Best Golf Cart Accessories (Reviews 2021)

Are you wanting to add some refreshing changes to your golf cart? Or have you recently invested in a golf cart and want to make sure it is as well equipped as possible? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of golf cart accessories available to cater to your needs.
Golf carts are no longer solely a means of getting from A to B, they can be highly sophisticated machines full of all of the mod cons. Read on to find out more about what sort of accessories you can add to enhance your golf cart and our reviews of some of the best products out there.

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Best Golf Cart GPS

LandAirSea GPS Tracker for Vehicles and Fleet Tracking Review

When you’ve invested heavily in the best golf cart for your needs out on the course, then the last thing you want is for it to be at risk from thieves, but unfortunately, this is the case as they do not tend to come with inbuilt theft devices. Thankfully, the advances in portable GPS tracking devices means you can accessorize your cart with your own security system, and the best golf cart GPS tracker comes in a small package from LandAirSea.
This device is tiny, helping it to remain hidden from any prospective thieves. It also has superb accuracy, sends location updates once every 10 seconds, and is able to be set up to notify you of when your golf-cart is moving from place to place. You could even setup sleep times so you will be notified if it is moving when you know it shouldn’t be, making sure you can be sure of your golf cart’s safety wherever you are.
This thing is such great value and comes with a lifetime warranty, so once you have this installed you can relax safe in the knowledge you have GPS tracking protection. There is no need or batteries either with this device, so you don’t have to worry about charging. It is even capable of producing driver behaviour reports, so can be useful in bringing down any insurance costs also.
This device is compatible with the lot, so you can quickly download all the data you want to whatever smartphone or tablet you own, if you want to get the most out of this exceptional product, or you fancy keeping an eye on how your children are treating your expensive toy. If you want the best GPS golf cart protection, this is a true no-brainer, the LandAirSea Silver Cloud is what you need.

Q&A: Are there any extra post-purchase costs?

A: As this provides real-time information there is a monthly subscription cost which starts from as low as $9 a month and lower if you buy a year upfront.

Best Golf Cart GPS Ranger and Holder

Garmin Approach G8 Golf Course GPS Review

If you really want to bring your game into the 21st century then you are going to love the Garmin Approach G8 Golf Course GPS. This device makes your clipboard and pencil a thing of the past as you can record the scores of you and three others on the digital scorecard. But this is just the beginning of this device’s capabilities.
The Garmin Approach has over 30,000 golf courses programmed into the device and as soon as you switch it on the GPS signal can detect which golf course you are on, and then load up all of the information about your designated golf course. It really is that smart.
With this sort of technology you can plan your game perfectly, it provides the distances to your next target and even adjusts this for both up and downhill shots. It can also direct you to the centre of the green if you have a blind shot.
The fun doesn’t stop when you have taken your shot either. It recalls the distances that you hit the ball and even records this for each of your clubs, so will be able to suggest what club you should use for the next shot depending on the distance. It will record all of your golfing stats so you can monitor your performance and will really help you to improve your game. It also includes access to an online golfing community so you can compare stats and game experiences. What’s not to like!
It can also link up to your phone and keep you updated with texts and e-mails should you wish while out on the golf course. This incredibly streamlined and smart device looks just like a smartphone in fact. Its screen has good visibility in direct sunlight and you can also adjust the size of the letters and the numbers if your eye-sight is not so good.
The charge on this device lasts for up to 15 hours, so it is capable of supporting your full day out on the green. Just make sure it is fully charged up before you get started on your game, or charge it up as you ride along in your golf cart.

ChargerCity 360° Golf Trolley Cart Pole Bar Mount Holder Review

Garmin fits perfectly with the ChargerCity mount which will strap onto your golf cart. This means you don’t have to get it in and out of your pocket after each shot as it will be sat there ready and waiting to update. The mount is also handy if you wish to charge your device via your golf cart, perhaps through the cigarette lighter or USB port if you have one.

Q&A: Can this provide the distance to hazards on the golf course?

Yes, this intelligent GPS device can do this for you thanks to thousands of built-in golf course maps.

Q&A: How does this device connect to my mobile phone if I want to receive messages whilst playing?

It can do this through Bluetooth – just make sure that Bluetooth is active on both your phone and GPS device and it will be ready to go.

