The 6 Best Hot Tub Handrails (2019 Reviews)

Do you know that despite the relaxation you get from your hot tub it can be highly hazardous when getting in and out of it?

Yes, the slippery wetness of the smooth hot tub and its height can be dangerous to any person whether old or young if there is no support of handrails

One report by the National Institute of Aging reports that, a third of older people with age 65 and beyond get most of their injuries from falls. From that data, 80 percent of them fall either in bathtubs and hot tubs.

Further, the data breaks down the figure to report 1.6 million of these seniors end up with head trauma injuries and fractures due to falls.

How can such accidents be checked and put on a stop? It is by adding safety measures in all our areas of activities and this case for your hot tub by installing a handrail.

But, how will you know which is the best handrail to fix in your hot tub while there are many different kinds in the market?

Keep right here to get more of it in this Best Hot Tub Hand Rails reviews. We have singled out the best for your pick.

But, first a recap of what we shall be reviewing in this table of content. Click on the name of the product to review the product before getting its details.

Top 6 Best Hot Tub Handrails 2019

Product Name Installation Construction Material Own Rating
Fibropool Easy Mount Handrail Floor mounting Stainless steel 4.5/5
CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail Slide under Stainless steel 4/5
Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail Slide under Powder-coated Steel 4/5
Carefree Stuff Spa Escort Side Swiveling Handrail Side mounted Powder-coated steel 4/5
Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail Side mounted Aluminium 4/5
Spa Side Handrail with LED Lighting Slide under Zinc plated steel 3.5/5

#1 Best for In-ground Hot Tub: Fibropool Easy Mount Hand Rail with Base Plate

Fibropool is a stainless steel handrail. It is best for in-ground spa because of its design and size.

It can’t fit to use on the other types of hot tub since it will be too low for them. However, if you have an inground hot tub, then this handrail is the best to have.

Fibropool is constructed from stainless steel which is a sturdy material to make it usable and endure many years while remaining new. It is, therefore, rust proof and therefore you wouldn’t have to worry about it wearing down due to corrosion.

It is installed by drilling and fixing on a surface. It comes with its hardware and a sturdy steel plate for setting on a place of your choice.


  • Made from stainless steel that can endure many elements
  • It’s the right size for inground hot tub
  • It’s sturdy with its hardware for easy installation
  • Comes in two sizes to fit your requirement
  • Simple to install


  • The drop-in anchors for installation are made of plastic which can’t hold a lot of weight
  • The base plate gets rusty quickly

#2 (Editor’s Choice) CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail

This CoverMate handrail is made to fit under your hot tub for a firm hold by using the weight of your hot tub which prevents it from tripping and causing an accident. With this kind of handrail, you don’t have to drill your tub to fix it. It is a handrail that works on the go straight from the shop.

By the way, with this handrail, you can either use it while fixed in one position most preferable facing you or you can leave it to rotate so that it will be to hold it when climbing in the tub and when exiting.

You can also change the height to fit it to your comfort which is adjustable up to 40 inches for the right size according to your requirements.

It is made of stainless steel to add to its quality and durability. The finishing of the graying color makes it more attractive and adds class to your hot tub.

It has a LED light as an added feature which enhances the relaxation mood.


  • Rotates 360 degrees to any position you prefer
  • Height adjustable to fit your hot tub for your comfort
  • Easy to use that does not need installation
  • Fits in under the hot tub for maximum stability
  • Locks to one preferable position
  • With LED light


It could have been better if it had insulated handle for firm hold

#3 Stable and Durable: Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail – Spa Side Safety Rail

Guardian Better Hot Tub handrail is your choice of durability which does not require any mounting or installation. You need only to slide it under the base of your hot tub whenever you need to use it. The firm hold of the hot tub on its base gives this handrail stableness to securely hold it whenever you are using to enter or exit your hot tub.

This handrail is constructed from sturdy steel which makes it highly durable unlike others made of aluminum. It has stainless hardware to prevent rusting. The steel is powder-coated with double baked-on graphite gray for rust-free which also gives it an excellent finishing.

You can swivel the rail to face you whether outside the hot tub on inside it. It rotates 360 degrees with a lock-in-place mechanism whereby the locking knob located high enough for easy locking.

The steel plate for sliding at the base of your hot tub is constructed from a thick steel plate that elongates long enough to give it a firm and stable hold under the hot tub.

The handrail can adjust up to 41.5 inches to fit any height and any hot tub.


  • Made of steel which gives it durability
  • Thick steel plate with enough elongation base to firmly hold on the tub
  • No installation required
  • Powdered sturdy steel for rust-free handrail
  • 360 degrees swiveling handrail
  • High locking knob for smooth operation
  • Adjustable up to 41.5 inches


  • Risk of a hand slipping from the non-insulated handle

#4 Carefree Stuff Spa Escort Side Swiveling Handrail and Towel Bar

Carefree Stuff Spa is uniquely shaped to serve you as a handrail and also as your towel holder. It means you get two functions for one item.

This side-mounting handrail has two mounting plates to give it stability and a firm hold on your hot tub to provide safe and secure entry and exit. It swivels at 180 degrees to hold it from any position. It locks from rotating whenever you choose to do it.

The two insulated areas on the handrail give you a firm hold and freedom of choosing where to hold while climbing in and exiting your hot tub.

It has a sleek designed with powdered-coated graphite gray not only to protect it from getting rusty but, brings elegance to your hot tub.


