Best 3000 PSI Pressure Washers (Reviews 2019) – Why is 3000 PSI pressure washer convenient to use?

Are you looking for the best 3000 PSI pressure washer to use in your residential or commercial for your different cleaning tasks?

A 3000 PSI pressure washer is the right one to have around in your home since it is versatile to handle different cleaning tasks.

You can use this kind of pressure washer to peel off already-peeling old paint from a building in preparation for new painting. It is also useful in cleaning mud or grit, algae, mold, and other staining dirt from your driveway or pathway effortlessly and quickly. The same pressure washer can wash your car inside and outside to leave spotlessly clean.

However, you should be careful when cleaning delicate items since the force of a pressure washer can cause damage and therefore the need to interchange different nozzles for different uses.

They are various brands and models of 3000 PSI pressure washers in the market that can confuse you when looking to buy one, and maybe end up buying the wrong one. To avoid such a mistake, you can take the easy way out by picking one among the best 3000 PSI pressure washers we have carefully selected for you.

Read on to identify your pick.

Top 7 Best 3000 PSI Pressure Washers 2019

#1 Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is a compact unit with an upright design which gives it the right height for easy handling.

It has a robust 1800-watts air-cooled industrial 2030 PSI motor which can handle up to 3000 PSI and 1.76 GPM water flow rate with ease for powerful cleaning. It is useful in washing all dirt and grime for spotless cleaning due to its two-tank system for detergents which you can use simultaneously.

Sun Joe has enough pressure to reach a two storey building either while cleaning it or peeling-off paint. You can also clean the underside of your car to remove stuck-in mud and other greasy grime.

Besides, it comes with a surface cleaner which is an added advantage to your cleaning. It can effectively clean surfaces such as the patio or deck.

It is a professional pressure washer which can save you on energy usage since it features Total Stop System (TSS) that stops motor automatically when the appliance is not triggered.

It is also an all-around pressure washer that can clean not only your equipment but also your tough surfaces. It does not matter the amount of grease, grime or any other kind of dirt and stain. It tackles them all effectively due to its five easy-to-change nozzles and soap kit.

#2 Simpson Cleaning PS3228

You won’t want to miss this pressure washer out if you are looking for a powerful surface cleaner.

It is gas powered with a Honda GX200 engine that has oil alert so that you don’t have to operate it without oil and therefore to extend its lifespan. Also, its oil seals are ceramic-coated an advanced technology on oil seals for their extended life.

Simpson PS3228 is a robust pressure washer that generates water pressure of 3300 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. It operates on10-inch pneumatic wheels which for durability and effective mobility.

The washer has four nozzles of different sprays to combat the toughest stains and for powerful water spray. There is no washing you cannot handle to its maximum with this pressure washer.

With a 25-ft sturdy ‘monster’ hose and ergonomic spray gun which connects to the nozzles quickly and easily, no washing can be too hard for you. You can also peel-off paint in readiness to new painting as high as a two storey building.

Simpson PS3228 is an excellent pressure washer but, if only it had a longer hose, it could have been much better.

#3 Powerhouse International Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is a real powerhouse for all your enormous cleaning task. You don’t have to struggle with your driveway taking hours and effort to clean it when you have Powerhouse International. It will remove all molds and algae stains quickly and effectively

It is an electric powered 3000 PSI pressure washer with 2.2 GPM. The difference between this electric pressure washer and a gas one is that this one is much quieter when in operation.

The washer sits on a cart with four wheels for ease of movement when working. But when you want to lift it, you can detach it from the axle and carry it on its own. The wheels are lockable when you need to hold it stationary. The handle is telescopic, and you can also lock it to the position you are most comfortable with either down or up.

Powerhouse pressure washer comes with five different easy and quick to connect nozzles for different spray effects. It also comes with angle and turbo nozzles for extra cleaning effects when working on stubborn stains or grime.

