Best Underwater Boat Lights 2021: LED Boat Light Reviews

Who says that enjoying your boat is solely for daylight hours? Underwater boat lights give you the freedom to enjoy your boat after hours. They can also help you to navigate your boat during times of low visibility. The experience of being on the water at night time is incredible but it can also be dangerous. Ensuring you have the best underwater boat lights underneath your boat will help to keep you safe on the waters at night as they light up your path.
With so many products out there it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing an underwater boat light for your vessel. But have no fear, our buying guide and product reviews will show you the way.

Our Top Picks for Best Underwater Boat Lights

#1 Best Flood Lights for Boat: Nilight’s 22 inch LED Light Bar with 270W Triple Row & 27000LM Flood Spot

For a powerful flood light bar that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for brightness, longevity, and flexibility, this flood bar ticks all the boxes.

#2 Best Flood Lights Combo for Boat: SUPAREE’s 18W CREE LED Work Light Bar, 4Pcs 4″ Flood Beam

For adjustable and waterproof floodlights with 6000K color temperature brightness, these affordable lights do the job you need well.

#3 Best Underwater Transom Lights: Partsam’s 3-Inch Stainless Steel Boat Marine LED Transom Lights

For underwater lighting rated to IP68 waterproof levels ideal for underwater and navigation lighting, these versatile lights are ideal.

#4 Best Underwater Led Boat Lights: Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED Underwater Boat Light with Surface Mount & Strobe

For a powerful underwater light coated with marine grade alloyed bronze, this high quality LED boat light is top of the range.

#5 Best Handheld Spotlight for Boats: BUYSIGHT’s Lightweight Rechargeable Spotlight

For free-range spotlight control whenever you need it, this handheld spotlight is the perfect piece of kit to have on board.

Buying Guide: Why do I need underwater boat lights?

If you want to drive your boat at night then installing some underwater boat lights is essential. These amazing lights sit underneath your boat and serve to light up the water around you. When cruising on the water there are always dangers that you need to be aware of, and increasing your visibility whether on misty day or at night is one way of reducing your risk of an accident.
In addition to safety, the experience of sailing at night with your lights switched on can be an inspiring experience. Seeing the waters lit up around you (in vivid colors if you’ve opted for colored lights) with the stars above you is truly uplifting. Not to mention if you’re going to be night fishing your underwater boat lights will point you in the right direction.

What are the different types of underwater boat lights?

There are two different types of underwater boat lights, these are incandescent lights and LED lights.

#1 Incandescent lights

Incandescent lights are the cheaper of the two types of underwater boat lights. However, this type of light bulb uses around 5 times as much energy to create the same amount of light as LED bulbs. The higher the wattage the brighter the light, with the light being produced by heated filaments. The pros of this type of light are that they give a warm glow and are pretty cheap. However, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to choosing incandescent bulbs for your underwater boat lights. These bulbs do not last long, use an excessive amount of energy and are actually not very happy in the water.

#2 LED Lights

LED lights, on the other hand, are much more suitable as an underwater boat light. They are much more energy-efficient than an incandescent light and do not produce a lot of heat by comparison. Another benefit of LED lights is that they last for 100,000 working hours compared to incandescent lights which last for just 1000. While they are more expensive than incandescent lights, their energy efficiency, durability, strength, and ability to withstand immersion in water make them well worth the money.

What to look out for when buying underwater boat lights

#1 Brightness of the Bulb

The brightness of your boat lights will depend on the number of lumens they have. Lumens are the measure of the amount of light that can be seen by the human eye, so the higher the lumens the brighter the light will be. Aim to go as bright as your budget allows to ensure you get the maximum visibility when you use your boat at night.

#2 Color of the lights

While for many a single color boat light will suffice, some prefer a little more exciting option. Look out for LED boat lights that offer more than one color so that you can light up the water with a rainbow of colors. You can also get led lights that have strobe and crossfade abilities if you require it. It is also important to consider the width of the beam of your underwater boat light of choice.

#3 Ease of installation

When it comes to underwater boat lights, they do vary in their ease of installation. It’s a good idea to look out for underwater boat lights that are flexible with where they can be mounted whether it be the transom or the trim tab.
Most underwater boat lights are installed by drilling holes into your boat and then bolting them in. However, some come with an airtight mounting clamp which doesn’t require any drilling or bolting. Make sure you always check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing and it is wise to get the help of an expert if you’re unsure. The last thing you want is to damage your boat or your brand new underwater boat lights.

#4 Protection

As your underwater boat lights are going to be in contact with water they need to have a strong protective housing that protects them from the elements. There are a variety of materials used to house underwater boat lights including aluminum bronze, translucent polymer, and marine-grade stainless steel. While all three materials are robust and durable if you’re going to have your underwater boat lights permanently submerged underwater then go for the saltwater resistant aluminum bronze.

