Best Remote Controlled Golf Cart (2021 Reviews)

The time has come for your golfing habits to meet the 21st century, and you have decided that the best option to carry your heavy golf clubs around is a hands-free remote-controlled golf cart. These machines are a real asset to any golfer but choosing the correct model can be tricky as there are a multitude of them on the market. Here we review some of the best remote-controlled golf carts on the market today and give you an overview of what to consider before making your purchase.

Best Electric Golf Caddy

Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Daddy Review

If you are the sort of person that loves gadgets and accessories, then Bat-Caddy’s X3R will be right up your street coming as it does with a free accessory pack containing all and asunder. This is a highly popular model out on the golf-course, works well with lithium or Sealed Lead Acid batteries and comes complete with a remote effective up to 100 yards when out on the course, whilst also allowing for manual control.
This model comes with a host of useful accessories including a huge umbrella, he all important scorecard holder, and a drinks holder, although you will need to purchase separately a removable caddy seat and carrying bag. Also included is a 35Ah SLA battery to power the dual motors which combined with the caddy leads to a total weight of under 60 Lbs, a not too hefty weight to lift in and out of the trunk, but perhaps easier with the battery disconnected.
The caddy itself is made from an aluminium frame and stainless steel which is easy to assemble thanks to its useful one-click setup design. It also has a built-in anti-tip wheel at the rear which is very effective at keeping balance. The remote with this unit is also truly exceptional, reaching up to 100 yards meaning you will be able to send your caddy to the perfect spot for the next hole as you play through on the current one.
So if you want a golf caddy that enables you to focus your energy on your game rather than lugging the cart around the course manually, is a great price and comes with a host of accessories, then this sleekly designed model fits the bill for your needs.

Q&A: What are the folded and unfolded dimensions of this product?

A: The folded dimensions are Length: 32”, Width: 24.5” and Height 12”. The unfolded dimensions are Length: 43”, Widith: 24.5” and Height 39”.

Q&A: How steeply can this caddy climb?

A: The caddy can climb an angle of 30 degrees which is not too shabby. The anti-tipping comes into its own for this part.

Best Electric Golf Push Cart

Cart-Tek Remote Control Power Caddie Review

If you want an electric golf push cart that is built for dealing with hill climbs, then this chunky design from Cart-Tek is well worth your consideration. The included 36Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery is built to provide you with the power you need for the longest golf rounds, even up to 36 holes in a single charge. So if you like spending all day out on the course and don’t like being held up by a tipping trolley on the hills, this product is for you.
The cart itself is very lightweight weighing just 30 Lbs, whilst the battery weighs in at about 23 Lbs, so you should be able to leave this attached and still be able to easily lift it in and out of your trunk without too much bother. It is also easy to setup out of the box with simple to follow instructions included, whilst Cart-Tek also offer friendly and efficient customer support if you do find you need them.
The caddy comes with a decent remote too, which is easy to switch to manual mode for any tight spots you need to get the caddy through whilst out on the course. The useful coast mode also allows you to point in the right direction for where you want it to go and leave it to it.
Without a doubt the thing that makes this one of the best golf trolleys is how it deals with hills, so if your local round is full of these tough to climb obstacles, then you would be wise to invest in this model. It also has the power to keep going and going off the included battery making it the perfect fit for those who like a dedicated day spent enjoying the pristine beauty of their favourite course.
So if you want a golf cart that has power to burn, tackles hills easily, is lightweight, and has brilliant remote control features you would not be disappointed by this Cart-Tek.

Q&A: Could this cart be fitted with a lithium-ion battery?

A: Unfortunately not, you would need to invest in their much more expensive models.

Q&A: Does this come with any sort of warranty?

A: Both the cart itself and the battery come with a one year warranty and Cart-Tek offer great customer service too.

