How to Care for Golf Cart Batteries

Frequent replacement of your golf cart batteries is not only expensive but also time consuming. It is also frustrating to realize that you have to charge your golf cart batteries after every short duration.
Fortunately, here we provide you with different tips on how to care for golf cart batteries to make them last longer.


To ensure proper installation of your new batteries, you first need to check polarity to determine how the old set of batteries was installed. Apart from helping you know the position of the cable connectors, checking the polarity also helps you avoid installing the new batteries in a reverse position.

Remove Corrosion

Before installing the new batteries, clean the battery carrier to get rid of all rust and corrosion. After that, use a corrosion resistant paint to paint the clean parts.

Visual Scrutiny

Scrutinize new batteries before you install them to ensure terminals, containers and covers are still in good condition after transit.

Is it Possible to Reuse Old Cable Connectors?

Reusing old cable connectors is not a bad idea. However, you need to follow the procedure below to make them clean before you consider reusing.

Before reinstalling, check and replace the cable connectors that are broken.


Make sure your new batteries are fully charged before you start using your golf cart. This is because you cannot tell how long the batteries were in storage before being charged.
Keenly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the chargers you are using when charging the batteries. Most chargers available in the market today are designed to fully charge a battery within a given period of time.
The type of play and the number of holes determine the state of charge in your batteries. If for instance you use your golf cart for 36 holes or more each day, there is a likelihood that the charge will not be able to keep up with the rate of discharge from the battery.
In cases like that, a low state of charge begins to set in in your batteries. How do you take care of this?
If you engage your cart in a hard use, like for 36 holes per day, you should charge it for a minimum of eight hours to keep up with the rate of discharge.

Can a Catch-Up Charge Help?

If your cart is continuously in hard use, it may begin falling behind. This is the time you need to consider a catch-up charge. During off days, when your cart is not in use, you should check it for state of charge and recharge batteries that are not in good state of charge.

How to Avoid Getting Your Batteries into a Low State of Charge.

Put your golf cart on charge early enough in the evening to give it a full-time schedule of the charger before you go for your next trip. Charging your cart everyday even when it is not in use will only lead to overcharging.
If you regularly overcharge your golf cart batteries, they may experience damages such as positive grids corrosion.

Why do You Need to Rotate Your Carts?

Rotating your golf carts is of great significance as it helps you keep your fleet as well as your batteries in balance. Otherwise, some of your carts could fail to get enough charge as others become overcharged.

How to Care for Golf Cart Batteries in winter.

Proper care for your golf cart batteries during winter is important since batteries are prone to freezing during winter seasons. Keeping your batteries fully charged is the best defense against freezing.
When you expect extremely cold temperatures, move the batteries into a warmer environment to avoid frequently replacing them.


If you follow these tips on how to care for golf cart batteries, your batteries should be durable enough to serve you for at least 5 years. Also, you will be able to take a longer time before you charge the batteries again.
In case your golf cart batteries stop functioning, recycle them and buy quality set of new batteries for replacement. Units that have high capacities of amp are more efficient and durable.

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