How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries


Know anybody who’s got a spare $1,800? With a little prep work and some simple maintenance, you can save yourself some serious cash. One brand-new 6 Volt Battery for an electric golf cart runs about $300. To power an electric golf cart, you’ll need six of these batteries. It doesn’t take long to learn how to increase the life of the batteries you’ve got.

How To Prepare To Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Batteries work because they contain acid, and if the battery explodes, you’ll get a face full and be covered in it. If you can’t find your safety goggles or face shield, buy another set. Never put your eyes at risk.

Keep running water nearby. Overheated or over-charged batteries can blow, and if the top blows off the battery, you may be spattered in acid.

Wear clothes that you can get (or already have) grease stains, tears or hole damage. (Note: This may not seem like a safety concern now, but if you ruin good clothes, it can make for a lot of trouble later.)

How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Special chemicals are not needed for this cleanup job. You just need to raid the spice cupboard.

1) Once you’re protected, mix half a gallon of water with one quarter cup of baking soda and spray the wiring, the racks and the tops and sides of the batteries. Be generous with the spray.

2) If weather conditions cause the spray to evaporate rapidly, work the spray across the top of the battery with an old paint brush to loosen the dirt, then rinse it away.

3) If the spray doesn’t evaporate right away, let the mixture stand on the batteries for at least five minutes, then rinse with a low pressure spray of clean water. Never use high pressure on electrical components.

4) If needed, you can work the baking soda mixture around the top of the battery with a soft scrub brush to reduce gunk and build-up caused by corrosion and dirt.

The battery tops should be clean. If you see any green corrosion, spray again with the baking soda solution. Let it sit for five more minutes, then use a sturdy bristle brush to scrub away any remaining corrosion, dipping the brush in the baking soda solution.

Alternate Option For A Single Cart

If you’re only cleaning one cart and don’t need to mix up that much baking soda, another suggestion for the best way to clean golf cart battery is just to sprinkle making soda over the top of the batteries and rinse it away with water. (Note: If you forget the baking soda outside and it rains overnight do not try to sneak it back in the house the next day. Just go buy some. This is almost as much trouble as ruining new clothes.)

How To Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

Once the batteries are cleaned, check the water level and fill as required with distilled water. This will reduce the risk of corrosion and early battery failure.

Charge golf cart batteries at least daily, and between rounds when possible. Undercharging batteries leads to sulfation, which will destroy the plates and ruin the battery if allowed.


Golf cart batteries will leak acid as they lose their charge, so they need to be cleaned and re-watered with distilled water as well as charged often to reduce the risk of battery destruction by sulfation. Any time you’re working with batteries, you’re working with acid and electricity. ALWAYS WEAR EYE AND SKIN PROTECTION, AND ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO RUNNING WATER.