More Products are Coming! Drop By Often!

This is an old photo of me installing a new header on a water turbine. The old header was made from galvanized pipe and was very restrictive as well as ugly. Turbine output increased from 350-400 watts to over 800 watts by simply changing the header. Wish I was still that young.

It has been a long time since my last blog post. Let me see what has happened in the past few months?

We had a major sewer backup on our bottom floor that removed us from our house for over two months. We stayed in a hotel during the repair and I can’t believe how many commercials there are on  television. We got rid of our TV eight or nine years ago and it was one of the best things we ever did. The good news about the sewer backup is we have a completely brand new downstairs that is nicer than the one I built 15 years ago.

We had to say good bye to my beloved mother last fall who died after a long battle with her lungs (cigarette related) even though she never smoked a cigarette in her life. However as a child her parents smoked constantly in their small home exposing my mom to massive amounts of second hand smoke.

Shortly after we had another huge loss, our boxer named Eli who was only 8 years old. We got him when he was only 8 weeks old. We used to have a Rottweiler but she died years ago.

After having children we decided a Rotty was not the responsible choice so we got our first boxer.

There is nothing like them. They love kids.

Boxers will NOT stay off the furniture and they are the most fun and loving dog a family could have.

I couldn’t have imagined life without Eli but time passes and the pain of loss subsides.

Suffice to say it has been a hard long winter and I am glad summer is just around the corner.

We are now in the process of adding new products to our solar homesteading store.

This is not just a place for solar, wind and micro-hydro components but also a place to find items that many homesteaders and preppers/survivalists would appreciate. Only a select few will be sold in our store as we don’t really want to sell the same thing everyone else sells. We are on the lookout for super special items that would be very helpful to not only our solar homesteaders but our solar preppers.

We live in a different world now and things are changing politically, economically and I believe we are in for a major economic correction/collapse.

Go here for an educational video series on the history of money and currency all the way from Bible times to today  and how currencies not backed by gold NEVER survive.

If this is not something that is on your radar just Google “Venezuela economy” and it will give you a taste of what is coming to the US, Canada, Europe and likely most of the world if not all of it.

Slowly our store will change its focus slightly to provide the equipment necessary to survive these uncertain times. We are also hoping to develop solar kits for operating medical equipment like CPAP machines as well as communications equipment, water pumping and refrigeration.

As of this post we are adding the 500 amp 50 millivolt shunt used in almost every renewable system to our store.

June will be DC and AC breaker month as well as 600 volt DC fuses with USM1 holders for the high voltage applications. We will be adding about 12-15 different styles of solar type AC and DC breakers and high voltage fuses commonly used in the Midnite Solar, Outback Power Systems, Magnum Energy and Schneider Electric breaker panels and inverter disconnects.

Watch close as there are going to be some really good deals on hard to find items like double pole 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 amp DIN mount breakers as well as DC 5 -60 amp DIN mount breakers and ton of panel mount DC breakers from 20 amp at 80 volts DC to 250 amps at up to 125 and 160 volt DC.

Everything must go and will be sold at rock bottom prices. We need to make room for more cool stuff for the upcoming months.

If you are looking for a deal check it out.