Best Underwater Boat Lights 2021

Now you’re fully briefed on what’s what when it comes to underwater boat lights, check out our top picks of the best underwater boat lights in 2021.

#1 Best Flood Lights for Boat: Nilight’s 22 inch LED Light Bar

If you’re in need of a spotlight for the bow or stern of your boat, then it’s a good idea to get a bar to give you fuller coverage. This excellent bar spotlight comes from 21-41 inches in width making suitable for even larger boats. One great thing about this bar is also the fact that it has 3 different types of LED lighting that allows you to control the brightness for different needs, from ambient brightness and a whiter light through to maximum brightness with a bluer light.
Other benefits of this flood light bar for boats are that: it is IP67 waterproof rated which means it can cope with some of the toughest conditions; it is shockproof; it will last you for ages with over 30,000 hours of lifespan thanks to the impressive LED technology and excellent in-built heat dissipation that prevents failure over time; they come with a fully adjustable bracket to 360 degrees, and; they are great value.
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#2 Best Flood Lights Combo for Boat: SUPAREE’s 18W CREE LED Work

If you’re looking for a number of separate floodlights to cover different areas of your boat but don’t have a big budget, then you could do a lot worse than these cheap yet powerful floodlights. The IP67 waterproof design means they are will even keep working if they get submerged in water and in generally tough conditions. For adjustable spotlights powerful enough to light up the darkest of nights in rough conditions, these are a great choice.
Other pros about these spotlights are that: they have 6,000K color temperature, a level of brightness that affords sharp focus (blue light rather than white light); they are shockproof as well as being waterproof, and; each spotlight is fitted with an adjustable mounting bracket to make it easier to position the spotlight perfectly. The downside of these lights is that they are quite cheaply made so do not always stand up to the test of time that well.
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#3 Best Underwater Transom Lights for price: Partsam’s 3-Inch

For transom lighting that is fully submersible and assists with navigation illumination, these stainless steel lights are impressively bright. Made to IP68 waterproof rating they can be completely submerged underwater and will keep sand, water, dirt, snow, and dust at bay. This makes them the ideal light for the perimeter of your boat as navigation lighting, as a stern light, a boat running light, to as a boat signal lamp.
Other things to like about these underwater transom lights are that: they come complete with a flush mount to fit on to the stern and are nice and easy to install; they are made with stainless steel and have clear plastic lenses to maintain brightness in challenging conditions, and; they are much brighter than SMD-3528 strip lighting and capable of producing color variation. The downside of these lights is that they are slightly cheaply made.
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#4 Best Underwater Led Boat Lights: Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED

If you have a bit more money to spend, then you should give these underwater lights a close look. They can be programmed to display various colors and offer an impressive brightness of up to 4,000 lumens protected by marine-grade housing made from bronze alloy.  The bronze alloy helps to prevent rusting over time (50+ years) and is durable enough to withstand heavy impacts in the sea whilst also defending against the corrosive effects of saltwater.
Other advantages of this underwater lighting are that: the LED lighting has an impressive 50,000 hours of life; it also has a strobe lighting effect available if you fancy throwing a boat party; it is simple to install correctly thanks to well-written instructions; they are suitable for submersion fully underwater, and; they draw on very little power. The downside of these lights is that they are much pricier than others on this list and do not offer full-color spectrum lighting.
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#5 Best Handheld Spotlight for Boats: BUYSIGHT’s Lightweight

It can be handy to have a handheld spotlight when out on the water late at night, be it for safety reasons or to aid with some late-night fishing, or even a midnight dip. This nifty device is easy to handle due to weighing just 1.68 pounds and the ergonomic handle. The 6000 lumens of brightness means you can light up into the distance to as far as 800 meters. For controlled brightness that can be directed anywhere you need it, this is a great piece of kit to have on board.
Other pluses about this handheld spotlight are that: it comes with a stretchable bracket that allows you to use it handsfree if needed; it has an SOS flash function; it has a range of brightness settings if you prefer to use it as some soft side lighting sometimes; it lasts a full 20 hours off a single charge when used at its brightest level, and; it can be used to charge through other on-board devices or phones.
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Installing underwater boat lights on your vessel opens up the unexplored waters of evening sailing. With a set of these on your boat, you no longer need to worry about racing back before the light fades. Cruising along rivers and seas after hours can be an exciting experience but ensuring you have adequate lighting is essential in keeping you safe on the waters.
There are a variety of options available when it comes to underwater boat lights. LED lights are the most energy-efficient and durable option to go for and the number of lumens will determine how bright the lights are. Ensure that you check what the outer casing of your boat lights is made from to check that it can withstand the strain of the open seas. Finally, check out how complicated the installation instructions are before you purchase.

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