Best Backpacking Stove: Reviews(2019 Update)

Cooking is an essential thing, whether you are at home or away. It becomes much of a fun thing on picnics and even on hiking trips. The people who are on the move or looking to eat outside which is far from different amenities look for convenient stove systems to support their cooking need. People demand a compact and lightweight stoves so that they can easily carry along with ease in their backpack. There are different types of such stoves available where different fuel and burning technologies can be utilized according to the needs of the people. The convenience must be seen in determining the right choice which is majorly dependent on the fuel used for burning, which can be gas, reactor systems or dual fuel stoves. Price differs significantly among all the products which the buyer must consider when making a choice. Moreover, the outdoor cooking equipment needs to be sturdy and long lasting because of their exposure to different outside threats which may deteriorate their quality and longevity.

Top 10 Backpacking Stoves in the Market 2019

The variety in the portable stove category is enormous and it is just that you need to find the best match which suits well according to all your needs. For the convenience of the potential buyers, the top 10 products are categorized according to their specific type which you can see below:

– Dual Fuel:
The duel fuel types are used extensively by a number of people with its duel fuel versatility. The following products are rated as the best in this category:

#1. Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel 1-Burner Stove

Coleman Sportster II is a product of Coleman manufacturer which is a highly trusted stove brand among the consumers. This product is a fully adjustable dual fuel type of stove which is fairly easy to use. You have the option to fuel its burner either by using the liquid fuel or by using the gasoline cylinders. It can be a very handy addition to your outdoor cooking activities for cooking all your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The product is a single burner one which can be used outdoors in all types of weather. Carrying this unit will be a breeze and it would go un-noticeably with you. This is ideal for easy backpacking and taking it to any far off location would be very easy.

The fuel capacity in the burner is of 1.1 pints and you always have the option to keep reserve fuel if you have bigger cooking needs. The system comes with useful built in wind protection and incredibly good pot support. The maximum size of the pot that it can obtain is about 7 inches, which is a bit small but the highly beneficial stove compensates well for that. It would be equivalent to carrying half a dozen bananas only.

#2. Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove

Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove – The Coleman system provides users with a very sturdy, efficient, versatile and a powerful option. You just need to fill it with fuel once and then can use it all through the weekend for cooking all types of meals. The tank integrated with the system is of good capacity and can be operated with your choice of fuel, which can be the liquid fuel, kerosene or the unleaded gasoline.

The kerosene generator comes along with the package deal. There are fold out legs which are sturdy and also helps in keeping the unit stable on all types of uneven surfaces. The users will have the benefit of carrying it without any hassle due to its weight as light as a box of tissue paper. The burner bowl and the pot help in the protection of the flame in all types of weather and windy conditions. There is a very precise flame control in the system which supports users with good control in going from simmer to boiling point.

#3. Solo Stove Alcohol Burner

The patented Solo Stove is actually a duel fuel type which uses wood gas and then alcohol as well as a supplementary fuel support giving a much efficient and a much cleaner burn. There are vents at the bottom, which enables air to penetrate and flow right up to the bottom of the grate for feeding up the primary combustion which is a top down smolder. Further, air penetrating in through the bottom vents heats up well within the inner wall of the unit and it also rises up and out of the top side firebox ventilators that causes a secondary level of combustion. This kind of a setting setup for a much cleaner burn and that alternatively means lesser smoke and also makes the unit to burn more efficiently. The stove cooks food with nothing but collecting some twigs from your journey which acts as a fuel. This eliminates the need for carrying along any expensive, polluting and expensive petroleum gas. The systems make it easier to light up, quicker to boil and then very convenient for cleaning. Water boiling takes just about 8 to 10 minutes, which tells you well about the power and efficiency of this system. The product is compact and lightweight, which wouldn’t be any issue to consider while packing your backpack and weighs like you have put in two oranges or apples in your backpack.

– Wood Burning:
The wood burning stoves are single fuel source systems which use wood or twigs to act as a source of fuel for using the stove. The following are the 2 top products that you will ever see in this category:

#4. Solo Stove Campfire

Solo Stove Campfire – This campfire stove from the Solo Stove manufacturer is ranked as the best cooking systems by the renowned Backpacker Magazine. It was given this honor because of the convenience this system brings up for the hikers cooking at an elevation. It consists of a double wall interior for an ultra clean gasification and also for giving a good secondary combustion. This type of design is supportive in burning the fuel more effectively and at the same time results in far less smoke. It is wooden fuel system where you can use twigs, pine wood, leaves and other wooden types for lighting up the stove. This is useful in the sense that you don’t require to carry any polluting and heavy fuel canisters on long hiking trips. You can easily collect the fuel (wood) on your journey and as much as you want with no cost at all. It is super fast and has the potential to boil water in just 2 to 4 minutes. This combo package comes with the campfire stove and 2 pot set from the manufacturer which makes it a very productive deal for the users.

Lastly, this stove wouldn’t bother you with its weight or size throughout the trip and will support you with your lightly packed backpack and would feel like you have put in about 1 kg of apples with you.

#5. Solo Stove Backpacking

Solo Stove Backpacking – This one is a wooden fuel source with a single burner that provides precise burning for efficient cooking of all types of food. Your backpack is always stuffed with so many necessary items and this stove will easily fit in any size bag without giving you any second thoughts. The wooden fuel source can be collected on your way which eliminates any need for carrying heavy and polluting gasoline canisters. By using all the renewable sources for fueling, the users are actually reducing the carbon footprint by enabling a Stay Green environment. The boiling of water takes less than 10 minutes, which shows the productivity of the system. The power rating of the system is 20,000 BTU which is ranked amongst the top product.

