglected. It’s about your safety, and your life may be at risk if your questions go unanswered.

However, it’s not easy to find the right answers. Although the internet seems to have all the answers for your questions, especially those questions about golf cart safety, there is a possibility, we could get the wrong information.

This is why we want to help you get the simple answers to your questions without being too technical or intimidating. In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about golf carts and their batteries.

We will also provide you with tips on how to maintain your golf cart to keep you safe.

What Causes Golf Cart Explosions?

There are many possibilities of why a golf cart may explode. The most common of which is a battery-related issue.

Improper maintenance may lead to corrosion between battery terminals and wires connected to them. The corrosion may produce air gaps, which may cause sparks and thus the sparks may reach the battery terminal, and this will cause the battery to explode.

This happens when air is in friction with the wires and the energy that flows along with them causes sparks.

Is it Safe to Convert Golf Cart Batteries from Traditional to Lithium Type?

Explosions may occur while the battery is being overcharged, and this typically happens when a golf cart uses a lithium battery. It also happens when the battery is being charged with a different charger other than its recommended charger.

What Causes Lithium Battery to Explode?

Typically, this type of battery explodes because of manufacturing defects. Not all lithium batteries tend to explode, but such occurrences are common for this type of battery.

Lithium batteries are designed to charge quickly. As a result, overcharging and overheating can cause explosions, especially for a golf cart which requires a lot of power and prolonged use.

On the other hand, lithium batteries are prone to short circuit. When the connection to its terminal is exposed then an abnormal supply to its power may cause sudden sparks depending upon the battery’s temperature.

In addition, the metal and chemical components of this type of battery can become unstable. This means they are subject to change, which may affect the performance and safety of the battery.

Therefore, beware of converting your golf cart battery to a lithium battery.

Is There Any Way to Make Conventional Golf Cart Batteries Safe?

Golf carts are traditionally powered by Wet Deep Cycle (WDC) golf cart batteries. If properly maintained, these batteries remain safe. However, maintaining this type of battery is not an easy task as this requires close monitoring and careful usage.

This battery needs to be constantly refilled with distilled water in order to submerge the plates for the battery’s electrolyte.

If you fail to regularly keep its required level, the battery will dry, and its temperature will rise. This is what actually causes the explosion with this type of battery.

In order to maintain the WDC battery properly, always check the water level in the battery by removing its filler cap. The water level must always be just below the filler cap, and if it gets too low, then refill it with distilled water.

If the battery doesn’t charge any more, replace it with a new one. However, if you regularly refill this type of battery with distilled water, the battery life will last longer.

Is There Any Other Golf Cart Battery’s Better than Lithium or the WDC Battery?

Yes, there is as you can convert your golf cart battery to another type of battery known as an Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM. This battery is more expensive, but it has a lot more advantages than that of any other type of battery used for golf carts.

The AGM battery is a maintenance-free battery, which means you don’t have to refill it with distilled water any more. It does not have any filler cap or discharge tubes that may cause leaks. As a result, it does not cause any corrosion that leads to sudden sparks.

Moreover, AGM battery does not overheat because its heat resistant. Even if you use your golf cart for a prolonged period of time under the sun, it stays cool.

Another good thing about AGM battery is its battery life, as it lasts much longer than that of WDC batteries and lithium batteries. It also doesn’t have issues when it comes to charging.

The only drawback to AGM battery is that it’s very expensive. Nevertheless, you can offset the cost overtime as you don’t have to keep replacing your battery.

Is There Any Risk for AGM to Cause Explosion, Too?

Basically, all types of batteries may explode depending upon their condition, and the AGM battery is not an exemption. However, this is likely when your golf cart is also not properly maintained.

Factory defects may also become reasons, but they are not common for the AGM battery the way they are for other batteries, especially for lithium type batteries.


It’s normal to have some questions about anything that makes us worry. With regard to golf cart safety, the above questions and tips will help to put your mind at ease.

We have tried our best to make the answers as simple as we can, so they won’t appear too complex to satisfy your curiosity. Nevertheless, it’s recommended you use a safer battery not only for golf carts but for all other battery-operated devices and equipment.

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