How to calculate solar battery bank

If you use solar panels to generate electricity, then you might be wondering which solar battery bank you should buy so that you can get the best results. If you make the wrong choice, then it will decrease the lifetime value of your battery bank. Most people make the mistake of buying a solar battery bank that stores the exact amount of energy they need, but this is a mistake. Completely draining the battery reduces its life expectancy significantly. Therefore, you must buy a battery that holds double the amount of energy you need, but you must first calculate your current power consumption.

Monitor Power Usage

The first step in determining how much power you need is to decide which appliances you intend to run on solar energy. Next, you must discover how much electricity each of these devices consumes. You can determine the amount of energy that is used with an electric monitor that plugs into an outlet. You should run the monitor on each device for at least two days and calculate the average power consumption. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of obtaining a calculation that does not accurately represent your actual power usage. It’s vital you factor possible changes in appliance usage into your calculation so that you don’t experience unexpected problems.

Consider Local Tempature

The average air temperature where you plan to use your solar panels determines the dependability of your solar battery bank. Cold temperatures make it difficult for batteries to store power for extended periods of time, so if you live in a cold climate, then your battery will experience a decreased life span. It’s important to remember the effect weather has on your solar power system when you determine which solar battery bank is right for your needs. However, it’s often possible to keep your battery inside a heated building, and if this is the case, then temperature does not have to be a factor in your decision.

Final Thoughts

Having a solar power system is an excellent way to save money on electric usage, and it’s a great backup system you can use in the event of a widespread power outage. However, picking the wrong solar battery bank will reduce your efficiency and reliability. It’s essential to monitor your current energy consumption and also factor possible future changes. Once you determine how much energy you need to store, find a power bank with double the capacity; this is important because draining your power bank is harmful and results in a reduced life expectancy. Choosing the right solar battery bank and implementing energy saving strategies will give you the best results.

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