MSR Reactor Lightweight Backpacking Stove Review

When it comes to delivering fast and efficient cooking, there are very few stoves out there that compares with the MSR Reactor stove. The MSR reactor stove is windproof, fuel efficient, and quite fast. It also works exceptionally well in a harsh weather conditions. The stove comes with a radiant burner and an integrated windscreen that provides a stable flame and reduces heat loss.

Features ad Specifications

  • 3 min burn time for a liter of water and 80 min burn time with 8 ounce of fuel
  • See-through lid and collapsible handle for ease of transportation
  • Perfect for everything from cooking for groups to solo trips
  • A unique heat exchanger is enclosed in the radiant burner, making it excel in heat conditions
  • It combines innovative design with high performance, making it more fuel efficient and one of the fastest MSR systems ever made.
  • With an ounce of fuel, you can boil 2.8 liters of water
  • With eight ounce of fuel, you can boil about 22 liters of fuel
  • 8 ounce of fuel is sufficient for an 80 minute burn time
  • It boils about 22l of water for about 80 in a 227 gram canister
  • The 1.7L pot consists of hard anodized aluminum
  • The product also comes with limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

Below are some of its benefits

Consistent flame output: The output of flames coming out from a stove burner is very important. It could mean the difference between a faster cooking time and a slower cooking time. Thankfully, the internal regulator of MSR reactor helps to equalize fuel pressure for high density performance.

Integrated system: The high efficiency pot and state of the art stove are combined together to give you one compact, user friendly cooking system.

Maximum efficiency: The heat exchanger and radiant burner surely provides an efficient all-round stove system, helping you carry less fuel

Fast boiling time: Its boiling time is second to none in the industry. MSR Reactor outperforms other cooking stoves in this area.

Protection against heavy wind:   The radiant burner head protects the stove against windy conditions. This is especially important for campers who will be more exposed to wind.


  • The following are the reasons why the MSR Reactor stove continue to maintain a high rating among seasoned campers
  • It makes use of MSR LPG canisters
  • It operates to -15 temperature
  • Both the canister and stove can fit into pot for convenient travelling
  • The internal regulator of the stove equalizes pressure for steady boil time throughout the canister’s life circle
  • The stove produces consistent heat output. At lower fuel pressures, the burner still operates near maximum. Output is also improved in colder temperatures.


There are very few cons associated with this product. The stove does not use multiple fuel types and the fuel canister may lose power when it’s not completely cold or full. The above cons are quite negligible and do not by any means affect the overall quality or efficiency of the stove.


The MSR Reactor stove has received raving reviews from users and seasoned campers. The reason is its fuel efficiency rate and fast burning time. It is compact and lightweight, making it quite easy to transport. If you are looking for high quality and efficient camp stove that can stand the test of time, consider buying the MSR Reactor stove and you’ll be glad you did.

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