Best Signals Light Kit For Golf Cart

TecScan Golf Cart Signals Light Kit Review

If you’re after a generic set of lights capable of offering everything your headlight system would usually do, then TecScan’s LiTESeasy is a great choice as it comes with a steering wheel mountable remote, brake light, headlights, and indicators, providing you with a full setup without having to go in-house to your specific golf-cart model which can be expensive and surprisingly fiddly to set up.
Both the headlight and the adjustable automatic brake light have a bright 400 lumen LED lighting and an effective magnifying lens. The remote to control the lights and indicators can be attached to the steering wheel giving you total control for when you’re driving just as a fully wired in system would. The included voltmeter is a great bonus with this kit, helping you keep on top of battery charge, although you’ll need a voltage reducer for an 8-volt battery setup.
The setup also comes complete with a plug-in wire harness making this one of the easiest lighting setups to install as there are no complex wiring diagrams to follow. There is also no need to get your hands dirty cutting into fenders with this setup, which is perhaps its greatest asset. So if you’re not a mechanic, this is a great way to set up your own lighting system on a budget and with a minimum of fuss.
The lights themselves are waterproof and deal well with rough conditions, however, the controller is only splash proof so make sure not to drop that in a puddle if you can avoid it!
So if you want a budget solution to installing a complete light system with functionality equal to a built-in headlight and indication system, this product really fits the bill.s

Q&A: Could I use this setup with a gas powered golf-cart?

A: You could, but you would need to be careful to connect all accessories through the controller to avoid draining the battery. Your best bet would be to buy a separate 12-volt battery just for the lighting system to avoid accidental battery drain.

Q&A: How do the brake lights work?

A: This works like a surge brake so the controller sends the signal to the break light.

Best Small LED Light Bar For Golf Cart

Auxbeam 9inch 54W LED Light Bar Review

If you’ve bought your golf cart and found that the inbuilt headlights are not quite giving you the visibility you need for late returns from the golf course, then a great option is investing in an LED light bar or two. This 9-inch bar from Auxbeam is one of the best all-rounders out there coming at a great price, offering shimmering brightness, and not draining battery life too fast.
This is built with 18 separate 3-watt CREE LEDs producing a whopping 3780-5400 lumens, which is more than enough to improve your night visibility and light up the driving area in front of the golf-cart easily. The heat dissipation technology of this unit reduces waste energy and makes the item safer to use, whilst also extending the expected lifetime of the unit by up to 30,000 hours.
This comes complete with a mounting bracket suitable to go right on your golf cart, so you’ll be able to get this set up in no time out of the box even if you’re not a super handy person. Once it is on you can easily adjust where it is pointing to give you the best view for your differing needs. It is also waterproof and stands up against some really rough treatment, so if you’re planning on taking your golf cart off-roading this is able to cope.
The beauty of LED lighting is that it creates some super crisp and bright light without creating a massive drain on power. They also keep going and going so you can expect to get a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – that’s equivalent to more than 2000 days or 5 years of constant light!
So if you want bright light that even those most dedicated of golfers will find it hard to see the back of, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is flexible to your various lighting needs and plans, then you will be very pleased with this purchase.

Q&A: What are CREE LEDs?

A: Cree are the market leading innovating brand for LED lighting and produce light which is both warmer and brighter than other LED lighting systems.

Q&A: What voltage range does this light have?

A: This light has quite a wide voltage operating range of between 9-32 volts, which will affect the total lumens you are able to produce depending on the power you supply.