Best Value Electric Golf Trolley

Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart Review

If you want a golf cart that offers you the flexibility to use it remotely, has a variety of speeds and allows you to push it yourself over rough terrain, then Spin It Golf products’ beautifully designed GC1R offers you everything you need. This is a well-constructed model that is a breeze to assemble and a lot cheaper for what it offers than other electric golf push carts out on the market.
The model is built for Single Lead Acid (SLA) batteries and much cheaper than comparable lithium-ion models as a result. Although it would technically work with a lithium battery, the low weight of these batteries would likely lead to your caddy tipping over all the time, so you are better to opt for the Single Lead Acid battery that this caddy is designed to utilise. As the caddy is just 27 Lbs it’s not going to be too heavy to lift, so a heavy battery won’t make this anywhere close to unmanageable.
The included remote control is very basic, offering forward, back, left, right and reverse options, as well as speed control. However, it is effective and easy to get to grips with which enables you to send the caddy to a good spot for the next tee-off whilst you head straight to the green where you’ve no doubt nicely nestled your golf ball. It also deals well with rough terrain and hills so long as it is well weighed down with the battery making it a great by for the price.
With airless rubber tyres you don’t have to worry about punctures making this super easy to maintain, whilst the dual 200-watt motors are also nice and efficient giving you the power you need to get you round the golf course with the help of a decent 12-volt SLA battery (which comes included). So if you want good power, well-manufactured, easy to control golf pushcart support, this is a great choice for you.

Q&A: Will this cart follow you around the course s you walk?

A: No, you have to operate and direct this yourself using the included remote or manually pushing it.

Q&A: How much weight is added by the included battery?

A: The battery weighs around 25 Lbs, but the complete weight of pushcart and battery is still manageable.

Best Electric Golf Trolley

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart Review

If quality, incredible design and sophistication is your bag then the superb and award-winning Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart is the model for you. It’s sporty look and classy design makes it stand out from the rest, this really is the crème de la crème of remote-controlled golf carts.
This sophisticated model contains a state of the art lithium battery – a battery known for being lightweight, efficient, and long-lasting. The battery is 12 volts and has a 22 amp/hour meaning that the charge on this golf cart can last for up to 18 holes. It also comes with the option to upgrade to a battery with an even higher capacity that can handle an incredible 36 hole golf course without the need to recharge.
Including the ‘follow me’ feature, this golf cart is designed to be an incredibly user-friendly piece of kit. Simply clicking on the ‘follow’ button and walk, this golf cart will follow you at a walking pace until you stop at your next hole. You can also switch this device to remote mode, via the handset, so that you can move it left, right, up, down as you wish from as much as 50 metres away. If smart technology is something you love, then this golf cart is definitely a contender for you.
This remote-controlled golf cart is one of the bigger ones on the market; measuring 32.3x26x12.6 inches and weighing 48.7 pounds. So make sure it will fit in your boot before you purchase, also consider if the weight meets your capacity to be able to lift it out onto the course.
As you would expect, this product comes with some excellent built-in accessories. Boasting a clip for your towel, a holder for your scorecard, clip for your pencil and plenty of room for your golf balls and tees. While at the higher end of the market price wise, you can’t deny that this remote-controlled golf cart ticks all the right boxes.

Q&A: How long does it take to recharge the battery on this product?

It takes between 4-6 hours to recharge.

Q&A: If this golf cart loses charge while I’m out on the golf course is there the option to push it manually?

The charge on this golf cart is impressive and should last for 18 holes. But, if you do run out of charge you can make this device freewheel along by disengaging the wheels from the motor.

What is a remote controlled golf trolley?

A bag to carry your golf clubs around in is an essential item for any keen golfer. But what if you didn’t need to carry this around with you, what if your golf clubs followed you? This dream has become a reality with the invention of remote-controlled golf trolleys.
These super smart devices contain an electric motor and a battery which you pre-charge before hitting the golf course. Once there, you can control it with a remote control so that it will follow you wherever you need it to be. Most remote-controlled golf trolleys can go forwards, backwards, left and right so are easy to manoeuvre.
This clever technology means you will have your golf clubs to hand whenever you need them, without putting unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders which manual golf push carts can do. The benefits of this are twofold – your back remains healthy and you have more energy to hit the perfect shots.

How to pick the best remote-controlled golf cart for you

The remote-controlled golf cart comes in different shapes and sizes and with different features – so take a look at our guide below to decide what choices will suit you best.


Remote-controlled golf trolleys can be made out of different materials, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. There are three materials to choose from steel, aluminium and titanium. Steel, as you will know, is robust and very resistant to damage due to its strength – qualities that are desirable in a golf cart but this does mean that the device will be heavier.
Aluminium is the most common material you are likely to come across when it comes to remote-controlled golf carts due to its incredible lightweight quality. This makes it a great option as it will have no trouble moving around the golf course, and you will have no trouble handling it. The only downside is that aluminium is easy to scuff and damage so make sure you treat your cart carefully if you opt for an aluminium remote-controlled golf cart.
Less common, but a good contender in terms of its lightweight properties and durability is titanium. This is a pricier option than opting for an aluminium golf cart so weigh up the pros and cons of each material before making your choice.

