Jetboil Sol Lightweight Backpacking Stove Review

Jetboil Sol Cooking System Review

The Jetboil Sol cooking stove is an innovative cooking system that is not only perfect when boiling water, but can effectively cook real food as well. It is an efficient and super compact cooking unit great for day hiking and light backpacking. If you are looking to crank out rehydrated meals, hot drinks and soups during your camping, the Jetboil Sol cooking stove will serve you well. Below are the benefits of using this high quality cooking stove.

Key Specs


As its name applies, this stove boils super fast both in low temperatures and in low altitude. You can boil 2 cups of water in less than two minutes.  This is quite faster than most other types of camping stoves. 

The stove also has a simmer control which allows users to properly cook food apart from boiling water. With the newly designed valve and regulator, the stove can have about 2.6 hours for simmer range.  This ensures that it has consistent performance from start to finish.

Its one liter pot is wider and shorter than the previous Jetboil brands that makes is quite simple to eat from. The pot also carries a lid made for drinking which is just perfect to be used as a cup.


This model is known to perform brilliantly well when your priority is to boil water. It uses an energy capturing metal coil that presents maximum heat. This system is very efficient at boiling water in minimal time.

The simmer control is just spot on.  The setting responds well so you don’t have any problem when it comes to gauging the right setting for your boiling water of food.

It is also worth mentioning that the stove has an ignition, which is an added feature you may not see in many other stoves. Once you have ignited the cooking stove, you can easily regulate the burner to the level of simmer you want. The manufacturer of this product even went a step ahead to provide a measuring cup to simplify things for you.


Nothing too heavy, it’s a little bit of heavy as expected.


If you are looking to have a great camping experience, the things you take along with you can help you achieve that. One thing you should always avoid is the disappointment of a cooking stove. If your cooking stove does not perform as effectively as you would want it, you may be in for an annoying and boring time. Take your time to select the right type of camping stove that will not be too heavy for you and also help you boil your stuffs faster. Fortunately, the Jetboil Sol cooking system provides all these for you. It is therefore highly recommended for beginning and experienced campers.

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