Best Hot Tub Ozonator – UV Ozonators vs CD Ozonators(2021 Reviews)

You might not experience the desired hot tub relaxation you most look forward to if you don’t incorporate an ozonator in your water.
No matter how attracting your hot tub water might be from the look of it, yet at the back of your mind, you will still doubt it to contain an influx of germs and bacteria from different sources. After using sanitizers, chlorine and bromine it is when you will relax that at least the water is sanitized. But, still, there may be some microorganisms lingering in the water.

By the way, you may not know that molecules from chlorine and bromine bond with contaminants while trying to arrest them and therefore continue contaminating your water. By adding hot tub ozone in your water, it will free chlorine and bromine molecules from these contaminants to help the chemicals continue working effectively for longer and thus save you chemical usage.
Injecting your hot tub water with ozone gas will, therefore, balance the chemicals in the water and scour up all impurities to leave you with clean and sparkling bacteria-free water.
Nevertheless, how will you tell which is the best hot tub ozonator to use from the various kinds in the market? You might be lucky to land on an excellent one or miss out on it.
You don’t have to rely on guessing, get the facts to identify the effective and yet durable one.
This review will help you make that decision in selecting the best ozonator that will work effectively for your hot tub. It contains 6 of the best hot tub ozonators in the market which we have chosen carefully among many by analyzing their features, value, reviews, ability, and durability.

Top 6 Best Hot Tub Ozonators Summary Review

Product Name Size in inches CD / UV Rating out of 5
Del Ozone Hot tub and Spa Eclipse 6 x 4 x 6 CD 4.5
A2Z Ozone Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator 11 x 6 x 4 CD 4
QCA Spas Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator 5 x 8 x 8 CD 4
Universal Spa/Hot Tub Ozone Generator 6.5 x 8 x 3 CD 3.5
Del MCD-50 Spa Ozonator Universal 3 x 2 x 6 CD 3.5
Prozone Water Products PZ1 110V 8 x 3.5 x 3 CD 3.5

#1 Del Ozone Hot tub and Spa Eclipse CD Ozone Generator

Del Ozone Eclipse is a 750 water gallon oxidizing disinfectant that will kill microorganisms found in your hot tub water up to 99.99%. Del Ozone will get rid of these microorganisms by breaking contaminated harmful chemicals and cause them to clump together so that they can be eliminated through filtration.
It will also eliminate chlorine and bromine by-products leaving the chemical effective for longer saving you from using more chemicals. The result is clean, clear, light, fresh and crystal sparkling water.
The ozonator is exclusively equipped with advanced technology in Plasma Gap and auto voltage sensor to continue providing you with sanitized water at all times.
Your hot tub relaxation will be a lasting exciting experience so long as you engage Del Ozone Spa Eclipse in your hot tub water.
The ozonator which operates on 110 or 220 voltage is easy and quick to install. You connect it directly in the return line of your hot tub. It comes with plumbing equipment such as tubing and check valve, ozone generator, mounting hardware, water chemistry guide, and installation guide.


#2 A2Z Ozone Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator

For the most potent effect in hot tub water sanitization and cleaning A2Z Ozone Aquatic is the ozonator to go for. It has an ozone concentration of 300 MGH which is the highest of available ozone.
By using Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator, you will reduce the reliance of other water chemicals and continue maintaining clean, fresh, and crystal clear water. The unit will introduce ozone in the water at a rate of 300 mg/hour by injecting it using a vacuum-like suction created by the hot tub injector. It will then oxidize the microorganisms by releasing oxygen atoms in the water.
The method, therefore, reduces chemical effects on skin and eyes which can cause irritation effects and still leave you with 99.99% microorganisms-free water.
The ozonator is capable of sanitizing water of up to 500 liters or 132 gallons.
With clean, fresh and crystal clear water, you will enjoy hot tub relaxation with rejuvenating experience.
The ozonator comes with 5-feet tube, check valve, four hose ties, 2 screws, and a mounting plastic anchor for easy and quick installation. If your hot tub does not have a vacuum port, then installing Aquatic 2 will require a venturi injector of the right size to plumb into your hot tub. It has a universal plug for either 110 V or 240 V.


