Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet (Reviews 2021) – How frequent can I vacuum my shag carpet?

Is your shag carpet easy to clean?
Shag carpets come in different textures and different colors which can improve your home décor. You may choose to have a shag carpet for its softness and warmth which is preferable during the cold season.
However, this type of carpets may be costly and therefore should be handled with care especially when vacuuming them. A regular vacuum may not do justice to your shag carpet by being gentle on its fibers and leaving it clean and fluffy as it should be.
Again, the essence of vacuuming your carpet is to pick all the dust and other particles from inside the fluff of your carpet. A regular vacuum may fail to do that since it is not meant for shag carpets.
We have therefore compiled a list of the best vacuums for shag carpets for your quick selection.

Top 10 Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet

#1 Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Maroon, 4122 – Corded

Bissell Zing is a compact vacuum that is excellent for shag carpet. While it works well on all shag carpets including the fragile ones such as cut pile twist and Saxony, it should be your choice of on the budget vacuum.
The 8 lb bagged canister vacuum is designed with a handle for easy lifting. Better still, it has four wheels which can help you to pull and push it for smooth movements.
Even though it does not have a brush roll, it still works well on shag carpets since it has strong suction. You can regulate the speed and therefore the vacuum power to work differently on various types of shag carpets.
It is versatile to use on bare floors, shags, and above-floor by the flip of a switch. The swiveling vacuum head and its 17 ft power cord with automatic cord rewind are two features that complement one another to make your maneuvering breeze.
As mentioned, Bissell Zing is a bagged vacuum that stores dirt in paper bags which indicates when the bag is full. Even though it might sound as an additional cost by buying the bags, it is best to prevent respiratory health issues. Therefore, it will not expose you to the dirt and dust which sometimes can be very fine to get into your breathing system quickly.
But, what you might not like with this vacuum is that it is noisy especially when you increase the suction power.

#2 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Could you be looking for the latest technology in strong suction power and still at a reasonable price? You have your solution with Shark NV356E.
Shark NV356E is a vacuum to trust in picking all the dirt particles to the last finest dust from deep inside your shag carpet. It has a patent with swivel steering design for easy maneuver and powerful suction technology. Also, it is an easy-to-use vacuum with lift-away technology which lifts its canister by a press of a button to reach hard-to-reach areas.
You will love its wonders in cleaning your shag carpet with extra large and easy to empty dust bin. It will, therefore, give you an extended and uninterrupted cleaning. It is the best choice of shag carpet vacuum for senior citizens or anyone with a back problem because of its lightweight.
With Shark NV356E, you won’t need to wear nose-mask while doing your vacuuming since it is an anti-allergen with complete seal technology which includes a HEPA filter that traps in its vacuum 99.9% of allergens and dust.
You can easily switch between vacuuming different surfaces by the press of a button to shutoff Brushroll when you don’t need it.
It comes with a 5-year warranty.
One drawback is its roller brush which breaks down easily and seems not to be covered by the 5-year warranty. You will need to verify that before you buy the vacuum. Apart from that, it is an excellent vacuum for shag carpet.

#3 Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner that cleans on the initial pass, you have it with Bissell Cleanview.
It can effectively remove embedded dirt, and all hair stuck in your shag carpet. With its washable filter which has a multi-level filtration system, it traps all the fine debris to leave your carpet sparkling clean.
Bissell Cleanview vacuum cleaner is lighter, maneuverable and versatile to clean other surfaces including above-the-floor cleaning. Since it is bagless, it uses its multi-cyclonic suction system to draw in dirt into its bin using the vacuum motor.
The only downside with this vacuum is that the brush continues to spin when it is on hose sucking mode which can damage the carpet if you are not careful in handling it.

#4 Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight

For the lightest weight and a compact vacuum for your shag carpet, the recommendation is Bissell Featherweight.
Without much hassle, you will surely vacuum your shag carpet and any other area effectively since it is versatile for use on various surfaces. The manufacturers of Bissell Featherweight designed the vacuum for better use and especially by the elderly.
Even though it is a light-weight weighing 2.6 lb and easy to operate, Bissell Featherweight is robust in its cleaning services. Besides that, it is a two-in-one device which will offer you a stick vacuum as well as a smaller hand vacuum.
But, it does not have a brush in its floor nozzle and yet, it will still pick up debris and small hairs from your shag carpet because of its strong suction.
However, one drawback that we noticed with this vacuum is it has a short cord which can limit you to reach all areas at once.

