Best Golf Cart Speakers (2019 Reviews)

The enjoyment of cruising around in your golf cart is indisputable, but something that can enhance this experience is the ability to play your favourite tunes or radio station at the same time. This enhancement is easy to achieve with the range of golf cart speakers currently available on the market.

They range from Bluetooth speakers that you can attach to the side of your golf cart, to full-blown built-in stereo systems that you can install yourself. Here we take a look at some of the best speakers out there and give a run through of what you need to consider before purchasing a sound system for your golf cart.

Best Golf Cart Stereo System

Shark 100W Motorcycle Audio Review

If what you’re after is a complete kit that not going to cost you an arm and a leg, then Shark Motorcycle Audio do one of the best golf cart stereo systems out there for your needs. Included is everything you need from the separate Amp, wiring, and stylishly designed speakers that won’t look out of place in most golf carts and you’ll be able to hear this over the sound of a motorbike, so no worries in your golf cart, especially if it is electric powered.

The stereo system is easy to install even for the none technically minded and comes with everything you need to get started. This includes the mirror brackets needed to install this on your golf cart’s roof supports, the wires to connect your speaker to  the included 100-watt amp. The amp itself is tiny which is perfect for not taking up valuable space in your golf cart, but it still provides the necessary power to create these speaker’s crisp sound and the impressive 88 decibel Sound Pressure Level.

The speakers themselves are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about quickly getting them disconnected when all you want to do is run for cover, and the included cords offer you plenty of leeway to mount them wherever your heart desires. At under 4 Lbs you won’t have to worry about making your golf cart sluggish with extra weight either.

Although these speakers are not Bluetooth they come with the cable you’ll need to plug into your music devices jack socket, or you can invest in a Bluetooth audio adapter and plug into that to add this functionality to your speakers. There is also a handy returns policy if you are not satisfied with the product within the first month of use, which means you can give them a try at no risk if you are worried about the low price of this super sound system.

So if you want powerful sound, a sound system setup in one package, and not to have to spend heavily then this will without a doubt be the best golf cart sound system for you and your needs.

Q&A: How durable are these speakers?

A: The speakers are able to cope even in heavy rain and freezing conditions as they are waterproof, just make sure the main unit is installed somewhere where it will not be exposed to the elements.

Q&A: Is this system self-powered?

A: You will need to hook this system up to your battery as it is not self-powered.

Best Golf Cart Stereo

Pyle’s 800W Full Range Waterproof Speaker Set Review

Sometimes in life, it’s easiest to just buy a kit that you pull out of the box, plug in, and enjoy with minimal effort. This beautifully designed speaker set from Pyle is just that, coming as it does complete with speaker, amplifier and the mounts you will need to connect it to your vehicle. The speaker itself has great sound, is durable, and is also supremely weatherproof meaning you won’t need to turn it off come rain or snow.

These won’t set you back much either so well worth giving these a blast on your golf-cart. They are actually designed to be suitable even on a loud motorbike so you won’t have to test these speakers at the top end of their claims to be able to hear the crisp sounds of your favourite tunes as you enjoy a nice round of golf. That said, with 600-watts peak power, if you do fancy putting off your competitors as they tee off you’ll be able to shock them with the sound they can make.

Although the usefully included mounting clamps are designed for use on handlebars, you will be able to use these on your golf cart’s roof supports. It is also easy to connect to your battery with the included wires and useful instructions. These are super durable speakers too so you will not need to detach them if you find yourself out in a storm and hurrying back to the clubhouse, as they are water-resistant or waterproof where they need to be.

The one downside of this setup is that it does not have Bluetooth functionality built in so you will need to be connected to your own radio system. Alternatively, you can buy a Bluetooth audio adapter and wire these speakers into that to add Bluetooth capabilities.

So if you want to bring loud sounds and your favourite bangers out on to the golf course, want a sound system that is easy to install and comes with all the necessary parts, then this generously priced product will be just what the doctor ordered.

Q&A: How long is the wire to connect the speaker?

A: You get between 3-4 feet of wire to play with.

Q&A: What is the chrome housing that encases the speakers made out of?

A: This is made out of metal improving the weather resistance of the speakers.