Best LED Light Bar For Golf Cart

Auxbeam 32 Inch 180W Curved LED Light Bar Review

If you like bright bright lighting that goes far, complete with top of the range LED lighting that is also capable of producing a warmer lighting, then this set from Auxbeam has everything you will need. The set includes both a 32-inch curved headlight bar and all the necessary wiring to set it up on your golf-cart, so long as you are using a 12-volt system.
These being CREE LEDs you will get a warmer light, whilst the impressive 5D optic design for the lens reflector means you get a wider light range and greater visibility for late night golf cart drives. You can even use the light as a spotlight if you’re on the hunt for a lost golf ball after sundown thanks to the 60 3-watt CREE LEDs and luminous flux approaching 18-000 lumens.
This lighting setup also has great safety features, is waterproof and weatherproof, and deals with the biggest bumps you can through at it thanks to its strong aluminium housing that also happens to look great. If you do find you have any trouble then, fortunately, you get great customer service from Auxbeam, who are quick to deal with any issues arising with their products.
Despite its incredible brightness that would probably make you look away from 100-feet, and the wide-angle lighting that gives you great visibility (and gets in the faces of those who don’t dip their beams), you won’t put too much drain on your battery so you can drive around for hours in the dark and still see thanks to these beautiful lights.
So if you like bright lighting, that doesn’t drain your battery and will keep going for years to come, then this superb product might be exactly what your golf cart needs.

Q&A: Does this have any issues with condensation?

A: As this product is waterproof and weatherproof it doesn’t suffer from condensation issues typical with some LED lighting systems.

Q&A: Does the lens fade or yellow over time?

A: No, this lens really lasts the test of time.

Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart

LEDGlow 24 Inch LED Golf Cart Light Kit Review

For those that like to customize their vehicle, bring disco lighting out on to the golf course, or those who just love neon lighting more generally, this excellent 4-piece LED light kit will soon have your competitors looking on in awe as your approach the teeing ground.  It comes with everything you need to get started in terms of wiring, mounting, and a host of lighting including 48 wide angle SMD LEDs.
The lights themselves are spectacularly bright and will create a nice glow even at dusk, whilst the included remote key fob allows you to make the best use of all the different colours and modes on offer with this superb kit. If you’re after a crowd-pleasing mode you will surely find one from the 5 different ones which are sound activated, but you’ll also find many modes for different moods or romantic moments.
Although these lights don’t come cheap, they will be a worthwhile investment as they come with everything you need, including excellent mounting hardware for the 4 24 inch lighting tubes, reasonable instructions, a pleasing 1-year warranty, and, best of all, free lifetime technical support. You will need to be able to connect these to a 12-volt battery system or you can buy a voltage reducer if your golf-cart uses a higher voltage battery.
So if you like doing up your toys to make them look jazzy, want all the parts to come at once so you can jump right in, and love messing around with a host of different lighting settings, this kit is well worth the price.

Q&A: What does SMD LED actually stand for?

A: SMD LED stands for surface-mount device light-emitting diode. This is a type of LED using surface-mount technology to mount them.

Best Golf Cart Fan

Hopkins SP570804 Go Gear 12 Volt Oscillating Fan Review

Sometimes there is just no chance to get up to the sort of speed that creates the necessary breeze on a hot day out on the course. This fan from Go Gear is the perfect solution to those hot humid days when all you want is to feel the wind blowing through your hair. With a plug-in and play 12-volt cigarette lighter setup and inbuilt clamp for easy attachment, you’ll be chilling out in no time with this product.
If you are feeling like sharing the love, then this fan does come with an oscillating function capable of rotating a decent 90 degrees. So you can cool down your opponents if you wish, or keep it pointed at you if you to give yourself a decent competitive advantage. The only downside of this fan is that it can be a little bit noisy, but unfortunately that does rather come with the territory.
The fan itself is just as easy to remove as it is to install so you won’t have to hurry to unscrew anything if the rain comes so it can easily be disconnected to take the fan to safety. You won’t have to worry about bumping it either as it is built from sturdy stuff, so you’ll have this for years to come.
So if you want a fan that is built to last and has the power to make you feel like you’ve got the best golf cart air conditioner in town, then this will likely be the fan that fits your needs.

Q&A: How wide does the clamp open?

A: The widest it can open is 2 inches which is easily wide enough for most golf cart roof supports.