Size and Weight

As we have touched upon with the different materials available, the size and weight of the remote-controlled golf cart is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the best product to suit your needs.
While once you’re on the golf course your remote-controlled machine will take care of itself, you will need to be lifting this product in and out of your car. It is, therefore, essential to look at the weight specifications of the product you are considering and make sure that it suits your capacities. The need for a lightweight product might also influence the type of battery you opt for, lead-acid batteries are heavier than lithium batteries so the latter might be the best option for you.
Size is also important. You don’t want to purchase a remote-controlled golf cart only to find that when you take it to your car it doesn’t fit in the boot! Measure your boot and then check the dimensions of the product to prevent this mishap.
It is also a good idea to check that the golf-cart is collapsible (most should be) and the ease at which it can do this. A simple one to two click procedure is what you’re after so that the golf trolley is out of the boot and on the links in no time, without causing you any unnecessary stress.


You want to be able to easily manoeuvre your remote-controlled golf cart around the course without difficulty so look out for golf carts that promise good usability. With some products you can also adjust the speed of the golf cart, so if this is something that would suit you, look out for this feature in our reviews.

Battery capacity

As these golf carts work remotely, they, of course, are not plugged in and rely on a pre-charged battery to power them. Have a think about how long at a time you are likely to be spending out on the golf course to determine what sort of battery charge life you need. This will also be dependent on the size of the golf course you normally use – bigger courses need a remote-controlled golf cart which has a charge that will last the duration of the game.
The number of amp hours (AH) will determine the length of time the battery charge will last for, so if you need a battery that lasts a long time look for a remote-controlled golf cart with a higher number of amp hours.
Also, consider the time it takes to re-charge the remote-controlled golf-cart as some will charge faster than others. If you are wanting a fast charge, look for a trolley with a lithium-ion battery as these types of batteries charge faster than their Single Lead Acid counterparts.

Lead acid or Lithium Ion?

This brings us to the lead acid vs lithium-ion argument. We have already discussed some of the advantages of lithium-ion batteries – they are lighter and faster to charge. The other perks of this type of battery is their lifespan, they last a lot longer than lithium-ion batteries so does help to justify their heftier price tag.
Lead-acid batteries should not be disregarded. While heavier, and slower to charge they are still a reliable battery choice and also an affordable option. Their continued use in golf-related products is a reassurring string to their bow and is a fine choice if you are looking at cheap electric golf trolleys.


Nowadays a golf cart is not just a vessel to hold your golf clubs, it can also contain some very handy features to make your game all the more convenient and may even help you to improve your game.
These hi-tech models can come with an umbrella stand and rain covers so that you and the golf cart can be protected in a heavy downpour – a very useful addition as many of you will agree who have been caught short mid-game. It also means the game can continue in light showers, helping to prevent that frustration when an annoying splatter of rain dampens the day. You never know, you may even need that umbrella to protect you from the sunshine too.
If taking a coffee or other drink with you on the golf course sounds appealing then look out for a remote-controlled golf cart with an inbuilt cup holder. Keeping rehydrated and caffeined up is sure to improve your game.
There are some super sophisticated remote-controlled golf carts that even have a holder for your phone, as well as a space to hold your score sheet. Some advanced models also have a USB port so you don’t need to worry about your phone running out of battery whilst you play (great if you enjoy taking lots of memorable photos while you play with your friends).
Whatever your requirements, make sure you check out the accessories that come with the remote-controlled golf cart before you purchase it as these additions can really enhance your day on the links.


We’re sure that you will agree that a remote-controlled golf cart will increase your enjoyment of your favourite hobby. It will also serve to improve your health, as pushing your golf clubs around manually will be a thing of the past and your back and shoulders will be thankful.
There are a variety of models on the market so before you choose you need to think about your needs when it comes to the type of remote-controlled golf cart you require. It is important to think about the size and weight of the golf cart, the type of battery you want, how long the battery needs to last for and those all important accessories that come with the model.

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