#4 Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dayson DC65 has the Ball Technology which makes maneuvering the vacuum easy and quick to get to hard-to-reach areas.
What makes this vacuum the best for shag carpet is its turbine tool which does not tangle. Also, it has stiff bristles which are angled to work deeper into the fiber of your shag carpet while dislodging any dry and ground-in dirt and popping it into its airflow to suck it in.
The vacuum has counter-rotating heads that have brushes which reach 180 degrees to draw all dirt and hair from every direction of the tool. The brushes are effective that not even one pet hair can escape them.
While it is tough to dirt, it has a unique construction which makes it easy to push around and also durable due to its polypropylene construction material. Dayson DC65 is “Radial Root Cyclone Technology” which is its patent technology. The technology reduces microscopic particles in the air flow to increase the power of its suction and prevent clogging.
It contains 0.55 gallons of dust in its dust cup, and it comes with a warranty of 5-years.

#5 Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka PowerSpeed is a versatile vacuum that has five different heights adjustments to use when either cleaning your deep carpet, bare floors, or area rugs. It also has three different heads for various tasks such as cleaning hard-to-reach areas using crevice tool, dusting with a brush, and vacuuming upholstery.
With its extra-large dust cup which holds a significant capacity of dirt, it does not require emptying its cup frequently between operations. It is, therefore, a ‘clean more and emptying less’ vacuum cleaner.
After emptying the cup, you will then need to maintain its washable filter by just washing it. You don’t need to employ professional to do that. You will be able to do it alone.
When you buy this vacuum, you will never have to worry anymore just because your dog has sprawled or rolled on your shag carpet. You will have the best machine to remove all the dirt, dust and dog’s hair from your shag carpet within no time and with less hassle.
The downside of this vacuum is to fail to hold upright. When taking a break from vacuuming, you need to leave it against a wall or keep on holding it until you have finished otherwise it will tip over risking being damaged.

#7 Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Bagged Upright Vacuum

Oreck Magnesium has a unique slim design to swivel and maneuvers easily around furniture. It can even lie flat while still working to reach under beds and other such areas that can fit its wheels. It has twin LED lights which sets the dark areas light enough for visibility.
The wireless two-speed quick selector on its handle is to pick the correct power level of the brush roll when moving between different surfaces. The two wheels make its versatile operation on various surfaces such as hardwood, tiles, shag or frieze carpet agile without stopping for adjustments.
The vacuum is light, and portable to take it along with you upstairs and downstairs with ease but yet powerful when in operation. It is capable of doing 7,000 RPM spins on high speed with its roller brush and therefore providing you with stunning cleaning experience. Also, it can clean the edges and the baseboards easily since it has edge brushes and has a powerful suction.
The HEPA inner bag can capture 99.97 of dust particles, and it has Saniseal Docking System which prevents dust from escaping into your breathing air when changing bags.
It has a 7-year warranty which guarantees you of a durable vacuum cleaner.
However, one drawback is that the twin LED lights do not light enough the dark areas under the furniture and the wheels may hinder gliding under the bed if it is lower than them.

#8 Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum is a complete cleaner for your shag carpet without the need of any other vacuum assistance. It operates using 5-stage adjustable height electric powered brush for maximum clean experience.
The electric powered brush is a right glider on your shag carpet picking intensely into its fibers to remove all the dirt and dust and thereby leaving it newly clean. It can adjust with five height levels to effectively work on each level of your pile carpet while the SEB 228 taking care of your soft rug for clean, beautiful, and long-lasting one.
Its SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister can rotate 180 degrees because of its swivel neck and using soft bristles to work on the delicate, high-quality floor for a perfect clean experience.
The C3 in this Miele Complete means it has three accessories which are dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool – additionals for cleaning those places that are hard to reach.
The HEPA air clean filter and air clean sealed system are uniquely designed to filter all dust and allergens and seal it into its filter bag to prevent it from escaping back into the air.
For easy maneuver, it has 360 degrees rotating wheels.
It is a high vacuum, and the only drawback is it is quite pricey.