The patented design of Solo Stove produces far less smoke as compared to the other similar equipments. It is ideal to use in all cooking emergency situations and can be your best mate on trekking, hiking, picnics or anywhere you want to eat outdoors. The price is reasonable too, and you will surely have a top and enjoyable time with all your outdoor cooking and when you are on the move. It would merely get noticed in your backpack as its weight is negligible and would not cause you any trouble while carrying along. It would just feel like you have carried a few extra cupcakes for your journey.

– Reactor Stoves:
The reactor stoves are rated as the world’s fastest ever stoves to have been used so far. They are highly powerful with great level of fuel efficiency as well. These types are known to be the most versatile to operate in extreme cold and windy conditions as well outdoors. The following are the top 3 products in this category of portable backpacking stoves:

#6. MSR Reactor Stove

MSR Reactor Stove – The product is a sheer combination of state of the art cookware along with the revolutionary system design which makes up one of the fastest reactor stove. It is also one of the most fuel efficient systems that you will ever see. The burner of the equipment is encapsulated in a special heat exchanger for the purpose of providing unmatched performance in all types of cold and windy weather conditions. On the other side, it has an advance pressure regulator which provides users with exceptional heat output given right over the life of its canister. The fuel along with the stove stow inside the 1.7 liter high efficiency pot which is exceptionally useful for all solo trips to group hiking in facilitating them with their cooking needs.

Ideally, the system can be used for cooking a variety of food for three people at a time. The collapsible handle of the equipment, locks up the special transparent lid in place for giving an easy and safe portability. The wind protection, consistency in flame output, super efficiency and rapid boil time makes it a complete system for outdoor cooking purposes. The most advantageous thing about this stove is that it can fit the smallest of the backpacks and can be carried easily by the leanest person in your hiking group like if you have carried 3-4 apples with you.

#7. Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove

Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove – The Snow Peak is another renowned manufacturer of the reactor stoves which comes with ultra lightweight design and compact dimensions for super portability purposes. The system is powerful for quick cooking at all types of extreme windy and cold conditions where most of the other rigid cooking systems fail to operate.

If you have to arrange your backpack with what to take and what not to then take this stove is as good as negligible because of its super light weight and compact size. The light weight became a possibility of deploying the aluminum and titanium, which at the same time make it a quality, sturdy and a durable piece of cooking equipment. The compact size makes it possible to put it in your backpack and carry it along for your hiking and all picnic trips. It could work efficiently at 17 degrees Fahrenheit using the ever so useful Giga Power Fuel technology of Snow Peak. The package also comes with a unique storage bag which you can use to carry the product on your outdoor trips like if you have put in the medium sized roll of a biscuit or a tissue paper. The combustion type gas canister provides vapor burning, which meets the industry safety standards with exceptional quality of cooking.

– Extra Lightweight Backpack Stoves for Hiking:
The hikers on their trips demand comfortable, powerful and lightweight systems to support their outdoor cooking needs. They obviously are at an elevation where wind and coldness can be an issue for lighting up the stoves and in keeping them operational. The following are the top 3 products that the potential buyers can avail in this category:

#8. Jetboil Sol Cooking System

Jetboil Sol Cooking System – This is one of the most sensational backpack stoves that you will ever see. The first look of the system is that of the most stylish one and apart from exterior looks, it also has got a lot of inner beauty as well. This cooking system is equipped with the ever so useful technology of Thermo-Regulate which is known for delivering very consistent heat at around 20 degree Fahrenheit.

The cooking cup has a size of 0.8 liter and it is a Titanium FluxRing type. It also has an insulating cozy and comes with the useful heat-indicating screen display. The system is found to be very reliable because of its convenience in using and then its extreme reliability in igniting it with a push-button. The system is supported with an insulating lid and a measuring cup is also included in the deal. The accessories that can be used with this model should only be the Jetboil accessories. Moreover, you really don’t need to bother about how to carry it in your backpack as it requires minimal space with no added weight to your bag as it would be as easy as you have carried extra clothes with you for your hiking adventure.

#9. Wild Wood Gas Stove

Wild Wood Gas Stove – The Wild Wood gas stove is a super lightweight cooking system which offers very clean burning to the users. The hikers would love it for its feather-light weight that is comparable to carrying two bananas, and incredibly compact size, which really would make their trip ever so enjoyable and that too without any heavy baggage issue.

The product is a crowd favorite for a number of reasons. It is made from stainless steel material with heat resilience. You will enjoy the equipment with your camp cooking done without the need of having petrol or gas. It is powered by using wood only. The passive flow of this wood fueled source uses the secondary air vents by powering with convection other than the fan and battery usage.

#10.  MSR WhisperLite International Stove

MSR WhisperLite International Stove – Now this is a very unique and an unconventional cooking system that you will ever see. It is a multi fuel stove which is backed with 20 years of MSR manufacturer, experience in producing a high quality and efficient stove for the hikers. The hikers really don’t need to do anything special or sacrifice taking any other important stuff on the trip for the purpose of accommodating the stove.

Rather, the stove will sneak in your already ready packed bag easily because of its incredibly compact size and its super light weight just like if you have put in and small sized towel within your backpack. The Shaker Jet technology used provides users with self cleaning, which makes maintenance quite easy. The legs can be folded which further eases in carrying the equipment in the backpack..

As we have seen that the products are available in a variety of categories, giving a good range of choice for the potential buyers. All have their own pros and cons, but the decision should be based on your individual needs and preferences where you will surely find a good match according to your needs. Price of the stoves must be a secondary factor as even the top ones wouldn’t be too expensive to afford for the users. The gasoline ones are good in their power, but carrying them with a gas cylinder can be a bit of an issue. However, if you are able to find a system with your preferred type, then make sure that it is compact and lightweight too for making it easier for the users to carry them conveniently on hiking tracks, picnics or anywhere they are on the move.

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