Best Marine LED Strip Lights 2022: LED Deck Light and Strip Light Reviews

LED strip lights can be used for a variety of purposes but did you know there are multiple options for the exterior and interior of your boat? A set of LED strip lights in your cabin can help to illuminate your boat during low visibility or times of darkness. With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Our best marine LED strip lights buying guide should point you in the right direction wherever you want to place these lights on your boat. You can also check out our top picks of marine LED strip lights for 2022.

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Our Top Picks for Marine LED Strip Lights 2022

#1 Best LED Boat Deck Lights: LEANINGTECH’s White Spreader LED Deck/Marine Lights

For versatile LED strip lighting that is IP67 rated and offers 1360 lumens, these lights offer brightness at an affordable cost.

#2 Best Boat Led Strip Lights: Senyergiant’s LED Strip Lights

For multi-colored LED strip lighting that is easy to install and IP65 waterproof rating, these lights will bring added pizzazz to the style of your boat.

#3 Best LED Strip Lights for Boats: Tree Leds’ Marine LED Utility Strip Lights for Boats

For wired strip lighting rated to 6,000K color temperature with an IP69 rating and an extended life span of 50,000 hours, these lights are a snip.

#4 Best Interior LED Strip Lighting for Boats: LEDMO’s LED Stripp Lights, SMD 5630 and 6000K lights

For cheap and cheerful interior strip lighting that is easy to install in hard to reach areas, this LED lighting is a handy and affordable option.

#5 Best LED Bow Navigation Lights: Obscuro’s 12-Inch LED Boat Bow Navigation Lights

For LED bow and stern navigation lighting, these LED lights are bright and easy to install for freshwater boats.

Buying Guide: Where can I place LED strip lights on a boat?

Before choosing which type of LED strip lights you need for your boat you need to think about where they will be located on your boat. Depending on where you need them, LED strip lights can be located in your cabin, on the deck, outside of the hull, on the stairs, in the galley, and for lighting up any signage. They are also a great choice for lighting up storage spaces for when you need to find much-needed supplies in the dark. As you can see, LED strip lights are a multi-purpose option for lighting up your boat.

#1 Indoor or outdoor

An essential criterion you need to consider before choosing your strip lights is whether they’re going to be inside or outside your boat. If your strip lights are going to be on the exterior of your boat and will be exposed to the elements (such as on your deck or hull) then you need LED strip lights that are designed for outdoor purposes.
To find out whether or not the LED strip light is suitable for outdoor use and exposure to the elements is dependent on the IP rating. This is a two-number rating which refers to the ability of the light to protect against solid objects (the first number running from 0-6) and protection from liquid (the second number running from 0-8). Zero constitutes no protection on the scale and the higher the number the higher the level of protection. So, in terms of waterproofing potential, the most waterproof LED strip light would be rated at IP68.

#2 Color

LED lights are incredibly versatile, which means that they come in all sorts of different colors. Whether you’re happy with the bog-standard white color or fancy something a little more elaborate there will be something for you. Check out the color spectrum of your chosen LED lights to be sure they suit your preference.

#3 Length of strip lights

Another consideration when selecting the best marine LED strip lights for your boat is the length of the light. Check out the dimensions on your lights of choice and make sure that the length is suitable for the space that you want to fit it. Some LED lights come in a flexible strip which means that you can cut the lights to fit the space. It’s a good idea to measure your space beforehand so you don’t buy more lights than you need.

#4 Installation

Check out the instructions on the product information of the LED strip lights that you’re thinking of purchasing to make sure you’re clear about how they are installed. Look out for LED strip lights that have a self-adhesive backing as these can be easily stuck to where you need. However, we do recommend that you ask an electrician to install your lights to ensure your safety and that they’re installed correctly.

#5 Brightness

Whether you’re wanting some softer lighting for the inside of your cabin, or need some bright lights for the exterior of your boat LED strip lights come in a variety of different types. The brightness of the LED lights is rated in lumens, with the higher the number the brighter the lights. Make sure you check out the lumen rating on your lights before purchasing and also look out for whether the lights have an adjustable brightness setting.

#6 Smart features

If you’re someone who loves making the most of modern technology then you’ll love LED strip lights that come with the option to be powered and controlled from your smartphone or other similar devices. Using either WiFi or Bluetooth technology some LED strip lights allow you to turn them on and off from an app on your phone. While a little pricier this is a great feature to make your life that little bit easier.