  • Stable with two mounting areas installation
  • Powder-coated corrosion and rust resistant
  • Doubles up as a handrail and a towel holder
  • Two insulated areas for handles
  • Uniquely designed to add elegance


  • A bit pricey

#5 Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail

If your choice of a handrail is a permanent one, then Leisure Concepts is a perfect choice. You can firmly fix it on your hot tub to use whenever you need to climb or exit your hot tub.

With a unique design, it will bring it will add elegance to your hot tub. The powder-coated aluminum in the textured black finish not only prevents your handrail from getting rusty but adds quality to it.

The handrail has an ergonomic handle to prevent your hand from slipping when gripping it either while climbing or exiting the hot tub which prevents accidental falls.

The Leisure Concept handrail is the best choice of a handrail for a recessed hot tub.

The rotating bracket of 2-inch stainless steel construction adds sturdiness and durability among other qualities. It mounts easily on the hot tub cabinet making it easy to install.


  • Ergonomic handle design for a firm hold
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable 2-inch stainless steel bracket
  • Powder-coated rust-free aluminum handrail textured black for a unique design
  • Rotating bracket for folding the bar when not in use


  • No height adjustment

The locking system bolts not stable

#6 Spa Side Handrail with LED Lighting

The Spa Side Handrail is self-install which means it is as it comes and ready to use. All you need is to slide it under your hot tub, and you are good to use it.

It has a battery-powered blue LED light to enhance the mood and to locate it where it is at all times. The LED light completes the unique design of the handrail with class. You can swivel it from any position for a secure hold. After you are through with rotating it, you can then securely lock it to stop it from further turning for added safety.

It is constructed from a durable zinc plate and powder-coated with carbon gray for an attractive finish while protecting it from getting rusty.

You can adjust Spa Side Handrail to the height of 40” is compatible to that size of the hot tub.


  • No hardware needed for installation
  • Adjustable up to 40 inches
  • 360 degrees turning
  • An attractive finish of powdered-coated carbon gray
  • Locks securely to hold it from swiveling
  • Easy slide under the hot tub


  • The LED light and the cover break easily

What You Should Consider When Buying Hot Tub Handrail

Your comfort and safety when using your hot tub will depend on the choice of the handrail you will make. Therefore, pay attention to the features and everything else on your choice of the handrail. This is what you should consider when buying the handrail.

Hot Tub Size

Before you embark on purchasing a handrail, make sure you know the size of your hot tub. Otherwise, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a handrail that will not fit.

Some of the handrails are adjustable, which is good. While others are of fixed size and that is why you need to have the right size of your hot tub.

Type of Hot Tub

Always remember to buy the handrail that suits your hot tub. Some of them out there are designed for a particular hot tub and cannot work for another type.

Type of Handrail

Of course, you won’t go for any handrail just because that is what is available. Choose a handrail that will create a difference for your hot tub.

Some handrails have elegant designs that can create an aura to your hot tub and the surrounding. Check this out.

Construction Material

The construction material on your handrail matters a lot for durability. You don’t want to go for a handrail that will hardly last you a while.

Remember the water in your hot tub is chemically treated and can quickly erode your handrail.

Stainless steel on a handrail is the best material to have since it does not corrode or rust and therefore can be durable.


Installation of the handrail should be the simplest and especially if you are not a professional in such tasks. It can be nerve-wracking if you have to deal with concrete drilling to install your handrail.


Safety of a handrail is of great essence since that is the purpose of having one. It might lose the objective if the rail if not safe at all to hold you and especially when exiting your hot tub.

The best handrail will have insulation where you hand will be gripping for support to prevent your hand from slipping.

The installation method can also tell a lot about the safety of the handrail.


Some of the handrails have similar features, and yet they vary in price. Compare prices so that you don’t have to pay more than you could have.


Check out on the guarantee that comes with the product and what the manufacturer is ready to offer in case of a faulty handrail.

Some manufacturers will be ready to offer the money back if you are not satisfied with their product which is an excellent deal.


Q: Are handrails essential when using a hot tub?

A: A handrail is a safety measure to ensure you are free from slipping accidents when climbing in the hot tub and when exiting it.

A handrail will always support you to get hold of yourself even when you slip. After sitting in the water and relaxing, your mind can be fuzzy and therefore being extra cautious by having a handrail would be the right thing to do.

Q: What is the best handrail to use for senior adults?

A: It will depend on the type of your hot tub. However, a handrail that has insulation at the gripping point would be much safe to use on the aged.

Again, the handrail should be firmly stable, and if it swivels, it should be tightly locked to ensure it does not rotate when being used to avoid causing an accident.

A height adjustable handrail would also be the right one for the aged since the user will adjust it to the exact size they prefer.

Final Verdict

All the handrails in this review are the best in the market. However, it takes a few features here and there to make them different from one another.

It is, therefore, with this regard we pick CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail to be our overall top pick and the best budget pick. This handrail is constructed out of stainless steel which makes it stand out among the rest. It is also an under-spa base handrail which anyone can install. It is stable and has added LED light.

Safety measures should be your number one when using your hot tub. One way of ensuring you have a safe hot tub is by installing handrails. Whether you are using your hot tub for therapeutic purposes, you still need to support yourself when climbing in the hot tub and when exiting.

Also remember, you are not the only user. Some users may have health issues such as back problems, arthritis, and others may be aged and would need support.

Get a handrail and your safety will be assured.

What is your pick? Leave your comment on the comment section here below. We would love to hear from you.

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