Among its accessories are a brush, a soap sprayer for foam and a flexible hose. It also has a spinning cleaner that you can use to clean your patio or deck.

The 35 ft power cord and the hose have both places to reel the extra length to prevent them from getting entangled or even tripping you accidentally.

Nevertheless, a downside with this unit is that the gun vibrates a lot and the trigger crevice is sharp. To prevent your hands from injuries, you should wear gloves while working with the pressure washer.

#4 Wen PW31 3100 PSI

If you are looking for a robust and sturdy pressure washer Wen PW31 should be your choice. It is a pressure washer with a four-stroke OHV engine pump and power of 208cc. It generates 3100 PSI water flow of 2.5 GPM.

It is a gas-powered pressure washer, and therefore you don’t need to be limited in your movement by a power cable. You can move with your pressure washer as far as you need to give you maximum wash.

The axial camp pump is the force behind the high and robust spray which cleans all away all grime in your driveway that had collected over many years when you didn’t have a powerful pressure washer.

You can also use to clean other surfaces such as your patio, deck, peel-off old paint from the wall of your house, clean your furniture, even wash your car, and many other washing services. All you need is to interchange the nozzles to use what is right for the job.

The washer features an inbuilt soap tank, an easy to connect spray gun, and a place where you can store your nozzles for easy reach whenever you need to change. The large 12-inch wheels make your movement and maneuverability effortless when going on with your washing.

It also features a 30-ft hose and a 42-in spray lance so that you can move as far as you need without tagging along with the washer pressure.

Wen PW31 is easy to assemble and easy to start and therefore does not waste your precious washing time.

The downside of this great unit is that the wheels wobble when on movement which maybe you can overlook since the hose is quite long and therefore the washer does not need much mobility. Other than that, it works great.

#5 Excell EPW2123100 3100 PSI

Another powerhouse for pressure washing is Excell which you would not want to miss out its exciting cleaning activities. It generates a 3100 PSI pressure and 2.8 GPM of water flow.

It is gas operated and therefore zeroing out tagging along power cables which can limit your movement especially working far from a power outlet. Excell has a 212cc OHV gas engine with 0.95-gallon capacity.

You can neatly store your working tools in their storage areas for easy reach whenever you need them. The spray gun has a place where you can hook it to keep it neatly when not in use. There is also a built-in holder for your nozzles for safekeeping and easy to reach.

Excell pressure washer operates with a thermal-relief valve and stainless steel pistons for an extended pump life.

With Excell washer pressure, there is no amount of cleaning you cannot perform. Whether it is grease cleaning your machines or washing your driveway to clean out dirt and stains formed by mold and algae. You can also clean your furniture and other household items. All you need to do is to interchange the nozzles to suit your cleaning job.

It comes with five different multi-cleaning nozzles that are easy to connect by quick-clicking on the lance. You will easily differentiate their uses from their unique colors. It also has a soap siphon for using soap on oily surfaces or when washing engines.

You don’t have to tag along with the pressure washer since Excell has a 25-ft hose which gives you free movements when undergoing your cleaning tasks.

The short wand is the downside of this excellent pressure washer. You will have to bend a lot to reach your surfaces. Other than that, you will love to have this washer in your keeps.

#6 PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer – 3100 PSI

This Power boss pressure washer has Honda engine of 187cc to power it first assures you of its engine durability and secondly it is ideal for all your sizeable domestic cleaning.

Its axial cam pump which is free of maintenance has an easy to start technology beating time wasting while starting the engine.

PowerBoss pressure washer can generate up to 3100 PSI pressure and 2.7 GPM rate of water flow.

With three easy to connect different spray effect nozzles and soap in a sizeable one-gallon tank, no amount of dirt and grime can stand in its way. You can effectively clean all your equipment, machines, and surfaces such as your driveway, patio, deck, walls, and many others. You will only need to change the nozzles for different spray effects.

