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For even the most novice fisherman, knowing how to control the boat and get to the best location are vitally important to catching that fish that stories are made of. You don’t want to find yourself out on the water, as the battery on your trolling motor lets you down. You know you need a trolling motor. The right motor with the right parts means the difference between a good day on the water and disappointment. A closer look at the motor itself will set you well on your way to finding the best battery for a trolling motor.

Top 5 Best Trolling Motor Battery

ML35-12 SLA Mighty Max Battery

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  • Recover deep discharge
  • Compatible in extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to heavy vibrations and shocks

This is a sealed lead acid AGM battery, weighing only 24 pounds. It is a 12 volt battery with power of 35Ah. This battery is capable of recovering deep discharge and is compatible even in extreme temperatures. This battery is spill proof and is totally a maintenance free battery. The ML35-12 SLA Mighty Max Battery can be mounted in any position without any hamper in its performance. Its unique technology makes the battery resistant to heavy vibrations and shocks. The cost of this battery is pretty cheap. It is an ideal choice for trolling motors, golf carts and other units for those who have low budget.

UB12350 Universal battery

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  • High performance capability
  • Ready to install
  • Ideal trolling motor battery

This is a sealed lead acid AGM 12 volt trolling motor battery and it weighs 24 pounds. The AGM technology of this battery gives it high performance capability. This battery is valve regulated and is completely spill proof; it can be mounted in any position. The UB12350 universal battery comes charged and it is a ready to install battery. This battery is totally maintenance free and there is no need of adding additional water. The UB12350 universal battery can be used in many appliances like wheel chair, alarm, trolling motor, motorcycle and many more. This battery is a good choice for low budget purchase.

35AH 12V DC SLA Chrome Battery

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  • Reliable rechargeable battery
  • Nut and bolt terminal connections
  • Fiberglass mat technology

This is a 12 volt sealed lead acid deep cycle AGM battery with power 35Ah. This chrome battery is one of the most reliable rechargeable batteries. The terminal of this battery is designed for nut and bolt connections. the plates of this battery are made of lead and calcium alloy and the AGM technology makes the battery 100% maintenance free and spill or leak proof. The life of the battery is extended due to the fiberglass mat technology, which makes the battery resistant to heavy and extreme vibrations. This battery weighs 23 pounds and it is an ideal choice for solar storage.

VMAX857 AGM Battery

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  • Plates with unique structures
  • lead and tin alloys
  • 4 to 9 hours with 50% to 60% discharge depth

This is a deep cycle marine AGM 12volt battery, weighing only 25 pounds with 35Ah power. The plates of this battery have unique chemical and physical structures. The VMAX857 AGM battery is manufactured with a unique and special treatment that makes the battery more reliable with better performance capability. The run time of the battery is 4 to 9 hours with 50% to 60% discharge depth, when used in trolling motors. The lead and tin alloys give the battery heavy duty cycle performance capacity. The specialized sealed tank makes the battery spill proof and maintenance free.

DCM0035 Interstate Battery

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  • Specialized robust plates
  • Computer generated grid
  • Removable handles

This is a 12 volt deep cycle AGM battery with 35Ah power and it weighs 23 pounds. This battery has specialized robust plates that provides the battery with extended life span. The DCM0035 Interstate battery is designed with computer generated grid for high performance and the low-calcium alloy grid reduces emission of gas and makes the recycling operation more steady and eased. The handles of this battery are removable, which lets the battery fit even in less space. The special AGM technology makes this battery 100% maintenance free and spill proof, making it compatible for mounting in any position. The DCM0035 Interstate battery is an ideal choice for trolling motors, wheel chairs, scooters and many more.

Buying a Trolling Motor Battery


trolling-motor-batteryThe most important consideration for the motor and the battery is determining the amount of thrust that is required. Thrust is the amount of power needed to move through the water and is measured as ‘pounds of thrust’. You need the right amount of power behind you to manoeuvre weather and waters. This article assumes that you have already assessed the size of the boat, amount of gear and the other weight conditions, and you at least have your eye on the best trolling motor for your needs.

Trolling motors come in three power systems: 12-volt, 24-volt, or 36-volt. Batteries are manufactured in 12 volts, so that would mean that you will need two batteries for a 24-volt power system and three for a 36-volt power system. You won’t pay much for a 12-volt motor, but a 24-volt or 36-volt motor will allow you to stay out on the water longer, as they have more power and lower amp draw. The best battery for a trolling motor is the battery that has the most power and longevity.

Trolling motor batteries are designed for prolonged, harsh use so this is another important consideration. The best brands will allow you to spend more time fishing than charging your battery. Sticker shock may cause you to want to back away from a high-end battery, but buying a less expensive battery may bring you back to the store more often. Factoring in thrust, weight and fishing conditions the right battery could well be worth the price when the right, quality battery can last up to six years.


Marine batteries have two purposes. One purpose is cranking the engine, and the other is powering the trolling motor and other electronics used on the boat. The cranking battery constructed with more numerous, thin plates is designed for the burst of energy needed to engage the starter and within a few seconds is recharged by the alternator. The cranking battery will overheat when used for the trolling motor.

The deep cycle batteries are designed to withstand the higher temperature requirement without adverse effect. The fewer, thicker plates provide better output for longer periods of time. The thinner plates in the cranking battery are also subject to damage from the vibration of the trolling motor. The thicker plates of the deep cycle battery are better able to withstand the vibrations. The vibrations can cause the internal plates to shift and damage the battery. You may find that the battery does not charge as it did before, or the battery is destroyed.