Best Golf Cart Sound Bar

Wet Sounds 300W STEALTH-10 ULTRA Bluetooth Soundbar Review

For some people, music deserves the best quality sound production, and this exceptional product from Wet Sounds is ludicrously good and certainly up there with the best golf cart sound bars currently available on the market. From the materials encasing your speaker to the powerful 300-watt in-built full range class D amplifier, this model has it all and won’t stand out like a sore thumb anywhere on your golf-cart thanks to its discreet design.

This speaker is not for the faint-hearted as it is priced at the top end of the market, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Whether that be the frequency response rate of 40-Hz to 20-kHz, the superb bass production, or the handy automatic shut off system that helps to prevent battery drain, the producers have thought of everything you will desire in a golf cart sounds system. You also have in and out auxiliary ports if some of your devices are not Bluetooth ready.

Another great feature of this model is that it comes with the brackets needed to mount it to your golf cart and this comes ready to plug in and play, so you won’t be left scratching head trying to figure out incomprehensible instructions. The unit is also fully waterproof and includes a useful waterproof wiring harness that is fully jacketed so you can be sure your sound system is safe even when the rain comes pouring down.

You won’t have to worry about being heard over the engine with this speaker, even with a gas powered golf cart, as this unit creates loud, crisp, full bass sounds that will make you want to get on the golf course just so you can hear your favourite songs played out of a high-quality sound system. Just to reiterate, the sound this speaker makes is immense, so if that is your cup of tea, you need to check this out.

Overall, this speaker has it all ease of set up and mounting, powerful inbuilt amp, beautiful crisp and bass-heavy sound, and all the necessary wiring and wireless equipment to connect to any device made to be listened to. So if you have the bucks to spend, you will not be let down by this unit that screams of class.

Q&A: How long is the wiring harness that is included with this?

A: The wiring harness is 6 feet or above.

Q&A: What mount does this come with?

A: It actually comes with a bunch of mounting options such as brackets which can be used at the ends the speaker and a track at the top of the speaker itself where bolts (which are included) can be slotted into. This means the speaker is easily mountable pretty much anywhere you need it to be.

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Golf Cart

Sound Storm 450W BTB6 Amplified Sound System Review

If you are looking for the best golf cart Bluetooth speaker, love hassle free connection that ensures simple and straightforward wireless connection to your favourite media devices, then the Sound Storm BTB6 will be worth a good long hard stare. These waterproof speakers will certainly impress passers-by with the way they look and even more so when you turn up the volume thanks to the built-in amplifier. These speakers really do bring style and power to the Bluetooth speaker market.

As these speakers are Bluetooth it’s so easy to get connected to your favourite streaming apps through your phone or music playing device. Also included is a 3.5mm Aux-in cable to link to older models, so whether you want to listen to the radio or your favourite playlists you’ll be loving the sound this speaker can produce in no time. There is also a useful Bluetooth remote included so you can install this wherever you need it and still have one-touch control of the system.

The sound that is produced out of this powerful portable speaker is hard to appreciate without hearing it from the device itself, but safe to say it won’t let you down thanks to the 450 Watt Class A/B amplifier, injection speaker cones with 6.5 inch marine speakers and 1-inch tweeters and a frequency response of 45Hz-25Khz. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised about the bass this speaker can produce all in its own.

The speaker itself is compatible with any 12-volt power source and comes with a plug-in cigarette lighter connection if your golf-cart has one of these for easy connection. You also won’t have to worry about bashing it about as it is super rugged and can deal with rain and stray mud splatter easily. The highly impressive 3-year warranty also offers you a really warm security blanket for your investment.

So if you like big sounds, pumping bass and turning heads as you make your way around the golf course, then this chunky but beautifully designed speaker is exactly what you need, so why not treat your ears.

Q&A: What is the distance between the speakers on this bass tube?

A: There are 12-inches between the speakers covered by the waterproof tubing.

Q&A: Where is a good spot to attach this to my golf cart?

A: These look great attached between the 2 vertical front roof supports on your golf cart and create the best sound for you as the driver there.

What are the different types of golf cart speakers available?

You have decided you want the best golf cart audio system in your vehicle but now what? The first thing to decide is what type of golf cart speakers you are after. Do you want a wireless speaker that you can easily set up immediately with a click of the button? Or, do you want to invest in a slightly more robust built-in sound system for your golf cart? Read on to find out more about the types of speakers currently on the market.