You can also wash your car using 40-degrees spray nozzle which will fan out water for delicate cleaning with excellent results.

The unit lies on a large wheeled axle for mobility when washing. But, you don’t have to wheel it a lot since it has a 25-ft flexible but sturdy hose that can withstand high pressure and still easy to tag along as far as you need it.

Powerboss is certified by PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association) as a high performer pressure washer. It also has its water pressure (PSI), and its flow rate (GPM) tested and verified to be precisely what it says it is by an independent lab. Both of these facts are assurance of a high-quality washer.

The only thing noted to be a flaw with this great pressure washer is having only three nozzles while others of lower quality make it up to five nozzles for a wider selection.

Besides that, it still remains a powerful pressure washer you would want to own for your various cleanings.

#7 Generac 7019 One Wash 3100 PSI

Generac is a versatile pressure washer that you need to have among your home tools for its cleaning services. Using the pressure washer will cut your cleaning time and effort by more than half. You can clean your driveway, patio, deck, boat, motor vehicles, machines, equipment, upholstery, and all other washable household and industry items.

The pressure washer comes with five easy and quickly interchangeable jet nozzles for your various washings. You can apply soap in your washing project such as washing greasy machines or garage floor since it has a half a gallon detergent container.

Generac 7019 is an electric pressure washer that generates 3100 PSI with a water flow of 2.4 GPM. It is easy to use a pressure washer with a power-dial gun to set four different applications to match the four nozzles and the kind of cleaning project. The 25 ft hose easily connects on the axial camp pump without struggle or use of tools.

Read the instructions carefully on the use of different nozzles. Start any cleaning job with the lower pressure and increasing the pressure until you get the right one to use. Doing that, you will avoid damaging whatever you are cleaning.


Q: Why should I use a 3000 PSI pressure washer?

A 3000 PSI pressure washer is the best pressure you can use on almost all your cleaning tasks without causing any damage while cleaning effectively. The water pressure in this washer is capable of removing all kinds of dirt such as grit, caked mud, grease, tar, oil, and any other dirt or stain.

Again it is the same pressure which can wash your car without damaging the paint or other parts but leaves it shining clean. All you need is to alternate the different nozzles for different washing sprays.

Q: Which is the right nozzle to clean my car when using a 3000 PSI pressure washer?

The right nozzle for cleaning a car is a 40-degree nozzle. This type of tip shoots water in a spreading way which cannot damage the paint of your vehicle. Even when washing your car engine, rest assured, this kind of water spray cannot destroy any part of your car.

Q: When choosing a washer, which should be most important to consider the GPM or the PSI?

The GPM (gallons per minute) is the rate of the water flow from the sprayer or the ‘gun’ which directs water to the cleaning spot. The PSI (pound per square inch) is the amount of pressure produced by the cleaning unit. Therefore, both factors are useful when selecting a pressure washer. The two will determine the effectiveness of the pressure washer in cleaning ability for the best washing results.

Q: Between gas-powered and electrical-powered pressure washer, which is better?

It all depends on the user. However, noting the differences may lead to making your choice.

A gas-powered is noisy when it is in operation, and it will emit toxic gas and therefore not suitable to use indoors. But, what is good about it, is that it does not have a cable and thus does not limit the user in movement. However, it can be burdensome to lift due to its gas content.

An electric-powered is the opposite of the gas-powered. It does not have any noise from its motor and also does not emit any obnoxious gas. But, it can limit your movement because of its power cable since you can’t work far from its reach.


We hope that you have already made your choice from the seven best 3000 PSI pressure washers in this review.

The pressure washer you have selected will do all your domestic large-area cleaning or even for commercial use. It is the best cleaning tool to have around since it is versatile or a multi-purpose for different types of extensive cleaning. All you need is to interchange the nozzles as need be.

What is your best choice of the listed 3000 PSI pressure washers?

Please share with us why you chose that particular unit in the comments section here below.


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