Best Boat Spotlight 2022: Night fishing bowfishing boat

Many avid fishermen will tell you that fishing at night is hugely enjoyable. Some of the best catches can be had at that time and it’s also an opportunity to enjoy a sense of calm serenity on the waters with the moon and stars above you. However, being on your boat at night requires some safety precautions. Being lost in the dark on your boat is a situation that you certainly want to avoid, which is where a boat spotlight comes in handy. It will not only light the way ahead of you, but it will also help you to locate and prepare your fishing equipment.

If you’re interested in investing in the best boat spotlight for your vessel then you’ve come to the right place. This buying guide will tell you everything you need to know about boat spotlights and show you some of the best products around.

Our Top Picks for Best Boat Spotlight 2022

#1 Best Marine Remote Spotlight: SUPAREE Wireless Remote Control Searchlight

For remote control spot lighting with 200 meters illumination, this powerful IP67 waterproof light is easy to install and control.

#2 Best LED Docking Lights: Shoreline Marine’s LED Spreader & Docking Light

For bright docking lights with low draw on your battery, these powerful LED lights make docking safe and easy.

#3 Best LED Lights for Duck Boat: T-Former’s LED Light Bar with Curved Flood Combo Beam & 4 Pod Lights

For a complete kit to get your duck boat ready for late-night hunting sessions, this set of bright LED lights with spots and light bar included are everything you need.

#4 Best Light for Boating at Night: TERRAIN VISION’s 20-Inch LED Light Bar Flood Spot & Combo Beam

For a lighting kit that makes fishing at night seem like the sun hasn’t set, these 12,000 lumen LED lights are a great choice.

#5 Best Lights for Bowfishing Boat: Gazelle-Trading’s Tactical C8T6 1,200 Lumen Archery Compound Flashlight

For the hunter-gatherers who fancy their hand at bowfishing, this bow sighting flashlight will be an ideal string to add to your bow.

Buying Guide: What is a boat spotlight used for?

A boat spotlight can be an incredibly useful device to have aboard your boat. Their most frequent use is for fishing at night, to help fishermen navigate the waters in hours of darkness. As well as helping to navigate, a boat spotlight is also helpful for seeing your way around the interior of the boat.

What are the different types of boat spotlights?

The different types of spotlight largely refer to how they are powered which determines their portability.

Hand-held (rechargeable)

The hand-held variety of boat spotlight gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere on your boat. This is a useful aspect of the boat spotlight as you can move from using it for navigation to moving it to help you see and prepare your fishing kit. If you want to purchase this type of boat spotlight make sure you go for one that has a long battery life. As if you have nowhere to recharge it on your boat, you don’t want to be caught short without a spotlight when you’re out on the open waters at night.


The other type of boat spotlight that you can consider is the built-in kind. With this onboard, you can be sure that the charge will last as long as your boat is running (and generator is working). With a built-in boat light you never need to worry about the charge running out, however, it does mean that you’ve got additional power cables to deal with. As this type of boat light needs to be plugged in this means it is either mounted permanently or is restricted by the length of the attached cord. The downside of this is that your spotlight may not always be able to reach to where you need it to.

Is the boat spotlight waterproof?

The next thing to consider is whether the spotlight is waterproof. As your spotlight is likely to come into contact with water it is essential that you choose a waterproof version. Most quality brands will ensure that their spotlights are fully waterproofed, however, it is important to check the reviews of your chosen spotlight to see how it stands up under pressure.

What type of bulb is best for a boat spotlight?

When searching for boat spotlights you will see that they come fitted with different types of bulbs: either halogen or LED. Generally, while more expensive, LED bulbs are the best bulbs to go for when selecting a boat spotlight. The benefit of using LED lights is that they are more energy-efficient, do not burn as hot as halogen bulbs, and last a whole lot longer. While they may seem more expensive initially, their longevity make them an economical choice overall.

How bright do you want your boat spotlight?

When it comes to the brightness of your boat spotlight bulbs the brighter the better is often the case for night time sailing. Look out for the number of lumens the bulbs of the spotlight have as this will determine how bright the bulbs are. The higher the lumens the brighter the bulbs will be so if you want a bright spotlight, go for a high lumen rating.

What is the size and weight of the spotlight?

If you’re going to be moving your boat spotlight around your boat you want to make sure that it is easy to handle. If this is the case, look out for one that is compact in size and also lightweight as you don’t want to wear yourself out carrying it around. Generally, there is no need for a heavy boat spotlight so look out for ones that have lightweight in their description.

What material is the boat spotlight made out of?

Your boat spotlight needs to be able to withstand frequent use so check out what materials it is made out of before purchasing. As you move your spotlight around the boat it’s inevitable that it will get dropped and bashed around at some point. Look out for boat spotlights that are made out of sturdy stainless steel or aluminum.

Does the boat spotlight come with a warranty?

