Best 12 Volt Marine Battery 2021 [Review]: How To Properly Maintain Marine Battery?

Are you having trouble choosing the best 12 volt marine battery? There are countless marine batteries on the market today, but can’t you pick the best one out of these so many options? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
We have spent a lot of time compiling a list of best marine batteries based on the most objective reviews. We looked at models from well-known brands like Odyssey, Optima Batteries, VMAX and more for the best overview.
Check out the list below and hope our efforts will help!

Top 5 Best 12 Volt Marine Battery 2021 [Review]

#1 Odyssey TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery (Editor’s Choice)

Usually, the owner has two options: to use the deep cycle or starting marine battery. It is very rare to have a marine battery that can combine both and this Odyssey marine battery is such a rare number.
During the research, we realized that this model has a life expectancy at least 3 to 4 times longer than other boat batteries on the market. It can last long up to 10 years. Besides that, it also impressed us with its 400 cycle performance at 80% discharge depth.
This 12 volt marine battery charger features AGM design, one for maximum convenience and satisfaction for owners. This design does not allow the acid inside this marine battery to spill out, or you do not need to spend time and effort filling distilled water. It also features an anti-vibration and mechanical shock design.
This marine battery can provide a continuous current of 5 amps for 20 hours and it can work well in any inclement weather conditions. The full charge times of this model last from four to six hours.
Although this marine battery is a bit more expensive than general ground, we found it to be worthy of that quality and longevity.

#2 Optima Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery (High Performance)

This Optima 12 volt marine battery is the best12 volt marine battery for trolling motor. It also goes well with the avionics on your boats.
Unlike other conventional marine batteries, this boat battery has a high performance that will surely satisfy its owner. Short charging times while being able to work long term means you’ll spend more time on the train than on land.
Besides, this marine battery can be fully charged many times without harming its lifespan. It can also serve a variety of roles, including a starting – deep cycle marine battery and a 12 volt marine RV battery.
This marine battery also features a robust spill-resistant and anti-vibration design. During the two months, we did not experience any acid spilling even when the boats were shaking strongly.
Another plus that we are very pleased with about this model is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

#3 Mighty Max Battery DEEP Cycle Solar Energy Storage Battery (Best Budget)

If you are looking for the best price on 12 volt marine battery that fits your limited budget, don’t miss this marine battery from Mighty Max Battery.
This is a quality 12 volt marine battery for trolling motor, especially suitable for use in small boats. Of the low-end products, this model is the one we value the most.
This marine battery also has an AGM design that prevents any leakage from occurring. This design also helps a lot when you don’t have to maintain it too often. It also comes with long lifespan and surprising performance.
Besides, the compact size and weight of this marine battery is also a big plus when you can easily install this battery in many different positions and angles. That is also our favorite point about this model.

#4 Eastup (LiFePo4) Automotive Replacement Battery 12V (Lithium-Phosphate)

We include this marine battery on this list because it uses a LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery, an extremely safe battery for cathode materials. This type of battery does not cause fire or explosion, or rather it does not catch fire, so to avoid accidents.
Not only safe, but also LiFePO4 battery provides good energy and is very durable. In particular, this battery can automatically disconnect when the voltage drops below 10.5V. This will make the life of the marine battery more stable and also please owners with poor memory.
This battery has up to 2000x cycles and can be as deep as 100% DOD. This is a surprising performance and SLA batteries are unlikely to do so.
Overall, this marine battery from Eastup is suitable for you with poor memory and not a lot of experience handling fire-related accidents.

#5 VMAX MR127 AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery (Best for Large Motor)

This marine battery is a powerful battery that any large trolling motor should use. It helps a lot for the performance of the engine as well as the longevity of the parts involved.
This model is made from safe and durable material. It comes with a handle so you can easily carry it overland for a full charge and vice versa. This marine battery also features an AGM design that resists mechanical shock and leakage so you can be assured of safety and maintenance.
Of course this marine battery is also resistant to spontaneous sparks and explosions while the battery is active. This feature is essential when this marine battery powers large engines that often get hotter when operating.
Besides, this marine battery can discharge deeply several times without getting hot. That makes it possible to last much longer.
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What Should Be Taken Into Account When Using Marine Battery?

Before setting sail, the following checks should be taken:

#1 Carefully examine the battery charger

This is the first job, also the action that plays a very necessary and important role before you want to activate the use of boat batteries.
The charger has the function of connecting the battery to other locations, parts, it will decide whether the operation of the battery will take place smoothly or not. Careful attention “input” will make the sea trip safer and smoother.

#2 Carefully consider the storage capacity of the vessel’s battery

The storage capacity of the battery will ensure the complete success of the trip. Any trip is also likely to be unpredictable. The greater the storage capacity of the battery, the greater the safety of the trip.

#3 Carefully examine the connections

The connectors are an important clue to ensure safety and durability in the process of using boat batteries. So you need to carefully consider the connection between batteries, between batteries and other locations.
Power, operating capacity of the battery in particular, of boats in general depends greatly on the terminals. The wires need to be connected properly, the battery can work stably.
The communication equipment, GPS micro-navigation equipment on board are using electricity from the battery. Therefore, you must pay special attention: in the process of using communication equipment to communicate with friends boats.
Before starting the generator, you must turn off all communication devices in use on board in order to avoid the reduction of battery capacity leading to flicker of communication equipment. In addition, it is also possible to avoid sudden surges of electrical surges that pose a danger to communication equipment.
Currently, some fishing vessels also use power directly from a 12V DC battery used for communication equipment. With such a use, the signal transceiver capability is limited because the communication devices require a 13.8V DC supply. Therefore boats should use a voltage stabilizer (a 24V DC-DC 13.8V power converter).
For a voltage stabilizer that converts a voltage of 24V DC to 13.8VDC for communication equipment, before turning on the device, the relative must observe that the voltage indicator on the meter displays the 13.8 V DC line correctly. or not. If the indicator needle is too high compared to the specified line, the relative must disconnect the communication device from this adapter, to avoid damage to the device.
One more note: when using ICOM devices for communication, you should turn off the power of equipment for daily activities such as TVs, disc players to ensure sufficient power for ICOM.

How To Properly Maintain Marine Battery?

Besides using, the maintenance is one of the very important steps to maintain the life of the power source system, equipment as well as ensure safety during use. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
The battery charger must be placed in a dry place, protected from water, oil and grease. There must be a plan to periodically clean, check the wire connection position, check the wire for damage.
Regularly check the electrical connection piles, battery clamps because these contacts are often rusted, corroded by seawater, acid corroded, so we must check and lubricate periodically.
For vessels using water batteries, you should periodically check the acid solution in the tank and replenish if the acid level falls below the permitted line.
For vessels using dry batteries, it is necessary to periodically check whether the stored voltage in the tank is still up to specifications.
For stabilizers that convert 24V DC to 13.8V DC, it is necessary to periodically clean the connection points between the device and the battery.

Final Verdict

Electricity is a very important and indispensable factor on all ships, it serves fishing activities, communications and daily activities and the boat battery is the most important storage device. . So you need to consider carefully to choose the ideal marine battery.

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