#3 QCA Spas Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator

QCA Spas Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator works successfully in sanitizing water in your hot tub to leave it fresh and sparkling clean. The effect of this ozonator will replace high use of chlorine and other water chemicals to prevent skin and eyes irritations.
Reducing chemical use in your hot tub will protect your hot tub equipment from wearing out due to chemical corrosion and therefore reduce maintenance.
The ozone generator will ensure a complete oxidizing of microorganisms to eliminate them leaving your water free of bacteria and other organisms.
Ozone water treatment unlike the chemical use such as chlorine will leave your hot tub’s metal equipment parts rust-free. It will, therefore, minimize maintenance saving you a substantial amount of money.
The ozonator is a great value for your money that will provide you a stable and durable sanitization for a healthy and exciting relaxation time in your hot tub.
QCA Spas Del Ozone is easy to install.


#4 Universal Spa/Hot Tub Ozone Generator

If you are looking for a superior ozonator for your hot tub, then Universal Ozone Generator is the best choice.
It has a minimum of 300 mg/h of ozone concentration release for high-quality water cleaning using the high powered latest technology in ozone release. With its super compact size, it can fit anywhere without getting into your way while out for maximum relaxation.
The ozonator can work on any hot tub due to its universal fittings. It operates with the latest CD chip technology and can detect the voltage usage whether 110v or 220V. It can convert as it seems best. It is easy and quick to install it with plug and play amp, and the plug included.
Universal Spa Ozone Generator comes with 2 years warranty.


#5 Del MCD-50 Spa Ozonator Universal

Del MCD is effective in keeping your hot tub water clean and fresh. Using Del MCD can save you from using other water cleaning chemicals such as chlorine. It is therefore economical to use for your hot tub.
Oxidizing your hot but using Del MCD ozonator will eliminate all microorganisms in the water and other water contaminants to leave you with safe and clean water. This unit uses an electrode which lasts longer than the CD Chip.
You will relax your body and mind knowing that your water is free from any bacteria that can affect your skin.
The Del MCD is made in a way you can mount it in the inside of your hot tub. It can handle up to 1000 water volume.
Installation of DEL MCD is easy since it comes with an ozone generator, tubing, mounting screws, and the installation guide.


#6 Prozone Water Products PZ1 110V Ozone System Generator for Spas

PZ1 110 is a powerful ozonator that you can use on a portable tub of up to 800 gallons. Some of the essential features of this ozone generator are the patented solid-state, Corona high-quality arc tube, and installation kit. It is a sturdy unit made of rugged heavy aluminum material for durability and rust free.
When the unit is on, the end caps which are a translucent glow to indicate it is on. It is 110V with 60 Hz amp plug for connection. The unit releases pure ozone which is 100% nitrogen-free. It has an operating life of 20,000 hours on temperature between +25 and +120 degrees F to have maximum pure hot tub water for relaxation.
For easy and quick installation, the unit comes with ¼” ozone pipe, Check valve, mounting screws, hose and a hose clamp.
It comes with a 2-years warranty.


Buyer’s Guide

Choosing one of the best ozonators to work on your hot tub can be challenging especially when faced by various different types. Also when you don’t know what makes the best ozonator.
But by the end of this buyer’s guide you will have become an expert in knowing what makes a suitable ozonator.

#1 Type

There are two types of hot tub ozonators by how they work.

  1. Ultraviolet Light Ozonators (UV)
  2. Corona Discharge Ozonators (CD)

Ultraviolet Light Ozonators – This type of ozone generators use ultraviolet light to break oxygen molecules to form oxygen atoms which then combine with the natural oxygen to create the ozone.
The UV systems operation is not affected by the surrounding humidity but will continue producing the ozone as required.
On the bad side, UV ozonator are less powerful compared to the CD ones, they are expensive to run and are not durable.
Corona Discharge Ozonators – The CD models use the latest technology sheet of plasma by ionizing a conductor.
The CD models are opposite to the UV ones. They work efficiently, has a long working life, and costs lower compared to UV. They are smaller than UV units but yet they can handle higher volumes of water
The bad side of CD models is that they cannot handle variable humidity. For instance you cannot use it on very high humidity area.