Finally, check to see if the boat spotlight comes with a warranty so that you can be confident that they are built to last.

Best Boat Spotlights of 2022

Now you know everything there is to know about boat spotlights let’s take a look at some excellent products.

#1 Best Marine Remote Spotlight: SUPAREE Wireless Remote Control Searchlight

If you are looking for a powerful light offering flood and spot lighting that can be controlled remotely, then you’ll love this nifty bit of kit. The light casing comes with a magnetic base which makes it easy to install and detach as and when you need it around your boat. The remote control makes it easier to place the light exactly where you need it but retain control as your search for your target.
Other pros about this spotlight are that: it illuminates up to a distance of 200 meters; the rotation includes and up and down motion (up to 120 degrees) and 360 degrees worth of horizontal rotation; you do not require a bracket to install it thanks to the magnetic base; it is IP67 waterproof rated, and; it is easy to use. The downside of this spotlight is that it only includes a cigarette plug adaptor with a 2.5-meter power cable and it makes a slightly strange sound when plugged in.
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#2 Best LED Docking Lights: Shoreline Marine’s LED

It’s no fun parking or maneuvering a boat at night when you can’t see properly. Fortunately, with these powerful docking lights, you’ll be able to see what you need to for close-quarter maneuvers. However, remember that you should only use these for such close quarters and not when you are on the move as leaving them on when out on the open water can be distracting and potentially lead to an accident for other boaters blinded by the lights.
Other good things about these LED docking lights are that: they have an IP67 waterproof rating making them suitable for tough weather conditions and saltwater use; they come with handy mounting brackets so they are easy to install; the bright lights draw on very little battery power so you won’t quickly drain your battery at sea, and; they are super bright to help make docking safer and easier.
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#3 Best LED Lights for Duck Boat: T-Former’s LED

Duck hunting is great fun. However, time flies when you’re having fun, so you need to make sure you have the right kit for finding yourself stuck on your duck boat at night with no lights. With these lights installed you can have even more fun as this full kit gives you enough fun to keep hunting long after nightfall. The 22-inch curved LED light bar illuminates vast swathes of swamps and lakes where you’ll find plenty of great game for your dinner.
Other great things about these LED lights for duck boats are that: you get 4 additional pod lights to broaden the area you can illuminate and give you added spotlight control; all of the pieces are IP67 rated meaning they can stand up to tough weather conditions, and; it comes with all the brackets you need which are also adjustable to help you redirect the smaller lights to where you need them. The downside of these lights is the slightly short cables included for the price.
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#4 Best Light for Boating at Night: TERRAIN VISION’s 20-Inch

If you like fishing beyond dusk, or love a full overnight session out on the sea, then this great kit includes the best boat lights for night fishing. Included are a 20-inch LED light bar, 2 4-inch LED 60-Watt spot lights, and a universal mounting bracket. These lights are incredibly bright, operating at 12,000 lumens, and run with a color temperature range between 6 and 6.5K (white to blue light). For daylight brightness for night time fishing, give these lights a whirl.
Other benefits of this lighting kit are that: the lifespan of the LED lighting is an impressive 50,000 hours; the combined kit gives you flood and spot lighting capabilities, handy for catching more when out for a latenight fishing session; they are made with high-quality aluminum casing that has a waterproof rating of IP67, and; you can pay extra for expert installation if you aren’t electronically savvy. The downside of these lights is that the included mounting brackets aren’t the greatest
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#5 Best Lights for Bowfishing Boat: Gazelle-Trading’s Tactical

If you’ve ever seen someone catch a fish with a spear and wanted to give it a go, then you may also be interested in something called bowfishing. Somewhere between fishing with a rod and a spear, this fishing style genuinely uses a bow with a flying fishing-arrow/spear attached to a chord that brings in the fish in true hunter style if you get your eye in, correctly. However, to succeed at bowfishing you need to be able to see come day or night and rain or shine.
This 1200 lumen power light is actually designed for archery, but works great for bowfishing too and ensures you can be accurate as day turns to night. Some of the best times to go bowfishing are in the early morning or after dusk. Thankfully, this nifty device makes that possible, giving you the extra precision you need to come home with plenty of delicious fish caught in the most heroic fashion.
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A boat spotlight is an essential device to have onboard your boat if you’re going to be using it at night. It will help you find your way across the waters at night and help you to avoid collisions with other vessels. A boat spotlight is also helpful to assist you with getting any fishing equipment set up before you start your night time fishing session.
There are several factors to consider before purchasing a boat spotlight. First of all, decide if you want a portable and rechargeable spotlight that you can easily carry from place to place or a spotlight that needs to be plugged in at all times. It is also essential to ensure that your boat spotlight is waterproof as it is likely to get wet at times. Considering the size and weight of your spotlight is a good idea if you’re going to be carrying it around with you. Finally, we recommend opting for LED lights over halogen as they’re more durable and energy-efficient.

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