#9 Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner with Handheld Combo

Soniclean is what you would want to have if you have that soft shag carpet that needs soft nylon brush roll bristles which Soniclean has. It does wonders on all shag carpets and especially the soft style carpets.
It features large front wheels and adjustable vent system for better gliding and maneuvering on your soft style carpet while pushing and pulling to pick all the dirt, dust and any hairs in the carpet. It even loosens any deep and embedded lodged dirt by using its 200 sonic vibrations-per-second without damaging your soft shag carpet.
It is specially made to automatically shut off when it senses a jam using its high-jam sensing technology to avoid damaging it.
With its patented sonic cleaning technology and direct air extreme suction, it can clean all surfaces leaving them with excellent clean results.
Soniclean vacuum can also effectively clean your upholstery since it has a handheld steamer to clean and sterilize any soiled area on all the surfaces. It can also lay flat to sweep under the furniture.
It is a light vacuum weighing 10 pounds, and therefore you can easily move with it upstairs and downstairs as you please. The electrical cord will also allow a large surface area since it extends up to 35 ft long.
The vacuum has an indicating light to show when to change the dust bag.
One downside with this vacuum is that it does not have edge brushes to clean the baseboards or edges.

#10 Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum

Ovante is easy to use a vacuum and yet sturdily made from heavy duty plastic and stainless steel to work for you for an extended time. It is bagless which has a translucent dust compartment.
It has an easy to use handle with airflow control hose that is crush-proof and 360 degrees swivel.
This small vacuum and yet a powerful one is powered by 1200 watts to use powerful suction to collect all dust and dirt at one go. It includes other accessories such as floor brush, brush down setting for shag carpets and mats with a combination of crevice nozzle and bristle brush for hard-to-reach areas, corners, and cracks. It also includes a telescopic metal wand for ceilings and pet brush for picking pet furs.
It has push buttons for on/off and for its automatic cable rewind for neatly storing your cable when you don’t need it. The cable is 188.5 inches long.
Ovante vacuum is a lightweight one that weighs 12 lbs only for easy lifting.
It is a good shag carpet vacuum for the budget with its good deal of a price.
Drawbacks: The cord is short and therefore you might need to have an extension;  anyone taller than 5.4’ will have to bend while using it; the filter cleaning after every fill-up might affect anyone with a dust allergy.


Q: Why can’t my vacuum glide and move easily on my shag carpet?

If it is a shag carpet vacuum, then you need to adjust the head as it is too low on the carpet to move effectively. If it is not adjustable, then it is not the right vacuum for your shag carpet and forcing it might damage your shag carpet fiber. After all, it will not clean your carpet since it cannot suction tightly closed strands. Get the right vacuum for shag carpet.

Q: How frequent can I vacuum my shag carpet?

You can vacuum your shag carpet as long as you feel it is dirty. It is impossible to set a guideline on the frequency of cleaning your carpet since several factors can determine how often or how less you should do it. There are some factors such as the kind of traffic on your carpet which may cause it to get dirty quickly. The number of pets, dust pollution, and others are more factors that may also dirty your shag carpet.
When you feel your shag carpet is not clean enough, then, that is the right time for another run of vacuum on it.

Q: Will frequent vacuuming wear out my shag carpet?

A dirty shag carpet left for long without cleaning gets older quickly than the one you vacuum once it gets dirty. But, unless your carpet is dirty, there is no reason why you should clean it. It is just like washing your clothes often even when they are not dirty. Just like your clothes which get worn out, so your carpet will also wear out quickly.
You can choose to run a vacuum on the areas with high traffic that tend to get dirty quickly than others to avoid dirt buildup. That way, you will maintain your carpet for a very long time.

Final Verdict

The final verdict entails the top vacuums for shag carpets which we carefully selected considering many essential factors. We can, thus, vouch for them and assure you that they are the best in the market. However, you might still want to read our best pick.
Our top of the best shag carpet vacuums is Miele Complete C3 Vacuum because of its excellent features and its outstanding design. It might not be very popular because of its high price. If that is the case, then we consider the second in line which is Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Maroon, 4122 – Corded that has almost the same features with Miele C3, but it is lower in price.

What is your pick? Kindly leave us your comments in the section reserved for you here below.

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