Bluetooth speakers for golf cart

If you want the easier option, then a set of Bluetooth speakers would be a good option to fulfil your music related needs in your golf cart. Bluetooth technology has been around for a while, so it is likely that you are already familiar with it. Instead of using wires and cables, Bluetooth devices use radio waves to connect your phone (or tablet, laptop etc.) to the speaker so that you can either play your favourite tracks that are stored on your smart phone or stream music from an app.

Bluetooth speakers for your golf cart come with mounts so you can easily attach it to your golf cart. All you need to do then is ensure Bluetooth is switched on on your phone or tablet and sync it to your Bluetooth speakers. You will then be ready to cruise along with your favourite tunes to keep you company. It really is that simple!

Another perk of purchasing a Bluetooth speaker for your golf cart is that it is detachable, so when you have finished a day on the links you can take this speaker home with you and continue to use it. This multi-purpose speaker can be used anywhere, it could even double up as an in-car speaker also.

If you have existing speakers or have purchased speakers that are not Bluetooth you can make these Bluetooth capable by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter.

Built-in sound system for golf cart

If the built-in sound system sounds more appealing to you, then you will be pleased to hear that installing one of these in your golf cart is easier than you might think. Most suppliers provide the full system, with everything you need to install the kit yourself as long as you have some simple hand tools at your disposal.

Usually, sound systems to build into your golf cart come with an audio receiver, speakers, a dashboard kit, wiring and an antenna. With these systems, you can tune into your favourite radio stations, as well as being able to play your favourite tracks (usually through the use of Bluetooth). The surround sound provided by a built-in sound system will deliver incredible sound while you travel to your next destination. A great choice for music buffs who truly value the importance of quality speakers and love a soundtrack in their day to day life.

How are speakers for the golf cart powered?

There are a few options for powering up golf cart speakers. With Bluetooth speakers, you can charge these up fully at home, and then take them out for a spin. Some top of the range Bluetooth speakers can last for almost 40 hours playing time so you can be sure to enjoy unlimited uninterrupted music for a good two or three days on the golf course and then recharge them. If you have a USB port on your golf cart you will also be able to charge a Bluetooth speaker this way should you need to.

For the built-in sound systems in a golf cart, the powering of these depends on whether you have a gas or an electric golf cart. With a gas powered golf cart, the stereo can be connected directly to your battery (as the battery in a gas golf cart usually is 12v and can be connected to this). If you have an electric golf cart and are considering an inbuilt sound system, it is a good idea to invest in a voltage reducer – as the speakers will require a lower voltage than your electric golf cart battery has, a voltage reducer will ensure that they are not overloaded and won’t break.

How do the speakers hold up in the great outdoors?

As a golf cart is an open vehicle you may be worried that its proximity to the elements may damage your brand new speakers. Fear not, there are plenty of speakers out there on the market that are fitted with waterproof technology so that you can use them rain or shine.

There are also speakers available that are shockproof so you can speed around the golf cart at your heart’s content without worrying about damaging your speakers.

Many of the speakers on the market are designed with the activities of a golf cart user in mind, so make sure you look out for sound systems that are both waterproof and shockproof to ensure that you are getting the best golf cart audio equipment for your needs.

Wattage link to sound, what does this mean?

It won’t escape your notice when you are perusing the golf cart speaker market that the sound quality of speakers is rated in watts. To put it very simply, the higher the number of watts the louder you can play your music. So if you are likely to want to blast out your favourite records, look out for golf cart speakers with a higher wattage rating – but please make sure you don’t hurt your ear-drums!


Now you have the low down on golf cart speakers you will soon be enjoying many a day accompanied by your favourite songs on the links, or wherever your golf cart takes you.

Before purchasing your golf cart speakers, make sure you have a think about what type of speakers you are after. Do you want the straightforward, detachable option of the Bluetooth speaker that you can immediately install and then take with you, should you need, to use in other places. Or, would you prefer a cleaner built-in sound system that will give you the ultimate surround sound experience? Once you’ve got this sorted you will know which products to direct your attention to.

Other considerations to think about are the nature of golf cart use and the potential need to invest in a speaker that is waterproof and shockproof – then lookout for products that have these features. Finally, remember that if you want volume, make sure that you choose a speaker with a higher wattage. Happy listening!

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