Best 36V Golf Cart Battery Meter

36-Volt Golf Cart Battery Meter – State of Charge Meter

If you own an electric golf cart you will know how important it is to keep your batteries in tip-top condition, and will no doubt want to delay the need to replace them as long as possible. A very cost-effective way to do this is through a battery meter – and this 36-volt golf cart battery meter from State of Charge Meter ticks all the boxes.
For those of you with 36-volt battery systems in place, this battery meter will allow you to keep an eye on your batteries charge levels by telling you what voltage level they are at. The benefits of this are threefold.
First, you can make sure that your batteries never drop to a dangerously low discharge. High discharge can cause sulfation and lead to irreparable damage to your batteries, reducing their life-cycle.
Second, by being able to track their charge level you can make sure you don’t ever get caught out with a flat battery out on the golf course as you can power on back to base before this happens.
Third, it may be that you are currently charging your batteries too frequently when you don’t need to (say plugging them in to charge every time you have used them) – it may be that your batteries still have plenty of juice in them and you don’t need to charge them just yet.
You will be pleased to hear that this battery meter is also incredibly easy to install. It comes with mounting equipment so you can attach it to wherever it is convenient for you to do so in your golf cart. However, You will need to purchase the connecting batteries wires yourself before you install but you can get these easily from any auto parts store or online.
So, if you have a 36-volt system, and you want it to last as long as possible, this could well be the answer to your needs.

Q&A: How big is this battery meter?

This battery meter measures 5 x 3 x 1 inches, so won’t take up a lot of room in your golf cart.

Q&A: What does ‘CHG’ mean on the golf cart meter?

It means that your batteries are low and that you need to give them a charge.

Best 48V Voltmeter For Golf Cart

Waterproof Monitor DC 4.5-150V 12/24/36/48V Battery Meter Review

This is another great product on the market to monitor your batteries voltage so that your battery nightmares become a thing of the past. This voltmeter is able to monitor golf cart batteries that range from 24V to the top of the range of 48V – keeping you informed on what their current voltage level is.
The smart digital LED display is a real perk of this voltmeter, and thanks to the crystal clear bright blue digits you will be able to easily read this meter even in the brightest of sunshine. Another brilliant feature of this product is that it is 100% waterproof so that even on a rainy day you can keep track of your batteries volts.
It also comes in a very handy size, measuring 48 x 29 x 22 mm, so this voltmeter will not compromise the all-important space within your golf cart or can easily be tucked away somewhere. Its streamlined design will ensure it sits inconspicuously, requiring you to glance at it as and when you need. It is also easy to connect to your batteries which is always a perk.

Q&A: Does this voltmeter come with a mounting bracket?

No, unfortunately, it doesn’t so you will need to buy this separately.

Q&A: Will I be able to read the meter even in direct sunlight?

Yes, you sure can.

Best 48V Battery Cables For Golf Cart

Club Car DS 95 Battery Cable Set Review

If you are a keen golf cart enthusiast you may be familiar with the following scenario your golf cart has stopped working and when you take a look at the battery you see that your battery cables are looking a little worse for wear. Corrosion can be an issue with battery cables, however, with these Club Car battery cables, this could be a thing of the past.
Thanks to the double wall heat shrink the cable ends are protected from corrosion, and they are generally a lot less susceptible to corrosion than your average cable. These cables measure at 14 inches and you get five of these in this pack. So if you want to keep your golf cart battery happy – these battery cables are a great choice.

Q&A: What size are the eyelets in these cables?

A: They are 8mm.

Best Battery Cable Kit For EZ-G

Golf Cart EZ-GO Battery Cable Kit Review

In a similar vein to the Club Car cables, this set of battery cables are specifically for EZ-GO golf carts. This quality product will make corroded cables a thing of the past, and use solid copper welding cable to ensure superb conduction efficiency. They come with a heavy-duty casing that will also last longer than what you get included in most EZ-GO products, meaning they will last longer.
With double wall heat shrinking you can be sure your cable ends will be protected from nasty corrosion and whilst the price is cheap you’re not losing out on quality. So if EZ-GO’s your model, this will be the best battery cable kit for your needs.

Q&A: What are the cable lengths included?

A: There are 2 cables of 9-inches, 2 of 16-inches and 1 of 2-inches.

Best Battery Cable Kit For Yamaha

Golf Cart Yamaha Battery Cable Kit Review

If Yamaha is your tipple, then these 4 gauge battery cables will do the trick for a variety of golf cart models and their batteries from1994 onwards. The pack consists of 5 cables, 2 at 9-inches and 3 further cables at 12-inches long, giving you plenty of flexibility for your needs. The double wall heat shrink protection prevents corrosion on each of these cables also.
You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the price of these cables as they will not break the bank, and they are rapidly despatched by this excellent distributor. They will be an uninspiring but highly effective and essential accessory for any Yamaha.

