Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors (Reviews 2021) – How can I make my laminate floor to shine?

Do you have enough time to keep your laminated floor as good as new between your hassle and bustles of activities?
You cannot avoid a dirty floor and especially from little mess ‘experts’ which are the children and pets. Also, traffic on the laminate floor with muddy shoes may leave it insightful.
But, despite your limited time, you must fix time to tidy up the mess and leave your floor neat and appealing all the time.
If that is your case then, the solution is to have the best vacuum for the laminate floor to help you out in the situation. Not every vacuum cleaner will be suitable to clean a laminate floor. Some such as the carpet vacuums have bristle brushes that can damage your floor.
Thus, finding the proper vacuum for your laminate floor may not be easy whether you are a beginner or have experienced but looking to replace your old one. To zero all your buying factors such as the brush type, suction, filtration, and other nitty-gritty facts to get the exact vacuum you need, may exhaust you.
You don’t have to go through all that. We have lifted that burden off your shoulders by scouring the market to present the best laminate floor vacuums for your quick selection.
Keep right here to find out which will be your best pick among the listed top vacuums for laminate floors.

Top 10 Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors

#1 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The NV356E is a dual vacuum which you can use on your carpet and also to gently clean your laminate floor by shutting off the brush roll to activate the suction mode only. You can also adjust the suction to the right level for excellent laminate floor vacuum cleaning.
The vacuum has three brush rolls different from the one that cleans the carpet. One for gently scrubbing stuck up dirt off the laminate floor, the second for picking up your pet hair, and the last one for dusting.
The vacuum does not use changeable dirt-bag, and therefore you don’t have to run other costs of buying bags for replacement. The dirt will collect in its large dirt-cup which you empty and clean as you deem right or when full. It is an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner because of its complete seal technology plus its HEPA filter. It traps all the allergen and dust in its inside to avoid risking respiratory health issues.
The 13.7-pounds lightweight Shark Navigator is a powerful vacuum. You can dislodge the canister by the press of a button while cleaning the stairs or curtains. It is also maneuverable due to its swivel head and long thirty-foot power cord.
One slight flaw you need to be aware of is its lack of edge cleaning technology and LED light for dark areas. Otherwise, it is a great vacuum cleaner with an affordable price.

#2 Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Cleaner

The Bissel PowerEdge is a wonder in cleaning edges and corners above other features. The V-shape foot feature is a unique innovation that fits perfectly at the sides of the furniture. Also, it glides to other hard-to-reach areas to clean up to the last bit of debris.
It does not stop at that, but the edge of the V-foot sucks small and fine debris. Not one speck of dirt escapes its swivel technology which clears 11.35 inches width of its cleaning radius.
The squeegees not only help in movement but doubles up in picking tiny pet hair. Its rubber material easily attracts the strands which it then passes inside the vacuum.
The Bissel PowerEdge is not only powerful but affordable. It is the best choice for low budget and yet excellent in its cleaning services. It does not matter the size of debris on your floor. It will pick everything to leave you with the cleanest.
It is versatile and portable to move with it around the house effortlessly because of its lightweight of seven and a half pounds.
The vacuum is bagless and therefore saving you on buying bags to replace whenever full. Another plus for Bissel PowerEdge vacuum is its 20 ft long power cord that will reach far and not hinder your movement.
Nevertheless, the vacuum has its drawbacks. First, it does not clean the straight edges effectively. For that reason, it would have been best if it had an attachment. Reaching underneath the furniture is also a challenge since the vacuum does not angle low enough.
Other than that, Bissel PowerEdge is a vacuum to consider for cleaning your laminate floor without hesitant.

#3 Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction, Self-charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Do you want to go high tech with your vacuum cleaning? Eufy RoboVac would then be your best choice.
If you are that busy person who hardly has time to vacuum your house, this Eufy RoboVac would be the vacuum to use. All you need to do is click a button to get a spotless floor.
It is economical since it uses high-capacity Li-ion battery but produces powerful suction for thorough cleaning. The fully charged Li-ion battery can run up to one-and-a-half hours non-stop.
Eufy RoboVac is a versatile vacuum cleaner that not only cleans the open floor but also gets under your furniture to reach areas that any other vacuum can’t reach. Its half-inch low profile will maneuver under furniture to the lowest couch and other unreachable places to remove any hidden dirt.
The Robo vacuum operates with three-system cleaning which are powerful suction, a rolling brush, and two-side brushes for fantastic cleaning.
Other high tech features are infrared-sensor that senses obstacles ahead to evade them and a drop-sensor tech that can sense and avoid any possibility of falling and therefore avoid it. Also, it has an anti-scratch cover made of tempered glass for its protection.
It uses three filters which comprise of two regular ones and one high-performance filter for maximum cleaning.
It comes with its remote control that operates with 2-AAA batteries (which are not included), AC power adapter, charging base, four-side brushes, high-performance filter, a cleaning tool, and a guide.
No matter how good it is, it has some drawbacks. It has just one mode of a program with a one-time setting. Unless you set it daily to change the method of cleaning, it will clean on the same process for the rest of the days you have fixed it. But, these are a few drawbacks that cannot affect its excellent way of working.
It has a 12-month warranty.