#2 Hot Tub Size

Before you buy an ozonator you first need to know the capacity of your hot tub. The ozonators work differently on different water volume. It will be specified on the label the amount of water it can handle.

#3 Material

The material used to construct the ozonator both external and internal will tell the durability of the unit.
The best material for durable and reliable ozonator would be aluminum or high-grade plastic to prevent rusting and wearing down.

#4 Ozone Concentration

It is essential to know the ozone concentration of an ozonator before you go for it. If the label does not specify, inquire about it so that you can get the strength that can work on your hot tub water volume.
You can discuss the concentration with the salesperson.

#5 Safety

Be keen to check out the safety measures on your ozonator. Some ozonators would need certain cycles to regulate their power for effectiveness.
Check out also whether the ozonator is protected against fluctuations of voltages and other hazardous environments.

#6 Installation

Even though the features of your ozonator say its easy and quick to install, you will be better off to call a technician to help you to fix it.
But, if you are pretty sure you can handle it, then, read the instructions carefully to know the right way of doing it.
Again, when it comes to water and electricity, you need to be extra cautious to avoid getting electrical shocks or even messing your ozonator. Most of the ozonators in the customers’ reviews that were reported to have failed working were the result of the poor or wrong installation.
Get an ozonator that is compatible or a universal one to use on all types of hot tubs. That way, you wouldn’t risk getting one that cannot be compatible with your hot tub.

#7 Reviews

Consider the review from other customers and especially those with the experience of operating the ozone generator of your choice. Doing that, you will have the real picture of the unit before you buy it.
You don’t need to experience to learn. Learn first to avoid back bad experiences.


Q: What is the necessity of having an ozonator for your hot tub?

Ozone is necessary for sanitizing your hot tub water to remove all contaminants. It does not only eliminate microorganisms but also helps to dissolve solids and clump them together for filtration. Again, it contributes to the breakdown of any harmful chemical in the water that can irritate your skin or eyes.

Q: How long is the ozone effective in the hot tub water?

The ozone gas can be useful in the water for approximately 12 hours from the time of injection.
After the 12 hours, your hot tub water would be at risk of bacterial or other microorganisms since the sanitization has run out. It is therefore essential to turn on your ozonator for at the least 2 hours for every 12 hours

Q: Is excessive ozone released dangerous?

Ozone can never be excessive. Ozone dissolved in water is safe. If your ozonator produces excessive hot tub ozone, it wouldn’t be dangerous at all. Any excessive ozone will revert to oxygen.
However, direct breathing ozone can cause an allergic reaction and sometimes can be dangerous to your breathing system.

Q: Is ozone oxidizing the best method for water sanitization?

Ozone water sanitization does not require any chemicals unlike the use of chlorine or bromine.
Again, ozone does not have any chemical by-products, and its oxidizing method works fast on microorganisms. But, the life of ozone is limited compared to chemical sanitization.

Final Verdict

You definitely need the best hot tub ozonator that is sturdy and durable with a great value. The one that fits these qualities is Del Ozone Hot tub and Spa Eclipse CD Ozone Generator. However, if you are looking for one with great value and on the budget A2Z Ozone Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator is the best choice.

The Bottom Line

Ozone for water sanitization is not a new method. It has been in use for years and popular for its highly potent in destroying and eliminating pathogens and contaminants by 99.9%.
Therefore, do not hesitate to use this method as it has been proved to work effectively.
One thing to note is that ozonators do wear out. To restore your ozonator to its powerful state, you need to replace the electrode or chip and ozone bulb.
Also, from time to time, check on the plumbing fittings to make sure everything is in good working condition. That way, you might end up using your ozonator for quite a long time than you expected.
By now you have made your decision on your choice. If you have a different one from our best pick, please let us know the reason of your choice. You may leave your comments on the section here below.

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