Q&A: Does the 12-inch length measure the wire on its own or include the terminals?

A: The 12-inches is the total length including both of the terminals.

What sort of accessories are available for a golf cart?

Before ploughing head first into the golf cart accessory market, it’s a good plan to get an idea of the types of accessories that are out there and how these will benefit you. Here we take a look at the various categories of accessories that are currently on the golf cart market.


If you haven’t enjoyed the convenience of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device already then you are in for a treat. GPS is a satellite navigation system which detects the ground position of a specific object.
If you are looking for peace of mind, then investing in a GPS tracker is a great way to do it as if your golf cart is stolen, having GPS installed will make it easier for the police to track down your golf cart through GPS tracking – very clever. Having one of these onboard may also act as an anti-theft device. This clever technology will mean you are never in doubt as to the whereabouts of your golf cart.
Another GPS accessory for your golf cart that might be appealing is a GPS ranger. This device can keep track of yours and your teammates’ scores, let you know the distance to the next hole and it records how far you hit a ball with specific golf clubs (so it can recommend which is best to use for each hole). These incredibly advanced products can really improve your game and attach easily to the side of your golf cart with a mount.


Of course, your golf cart should come with built-in headlights, but these might not be bright enough for your liking and you may wish to add additional lights if you are likely to be using your golf cart at night for instance.
You might want to consider a LED light for your golf cart – these come in many shapes and sizes. There are many benefits of using LED lights, they last longer than traditional lights, they are brighter, and they also use a lot less energy which is nice for your golf cart and for the environment. To get the best golf cart headlights you need to pick specific ones for the brand of golf cart that you own so look up what’s available by your manufacturer.
In terms of the types of LED lights available you really are spoilt for choice. In addition to LED headlights, you can also purchase a LED golf cart light bar which attaches either to the top of your golf cart or just underneath the roof. This additional light will give you great visibility at night, or on downcast days.
If you really want to push the boat out, and you want to make your golf cart a real showstopper, then why not consider an LED light kit which fits onto the underneath of your golf cart and provides a multi-coloured under glow as you ride. This will be sure to turn heads!


So you have your golf carts security covered, and your lighting needs but what about temperature? You will no doubt have experienced a sweltering day on the golf course where all you need is a blast of cool air to refresh you.
A golf cart fan is a superb accessory to add to your repertoire as they are easy to install (usually powered through the inbuilt cigarette lighter) and will serve to improve your game as you have the time to cool off before reaching the next hole. A fan will also be welcome if you use your golf cart outside of the golf course, ensuring you are thoroughly refreshed on those hot sunny days.

Battery Meter

While perhaps not as glamorous as the other accessories discussed a battery meter (also known as a voltmeter) is an invaluable addition to an electric golf cart. As you know, to ensure you get the maximum productivity and lifespan out of your golf cart batteries you need to look after them properly.
To do this, you need to monitor the voltage generated by the batteries. This will help you keep an eye on your batteries charge so you can plan your trip accordingly so you don’t run out of battery whilst on the links. It will also help you to not discharge your batteries too deeply so you won’t damage them.
A battery meter is a worthwhile investment for any electric golf cart owner as it will help maintain the quality of your batteries, both in power production and length of service.

Cables and extension cords

A practical accessory for your golf cart that it would be worthwhile investing in is a good set of battery cables. Battery cables over time may corrode which disrupts the power that is sent to your golf cart. You may need to replace these or decide that you want a better quality product to those which were provided when you bought your golf cart. Whatever the reason,  there are plenty of robust battery cables out there for you to get your hands on. If you are charging your electric golf cart regularly you might also what to check out the accessory market for the best extension cord for golf cart.


As you can see there are a breadth of accessories for you to splash your cash on if you want to enhance your golf cart and increase your enjoyment of your favourite pastime.
Whether it be some LED lights to help visibility, a fan to cool you down, an investment in some GPS technology or accessories that will help to protect your golf cart battery there are a multitude of options. In this article we have narrowed this down to some of the best products out there to make your shopping a bit easier.
A golf cart can be so much more than a vehicle to take you to your next hole or destination, you can make it as comfortable or as flashy as you like. Investing in some good golf cart accessories can also help to extend the life of your golf cart, so it really is a win win situation. Happy golfing!

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