Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Backpacking Stove Review

As far as gas camping stove is concerned, Coleman Sportster II Dual has a relatively compact setup. The product has been designed to last very long and is offered at a reasonably low price compared to its counterparts.  If you are looking for a high quality backup stove for backpacking, or you are just simply concerned about getting the most durable product, certainly this Coleman brand will serve you well. Let’s pay more attention to its benefits to see why it is highly rated.

Features and Specifications

  • Easily fits a 6-in pan
  • It has about 10,000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Its strong TM technology ensures an efficient operation in any weather condition
  • With 1 gallon of liquid fuel, you will be able to use it for up to 5 cylinders of propane
  • It features a dual fuel design, ensuring the convenience of using either unleaded gasoline or Coleman liquid fuel
  • It weights 21 lbs and has a dimension of 7.8’’ x 7.38’’


When comparing Coleman Sportswear stove with other types of camping stove, you will notice almost immediately that the Coleman brand is miles ahead of others. One of its alluring qualities is the compact size. It is lighter than many other types of stoves and specifically designed to take a little space.

Its dual fuel feature provides convenience. Unlike other types of single fuel stoves, you have a choice with the Colman II Dual stove. You can decide to use regular unleaded gasoline or white gas, whichever you prefer. If you are accustomed to white gas, unleaded gasoline is good alternative in case you run out of white gas.

The top rated burner that comes with the stove gives it reliable cooking power in all weather conditions.   The stove also has customized wide baffles which provide optimum protection from wind. Cleaning of this stove takes no time at all. Its design makes it quite simple to clean after cooking.

Another amazing benefit of this stove is its water boiling capacity. Boiling a quart of water takes just 4 minutes, making it one of the fastest stoves out there in the market.


It is reliable and durable: Coleman stoves are made with the finest of materials. This stove can serve you for many years on a constant use. It is not a surprise the company offers a 5 year guarantee on the product.

It features wind baffles that protect the burner from heavy wind

It is quite affordable: Despite its superiority, Coleman Sportster Dual fuel stove is sold at a very reasonable price. It is relatively cheaper than many stoves in the market.


Some stoves require setting up rituals, which can sometimes get you frustrated if you are in haste. But this dual stove was designed to give you ultimate control on the setting up process. It doesn’t take long to fix the bits together and begin your cooking. If you are using a stove that is proving to be inefficient, you may want to swap to the Coleman Sportster.

With a 5 year limited warranty, the company really means business. When you are done with your camping, packing and wrapping up the stove is easy because of its minimal parts. This stove definitely worths every penny you will spend to purchase it.

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One thought on “Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Backpacking Stove Review

  1. I bought this stove for a reenct camping trip after using one my brother has for over 10 years. The materials used today is slightly flimsier than my brothers stove, but overall functionality and other critical materials seemed to be the same. The stove was easy to light up and came with a fuel filter/funnel. It turned out great for use with smaller frying pans and pots and provided plenty of cooking heat. The wind guard helps tremendously in the area we were at and allowed cooking where other unshielded butane stoves couldn’t be used. The design allows easy storage and carrying with a handle to allow the stove to be carried like a small brief case.During the trip a friend brought his Powerhouse version of this stove providiing more BTU and having a larger cooking surface. This was great for larger pots and the extra added BTU cooked a bit quicker. So consider the larger unit if necessary. It’ll all depend on what you’re using it for and how big of a family/group you are cooking for.Things to watch out for. Although these are dual fuel try not to mix the fuels. Always use fresh fuel or else it can take a while for these stoves to warm up and burn cleanly. Be sure to oil the pump mechanism on a regular basis. Basically there is a little more maintenance than propane models but it’s really worth it. The older models seemed to be more rust resistant as well so be sure to clean up parts and pour out fuel before long term storage.Most parts are easily replaceable/repairable and can be easily sourced.

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