#7 Warranty

If you’re kitting out your boat with LED strip lights then you may notice that your wallet is a little lighter. For this reason, it’s wise to check out the warranty information on your chosen product before purchasing. Some manufacturers will offer at least a year but lookout for those that offer up to a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Best Marine LED Strip Lights: Top Picks for 2022

LED strip lights are a great choice for lighting up your marine vessel. But where to start in terms of the best products around? Check out our top picks of 2022below.

#1 Best Led Boat Deck Lights: LEANINGTECH’s White Spreader

If you are looking for an affordable strip light for the deck of your boat, need a spotlight for your bow or stern, or a marine security light, then these lights are worth looking at. Rated to IP67 waterproof level, these lights can deal with extreme weather conditions, including a spray from the ocean, being buffeted by the wind, or a smattering of dust. Brighten your voyages with these powerful LED lights.
Other pros of this LED boat deck lighting are that: it is a great price for what it offers which includes two 18W units; you get an impressive 30,000 hours guaranteed lifespan from these lights; it comes complete with simple but sturdy mounting brackets, and; the lights reach a brightness of 1360 lumens, which is decent for the price but more akin to daylight than the brightest blue light. The downside of these lights is that they are slightly cheaply made.
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#2 Best Boat Led Strip Lights: Senyergiant’s LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking for strip lighting that can make your boat look funky inside and out, then these IP65 multi-colored strips will be right up your street. The roll contains an impressive 600 individual lights which can be set to 20 different colors and on 8 different color pattern settings. The three dynamic modes mean you can have them static, fading between colors, and even flashing if you’re having a party.
Other pluses about this multi-colored strip lighting are that: it includes 2 16.4-feet rolls covered with bright LED lighting; it is safe to touch as it operates at incredibly low temperatures considering the brightness; the strips include an adhesive tape on the back and there is no need for wiring, making them easy to install, and; you can cut the strips and connect them once cut. The downside of these lights is that the neon colors are not to everyone’s tastes.
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#3 Best LED Strip Lights for Boats: Tree Leds’ Marine LED Utility

If you are after super bright LED strip lighting for your boat offering 6,000K color temperature (between white and blue light) at an affordable price, then you’ll love this impressive bit of kit. Rated to IP69 waterproof levels, these lights are impressively sturdy and able to deal with tough weather conditions and seas splash. The 50,000-hour lifespan of these lights shows that you get much more than you would expect for the price of these lights.
Other impressive things about these lights are that: they use the best seal available to protect them from any moisture getting in; they are available in a range of colors (although these are set/static); they can be used for things like cockpit lighting, courtesy lighting, cockpit lighting, and more; they are easy to install, and; they are great value. The downside of these lights is that they are only 120 lumens, they require wiring, and they don’t come with a mount.
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#4 Best Interior LED Strip Lighting for Boats: LEDMO’s LED Strip Lights

If you want to brighten up your boat’s interior, then you’ll love the flexibility this 32-foot long roll of LED strip lighting offers you. There are a full 300 individual lights across the roll each offering an impressive 6000K color temperature brightness (blue light). Their effective heat control system means that in spite of their brightness they are safe to touch and the 50,000 hour lifespan is impressive.
Other benefits of this LED strip lighting for boat interiors are that: the roll can be cut with scissors in between the clearly marked positive and negative sections making it easy to slot strip lighting in anywhere you want it; they are great value; they offer equivalent levels of brightness to daylight, and; they work at any angle you need. The downside of this strip LED lighting is that it only offers white/blue light.
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#5 Best LED Bow Navigation Lights: Obscuro’s 12-Inch

If you are looking to install some navigation lights to help prevent any accidental collisions with your boat at night, then you’ll love these easy to install LED lights. They are bright enough to allow you to see nearby vessels and for them to see you and come in a red and green color. The red goes on the port side (left) of your boat and the green goes on the starboard side (right) of the boat to convey additional messages to oncoming traffic.
Other great things about these navigation lights for boats are that: they are 100% waterproof; they are made from durable silicone so will last the test of time; there are a full 18 LED lights on each unit (the red and the green); they are surprisingly bright thanks to the 5050 LED lighting style, and; they can be used on both the bow and stern of your boat. The downside of this strip lighting is that it has wiring and it is only suitable for freshwater boats.
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LED strip lights can be placed pretty much anywhere on your boat. Whether it be to give some ambiance to your cabin or to light up your deck there will be some LED strip lights to suit the space.
Many LED strip lights can be cut to size, so make sure you measure your space before purchasing so that you don’t purchase more than you need. Another important consideration is to check out whether the lights are made for indoor or outdoor use, and the IP number should tell you this. Other things to think about before purchasing are the color of your lights, brightness, and ease of installation.

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