#4 iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

The new technology allows you to sit back and allow machines to work for you. Roomba vacuum is one successful technology that vacuums your floor effectively like a human being. With its three-stage cleaning system which suctions, brushes, and agitates, you will no doubt get the best cleaning services.
The robot is effective in cleaning the laminate floor among others. With just a push of a button, you will activate it to start cleaning immediately. It has seven cleanings presets which you can select according to how you want it to work.
It is easy to program it and also operate it. What you will love about this robotic cleaning device is its effectiveness and efficiency in cleaning floors as well as picking all kinds of hairs from the floor.
The Robot vacuum has various sensors it uses to succeed in navigating around your home while vacuuming the floors. It fits easily under furniture and other objects since its size is 3.6 inches tall, or can we say it is flat? It will reach far where no human or other vacuums can unless you move the furniture.
It does not matter how many different types of floors you have in your house. It automatically adjusts itself to every kind to clean it accordingly.
To makes things even better, it automatically recharges when it gets low despite having a long battery life.
Besides, it comes with an extra AeroVac filter (the kind it uses), battery charger, self-charging base, and an auto virtual wall, a feature you will use to set its limitation to some areas.
The iRobot vacuum is a little noisy when in operation and also, like most robots, it maneuverability can be affected by its getting stuck in some areas. Again, since it does not have the sense of smell you can one day find your dog’s poop smeared all over the floor.

#5 Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A Bagless Vacuum Green

Bissell Zing is a bagless vacuum meaning that you don’t have to move around doing your cleaning with a dangling bag containing all the mess. Instead, the inbuilt dirt-cup collects the dirt.
The cyclonic technology in this vacuum enables it to continue with the same suction strength whether cleaning the carpet of the hard surface which is the laminate floor. Its lightweight and compact size make portability across floors effortless.
The swivel steering of Bissel Zing is the reason for easy maneuverability of the vacuum around the floor. The telescopic wand will reach and clean the far, hard-to-reach areas successfully.
Emptying the dirt cup is easy, quick and mess-free. The lid opens by the press of a button to spill off the dirt in your trash bin.
Bissel Zing 2156A has great other features that make it a fantastic vacuum. However, it has its downside that will not be justifiable if not mentioned.
The vacuum arm is short measuring 2.5 ft from where it joins the handle to the tip of it which would not be comfortable to use.

#6 Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Ball Animal

When you have Dyson vacuum cleaner around, you are well equipped to clean any dirt on your floor in a jiffy no matter how much it is. With its powerful suction at its cleaner head, it will suck in all the debris it comes across without selection. The turbine tool within the vacuum will remove every pet or human hair without leaving any behind and without getting tangled.
The cleaner head will alternate all the floors from carpet to vinyl or tiles to even hardwood floors without wasting time to stop and adjust the suction. The automatic base plate raises or lowers itself to fix itself and seal suction according to the floor texture.
As you are cleaning, you can choose to lengthen the wand and the hose instantly to reach the far-to-reach areas either high on the wall or under objects. Even while cleaning those high areas, you don’t have to worry about the dust. The vacuum has a cyclone technology that will not allow any dust no matter how fine to escape it.
The most hygienic vacuum is Dyson Ball Animal which will not let you touch any dirt not even when emptying it. With one button push, it will release all the trash in your trash-bin without any contact.
Being a powerful vacuum, it does not retract its cord as you would expect but still uses an archaic old fashion way of manually wrap the power cord around some hooks on its rear.
The vacuum has a five-year warranty of its parts and labor.

#7 Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka NEU100 is a powerful suction upright vacuum for your laminate floor. It comes with a crevice tool plus its dusting brush. Thus, NEU100 will vacuum not only your laminate floor, but also your walls, upholstery, stairs, and curtains.
For those far-reaching areas, you only attach its hose to a detachable crevice so that you can reach as far as 8 ft.
It is compact and a lightweight which weighs 7.7 pounds for easy carry by releasing the handle button to wherever you want to clean. It also stores easily taking little space when not working. But, that size and the weight do not limit its power of suction. It still maintains its ability to suck in all dirt and hair it comes across at a width of 10.5 inches.
The vacuum cleaner has some pockets where it stores the crevice tool and the dusting brush to access them quickly whenever you need them. With its 1.7 liters dirt cup technology it becomes economical to use the vacuum as often as you want since you don’t have to use disposable bags which can be an added cost.
While it does a successful job in vacuum cleaning and best on price, it has a loud noise when in operation which is its downside.