The best battery for trolling motors has a spill-proof design allowing the batteries to be configured in multiple ways. This becomes important when you need multiple battery hookups because of the size of your motor. A 24-volt motor will typically need to have a second trolling motor battery for consistent results.

Care and Maintenance

Even if you think you found the best battery for trolling motors, it will be a waste of money if the battery is not properly maintained.

  • As soon as you return to shore, it is important to recharge the battery. Not only will you be ready for the next time you go out, but it will protect the lifespan of the battery. Leaving the battery discharged will decrease longevity and performance.
  • Never mix battery types. If one battery is a wet cell battery, then the remaining batteries should be wet cell batteries also.
  • Never put an older battery with a new battery because the older battery will pull down the new battery.
  • A wet cell battery requires routine fluid level checks. Be sure to top off with distilled water to protect against chlorine damage from tap water.
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place during the off season and hook the battery up to a trickle charge. If a trickle charge is not used, charge the battery at least once per month.
  • Ensure the tops of the batteries are clean and that the terminals are free from corrosion. If signs of corrosion are found, clean with a paste of baking soda and water or with a wire brush.
  • The 24-volt and 36-volt motor will require two or three batteries. This requires the batteries to be wired in series. In other words, the batteries need to be connected to each other. The positive cable from the motor should be connected to the positive terminal of the first battery. The next step is to connect the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second battery and so on.


Optima 8016-103-FFP D34M BlueTop

  • Boasts 120 reserve minutes of continual operation.
  • The 5/16” Dual SAE stainless steel stud posts resist corrosion.
  • It’s completely sealed case makes the battery spill-proof and clean and more beneficial to the environment.
  • Proprietary Spiral Cell Technology prevents vibration damage that translates to more running time and short recharge time.
  • The BlueTop offers 750 cold cranking amps and carries Optimal starting power in addition to the deep cycle design capabilities.

Interstate DCM0035

  • Adequate alternative to Optima BlueTop.
  • Similar performance and reliability. Does not carry the Spiral Cell Technology.
  • Packaging design is simply hiding the computer-generated grid design optimum density.
  • The robust plates offer extended life.
  • Sealed in a thermally welded case with a bond that prevents leakage allowing for spill-proof use, able to be used in multiple configurations.
  • Rated to 35 Ah.

VMAX tanks MR 107 12V 85Ah

  • Rated 85 Ah.
  • The electrolyte suspension system uses Absorbed Glass Mat that absorbs and contains the electrolyte without the contaminates.
  • Heavy-duty grids are constructed with lead-tin alloys providing additional performance and service life.
  • This battery is maintenance free, so there is no need to check specific gravity or need to add water to float life.
  • The average service life is 8-10 years.

VMAX 857 AGM Hi-Performance Battery

  • Also available as a battery kit.
  • The heavy duty grid construction with lead-tin alloys provides extra performance and service life after repeated discharges.
  • The maintenance free operation gives more fishing time and less maintenance time.
  • The casing construction is sturdy and non-spillable or non-hazardous.

UB 121000 AGM Battery

  • Premium quality Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) technology is designed for greater performance.
  • It is a completely spill-proof, leak-proof, and maintenance-free.
  • One year warranty.
  • Porous microfibre separators completely absorb and trap vibrations.
  • The moulded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability.

Duralast Marine Battery

  • One-year warranty for designed to get you and keep you on the water.
  • The patented grid manufacturing technology produces grids engineered to be more efficient.
  • Best-in-class vent caps are engineered to be safer and reduce leakage and corrosion.
  • Solidium welds are designed to stop corrosion and prevent premature failure.
  • The lifespan negative paste is formulated to improve performance and battery life.
  • Boasts a 180-minute reserve capacity.

Lithionics Lithium-ion Trolling Motor Package

  • The lithium-ion battery package includes a 12-Volt, 105 Amp battery, 1 never-die box and 1 charger.
  • Lithionics offers a one year warranty.
  • Touts lithium-ion technology that lasts longer, charges faster and is more environmentally friendly than other batteries.
  • The battery supports the global need for safer forms of energy and large scale renewable energy sources.
  • The ion battery is remarkably lighter than older technology.

Bass Pro Shops XPS 12-Volt Deep Cycle

  • Bass Pro Shops promises long trouble free hours on the water.
  • Constructed with AGM maintenance-free design intended to immobilize electrolyte making the battery spill-proof and leak-proof.
  • The XPS provides all the reserve power needed to keep the trolling motor running strong with a 48 reserve capacity rating.
  • The spec sheet also recommends the battery for starting with 200 CCA.

West Marine Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

  • These Heavy Duty batteries are capable of 350 cycles.
  • West promises up to 185 reserve minutes.
  • Constructed in rugged polypropylene case with convenient handles.
  • The battery comes with a 12-month free replacement warranty

Deka Dominator Gel Batteries

  • The Dominator boasts a long deep cycle life.
  • Provides ultimate trolling and accessory power performance.
  • The protection against vibration and deep cycle is superior.
  • During periods when not being used, the Dominator has better capacity protection.
  • The no-spill, leak-resistant design and construction provides safer installation and transport.

Finding the best battery for your trolling motor is important for a great fishing trip. The story you want to share with family and friends should not be a sad story about the one that got away! Prepare yourself ahead of time for a great day on the water.

Best Trolling Motor Battery

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