#8 Bestek Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bestek is an upright vacuum that has motorized head swivel of 170 degrees to reach under your furniture effectively. With its ultra light weight of 3.7 pounds, you can lift it upstairs effortlessly. It is the best choice for the elderly and anyone else who cannot lift heavy weights.
The vacuum is a two-in-one which has both the stick and handheld vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction for high performance. It glides over your laminate floor to leave it not only clean but shiny. You can easily remove the handle to make a detachable hand vacuum for your upholstery and stair cleaning.
The bagless HEPA and sponge technology is a filtration system which locks in every particle into its vacuum to prevent dust circulating back into your already cleaned house. The crevice tool will help you get to hard-to-reach tight spaces.
When you empty the dirt-cup, you then can wash it as well as the filter for another round of vacuum cleaning.
However, one drawback is that the handle is hard to attach, otherwise, it is a great vacuum to work with.

#9 Oreck Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner U2000RB1

If you are looking for a vacuum for your commercial building or business, Oreck vacuum is the right choice.
Oreck is an upright commercial grade vacuum that you can use both in your business and also in your residential laminate floors for maximum cleaning. With the low profile design and the side-edge brushes, it is possible to get closer to the furniture to clean right to the edge and underneath as well.
The unique design of edge bumpers will protect your walls as well as your vacuum from scratches. It contains a reusable cloth bag but with an option of using a paper bag.
Oreck vacuum is versatile that can clean both the carpet and the laminate floor. With fingertip control, you can change from cleaning the carpet to laminate floor. It’s powerful but yet light weighing 8.2 pounds.
It comes with a 40 ft power cord and a pigtail cord both connected by a clamp. Such a mechanism allows you to replace a damaged cable without running extra cost for repair.
The helping hand handle will ease the squeezing and twisting of your hand and wrist, and hence arthritis foundation recommends it for its patients.
Nevertheless, it has some downsides. It is quite loud but it is a noise you can stand. It is not easy to swap the cog v-belt. Nevertheless, it remains a powerful tool that sucks everything on its way.

#10 SharkNinja Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Vacuum Lavendar

SharkNinja DeluxePro is an upright vacuum that cleans both carpeted and bare floors. It is also versatile to clean perfectly the ceiling, stairs, walls and other surfaces such as the furniture.
What makes such tasks successful is its different accessories which include upholster/pet tool, dusting crevice tool, a flexible hose, 30 ft power cord, and others. It also features LED headlights that are powerful to light up dark areas for effective cleaning.
SharkNinja is a bagless vacuum that has a removable dust cup which you can empty easily whenever full. It switches from carpet cleaning to cleaning your laminate floor without losing its suction power.
Such a powerful vacuum cleaner is a lightweight weighing only 8.6 pounds making it portable to move with it in different rooms whether getting upstairs or descending them. It has a handy wand of slim design which makes you reach under furniture or other narrow places effortlessly.
It comes with a power cord of 30 ft length and has a cleaning path width of 10 inches.
Choosing SharkNinja DeluxePro for your floor cleaning would be a wise decision because of its outstanding cleaning power.


Q: Can you use any vacuum cleaner on your laminate floor?

No, some carpet vacuum cleaners have brush roll that can scratch and damage your laminate floor. If the vacuum cleaner can turn in the brush roll, then you can use it.

Q: Do I need to choose a powerful suction vacuum for my laminate floor?

No, you don’t have to get a powerful suction vacuum to work effectively on your laminate floor. What you need to look for in a vacuum cleaner for a laminate floor is one that seals well onto the floor to have enough suction that can suck all dirt and debris from your floor.

Q: Does a laminate floor get worn out quickly from frequent vacuum cleaning?

If you use the right vacuum for your laminate floor that does not have a brush roll, there is no need of worrying that it will wear out from frequent vacuum cleaning. Likewise, if you use the wrong vacuum for your floor and you continue using it, your laminate floor will not only wear but get damaged.

Q: How can I make my laminate floor to shine?

A laminate floor tends to lose its original shine due to dirt and grime buildup over time. Laminate floors are not waxed like wood floors to make them shine. A good and thorough vacuum cleaning will leave your laminate floor clean and shinning.
Final Verdict
All the vacuums in this review are the best in the market. What you would differentiate in them are their features and what you like best. Besides that, you might want to know further which our top pick is.
Considering various reasons such as features, durability, effectiveness in their cleaning and care for laminate floor, our best pick is Shark Navigator NV 356E. It is not only robust and lightweight but best on the budget for its affordable price.

What is your best pick? Please leave your comments on the comments section here below.

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